Reversing Dyslexia

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Thursday June 23

It is estimated that one in 10 children is dyslexic and more males are affected than females. But a dyslexic diagnosis is not barrier to success.

Dr. Phyllis Books is a pioneer in working with the body and its role in the learning processes. As a chiropractor, she strives to rehabilitate individuals who suffer with this condition. She incorporates various techniques to this end including cranial sacral work. Her approach is also drugless.

“I start with the very foundation of the learning process, the body itself”, Books said. “Our body houses the entire nervous system and our capacity to learn. If the nervous system is not properly developed and correctly organized, which is always the case in someone with a learning difference, the other components of learning don’t have a foundation on which to build. Once the foundation itself is safe and stable, we then have the right setting for optimal learning.”

Join Dr. Ritamarie and guest, Dr. Phyllis Books and find out what you can do to help your child reverse their dyslexia.

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