Cleansing and Detoxification Strategies for Spring

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It's that time of year. The time of year where we open our houses, clean out the winter
cobwebs and tackle that spring cleaning.

Which makes it the perfect time of year to spring clean your digestive system too! We
all need periodic cleansing to wake up and rejuvenate our systems.

In this call, Dr. Ritamarie will cover:

What is cleansing?
Why is it so important?
The top 3 strategies for a successful cleanse

Walk away knowing the difference between water, juice and green smoothie cleanses. Find
out which one is best for your needs.

Dr. Ritamarie will also cover the difference between cleansing and just eating a
simple, whole, predominantly green diet for several days and how to know when your
system is cleansed or when you’ve gone too far.

Be sure and join Dr. Ritamarie for a very information packed call.

Additional Resources:

Learn more about Dr. Ritamarie’s Green Smoothie Cleanse at

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  1. Jo

    is using seaweed in a cleanse program in any way (dulse, miso, hijiki, etc) bad for a person with hashimoto’s ?

  2. Nancy Scott

    Thank you, Dr. Ritamarie! This is SO helpful. I did a juice feast for the past 4 days and now I’m starting a water fast. Is it best not to comsume anything other than water? Or can I blend the inside of an aloe vera leaf into the water. I’m wanting to working on healing leaky gut as well. What about soaked chia seed or any of the other leaky gut healing foods? I hope to water fast for a week or so. I’ve been doing enemas for 4 days and today started implanting wheatgrass juice.


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