Comfort Foods Raw Vegan Style: Foods that Nourish and Energize

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german-carob-cakeBeing tired is one of those emotional triggers that can lead you down a path of poor food choices,  emotional alienation and lack of joy.

Turning to diet as part of the solution is definitely worth consideration, especially since the most common foods in America and the Western World are energy depleting and contribute to chronic fatigue and degenerative disease.

If you're like most people, you desire the outcome that a healthy lifestyle offers, yet you crave the comfort foods of your past.

My most successful patients, students and clients are the ones who learn to recreate their favorite comfort foods in new ways…ways that support their health rather than deplete it.

As part of the Fatigue Freedom Formula that I teach, I recommend creating your healthy living toolkit.  One of the “tools” in the kit is a collection of delicious and satisfying recipes.  My  e-books contain  such recipes and many of my patients and students report that using these gluten free raw and living foods recipes has helped them to make healthier choices on a more consistent basis, and as a result overcome the fatigue issues that prevent them from fully living their lives.

Even more powerful than reading and following recipes is attending a live workshop.  During my classes, participants not only watch and taste the delicious foods created right before their eyes, but they also get to participate and make foods of their own.

greensOne of the most important food groups is greens.  Including them as a large part of your daily diet not only enhances your energy and can help reverse adrenal fatigue, but protects you from cancer as well.  Greens can be incorporated into a variety of comfort foods, from chips to desserts.  Have you ever tried Kale Spirulina Brownies?

I am excited to be hosting a class on Tuesday June 2, 2009 with Jackie and Gideon Graff of Georgia.  They'll be preparing a 6 course meal of Country Barbecue style fare.  The class will be live in Austin, Texas and will be also webcast, so you can participate from around the globe!

If you come to the live class, you'll be rewarded with a 6 course meal!  I'm excited to be hosting the Graffs.  The were the owners of the Sprout Cafe in Atlanta, until they decided to take their show on the road and teach their delicious cuisine while travelling in their RV.

You can find out more about the class and the Graffs at my website on the Classes page. I'm looking forward to the experience of the Country Barbecue Living Foods Class with Gideon and Jackie Graff

Love, Health and Joy,

Dr. Ritamarie

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