Recipe: Stuffed Bell Pepper

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I came up with this recipe while on the road – the result is a great travel food with easy to find ingredients that requires minimal kitchen tools to assemble. Enjoy!

Here's how you can assemble a healthy and filling meal on the run:

  1. Buy a red bell pepper at a grocery store or health food supermarket
  2. Buy some pre-made guacamole and a jar of sauerkraut
  3. Cut the bell pepper open (using a plastic knife from the store or rip it open with bare hands!!)
  4. Spoon guacamole into each half
  5. Spoon on some sauerkraut


Eat like a taco!

Extra options for toppings — salsa, nut “cheese”, chopped nuts or seeds.

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1 Comment

  1. jean

    Just found you and your website – loving it! Thanks for this genius road trip food idea and for all you do 😀

    Blessings, jean


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