Sleep Tight: Don’t Let Your Hormones Fight

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A woman peacefully sleeping in a bed, influenced by hormones that regulate her sleep.

Sleep is often taken for granted when people go looking for lifestyle changes that will make a dramatic difference in their health.

I should know. I've just discovered personally what happens when you push your body's sleep deprivation limits too far.

There are many amazing transformations in your body that occur when you shut down for some shut eye.

In this show you'll learn:

  • all the amazing hormone dances that happen when we sleep
  • the liver's role during sleep
  • how to stoke your fat-burning furnace during sleep
  • the benefits of sleep for your immune system, adrenal glands, and mental clarity
  • and the dangers of getting inadequate sleep

Joining Dr. Ritamarie on the show is Dr. Lindsey Berkson, hormone specialist. She will share how sleep affects your hormones which in turn affect your health.

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