Still spaces in Living on Live Food Saturday October 20

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living foods classes - Dr. Ritamarie

We have a class coming up and it is starting to fill! If you register ASAP you might be able to get a space. We've taught this class many times to a full house. I hope you can make it. The details are below.

I will be posting some recipes soon.

We have done some website updates. There were technical difficulties which required us to build from scratch.

check out

Both will be updated soon with lots of new resources. Stay tuned.

Dr. Ritamarie

Living on Live Foods Level 1

Bringing the Healing power of Raw and Living Foods into your Life!

By the end of this class you will know:

· How to easily prepare delicious, nutritious and beautiful meals in a matter of minutes
· How to eat in a way that enhances your health and increases your vitality
· How to tap into the healing properties of fresh plant based foods
· How to deliciously eat an abundance of fresh vegetables
· How to make delicious, health giving fresh and live plant based meals that taste much like your favorite dishes
· How to simply and easily prepare gourmet meals from fresh,whole, plant based ingredients,
· How to quickly and easily shop for whole, fresh foods
· How to stock your kitchen and set up your environment for easy food preparation
· How to stock and use basic kitchen equipment that makes food preparation quick and easy
· Basic techniques for improving the digestibility of nuts, seeds and vegetables

During this class, we will make and eat a delicious, full course meal, including soup, salad, appetizers, main course, dessert and beverage, and learn how easy it is to do the same at home.

email [email protected] for details

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