What freedoms do you value?

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Just like Independence Day in the USA is a holiday, regardless of where you live or what political views you hold, freedom is something to hold near and dear.

Freedom is my top value.

It drives my every decision, especially when it comes to my health, my diet and my lifestyle choices.

I value having the freedom to express my opinions, regardless of whether others agree.

I value the freedom to vote, especially as a woman, and to hold jobs equal to men. It wasn’t always like that, and if I lived in different times, I may have been burned at the stake for my opinions.

I also value the freedom to choose what I do to my body, what I allow into my body and what procedures I choose and don’t choose. I know what's best for me and I get to choose.

The freedom that is most near and dear to me is my body freedom.

I believe that the ultimate freedom is a body that works well – so that I have the strength and the stamina to do what I want when I want to do it.

I recently made a bad decision that robbed me of my body freedom for several days.

I went for a run in the middle of the day when it was bright and sunny, and the temperature was 98 degrees F. Oh, yeah, and the heat index was 108! And I hadn’t had enough water before going out. And I didn't carry water with me!

All that added up to almost collapsing on the road.

It took me 2 ½ hours to go 3 ½ miles because I kept stopping and sitting on people’s lawn’s whenever I saw a patch of shade.

I am ever so grateful for the kindness of a friendly neighbor who saw me laying on her lawn and came out to see how she could help. She brought me a bottle of water. And I’m thankful that my son finally awoke from his nap to my messages asking for help, and came to drive me the last ½ mile.

I lost my freedom for several days. My blood pressure and blood sugar had plummeted. I felt weak and wobbly.

And I was reminded to recommit to my health choices. Not making a good decision about hydration and fuel cost me my freedom for about 5 days.

So today, on Independence day in the US I celebrate my freedoms —- freedom of speech, freedom of religion, freedom to vote, and above all, my body freedom.

We get to choose, every day, what to put in and on our bodies, how we move, what we think and how we feel.

We ALL get these choices – every day. That's what freedom is all about.

If you're interested in creating true body freedom, learn to live, eat and move in ways that are consistent with YOUR unique needs.

Here are a few resources to help you to fully embrace your own body freedom.

  • My 2 day online LIVE event at the end of the month, Your Genes, Your Diet and Your Brain is all about how to make your best health and wellness choices based on your genes, lab tests and goals. I’m intentionally keeping the investment super low – so it's available to everyone who needs and wants it. I just need to cover my team costs for running it. Register HERE
  • This coming Thursday and Saturday I'm doing a free training called Plants That Heal the Brain: How to Harness the Power of Food & Nutrients to Optimize Mood, Memory & Focus. Register HERE and choose your date.

Every choice you make matters – in how you look, feel and enjoy your life. Make choices that lead to independence from pain, fatigue and disease.

Here’s a recipe you might enjoy!

Omega 3-Rich Ice Cream

  • ½ cup Hemp seeds
  • ½ cup Walnuts (If sensitive to nuts, substitute avocado)
  • 1 cup frozen zucchini

Directions: you can use a high speed blender or a regular blender and an ice cream maker

Directions without ice cream maker

  1. Add all ingredients to the blender
  2. Add about ¼ cup water
  3. Use the Vitamix tamper to push ingredients into the blades.
  4. Add ice and/or more frozen zucchini and adjust water if needed to achieve desired consistency

Directions with ice cream maker

  1. Add all ingredients plus 1 cup water to the blender.
  2. Blend well
  3. Pour into ice cream maker bowl and follow instructions

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