Recipe: Quick & Easy Green Smoothie

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A green drink on a table surrounded by fruits and vegetables, offering a taste balancing mix of greens.

Quick & Easy Green Smoothie

If you're new to “green smoothies” or “blended green drinks,” here is one of my YouTube videos demonstrating how to make a basic green smoothie. You'll also learn why it's so beneficial to make these delicious green mixes.



  • Greens – baby spinach, Spring mix, and dandelion greens are suggestions
  • Frozen fruit – organic mixed tropical fruit is an idea
  • 1/2 cup pure, filtered water


  1. Put water into blender, then add frozen fruit, then greens.  Your greens should be about 70% of the mixture.
  2. Start out slowly, then gradually move to a high speed on your blender.  If you have a tamper, use that to push the ingredients down.
  3. Adjust taste if needed.  Pour into a glass and drink.

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