Spring Cleaning Your Body: An Effective Strategy for Chronic Fatigue, Adrenal Exhaustion and Feeling Tired

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Spring Cleaning is a common practice, not only in our modern world, but in primitive times as well. Why not? Spring is a time of renewal. If you're suffering from chronic fatigue, adrenal exhaustion or are just too tired to really enjoy your life, I have great news for you.

Cleansing your body from the inside out, of impurities in food, water and air, as well as thoughts and people around you who are energy drains, is one of the most effective ways to revitalize your energy, reduce body fat and increase lean muscle and restore balance to your organs and glands.

What if you could do a spring cleaning of your internal organs, your digestive track and your mind? How would it feel to experience a state of renewal and a spike in energy in time for the warmer seasons— to be able to move about in comfort and with the energy to enjoy your kids, hobbies, vacations and social time?

Every 2 months or so I like to do a cleaning from the inside out. My favorite way to cleanse is with Green Smoothies.The program I usually do is a 1 week jump start and revitalize.  It's one of the easiest short cleanses you can do.

I'm developing a longer, deeper program for those who want to take it to the next level.   I'll be leading it later this spring with Tera of the Raw Divas. But more on that later.

You can read all about my one week Green Smoothie Cleanse and hear what those who've experienced the incredible renewal of a Green Smoothie Cleanse have to say about it by going to http://www.GreenSmoothieCleanse.com

headergreencleanseOn a green smoothie cleanse the goal is to replace all or most of your meals with delicious green smoothies. Don't take my word for it, check it out. The results are nothing short of amazing.

I'm offering a special opportunity for everyone who is officially registered for the cleanse  by midnight Saturday March 7.

Usually the cleanse is a single week, with no preparation or follow-up. For some, the transition is a bit challenging. For others, maintaining the healthy habits established during the cleanse is a difficult without support. Well, guess what?

I'm going to make it all very easy for you by turning the green cleanse into a full 4 week program.

*Week 1* will be the week to slowly transition off the energy zappers — caffeine, alcohol, and processed foods– while beginning to make green smoothies a regular part of each day.

*Week 2* will be geared towards transitioning to a diet high in fresh, whole, antioxidant and mineral rich raw and  living foods.

*Week 3* will be our cleanse week.  You'll choose Plan A and drink nothing but green smoothies all week, or one of Options B or C and choose to replace some of your meals with green smoothies.  You can also pick and choose the plan you follow on a day to day basis.  The closer you get to following plan A the more profound the results.

*Week 4* will be the week to slowly transition back to *eating* your meals,instead of drinking them, with the focus on eating as much fresh, whole, living food as possible

The pace you go at is up to you. Since there are several cleanse options, you can choose the pace that's right for you.

Until Saturday March 7, you'll get to join in on the full 4 week cleanse for the same low price as the 7 day cleanse.

Here's your chance to join hundreds of others on a program that has literally changed lives and get supported for a full 4 weeks.

Won't you join me?


Love, Health and Joy,

Dr. Ritamarie

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