Strategies For Effectively Changing Your Health Habits: Goal Setting

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successfully change your healthIf you're the type of person who has no problem sticking to new behaviors, like diet changes, exercise and meditation when you set your mind to it, despite temptations, then congratulations.  You are certainly not in the majority.  If this describes you, then skip reading this post.  Or, better yet, forward a link to those people in your life who struggle with sustaining healthy changes, despite the pain and suffering it may be causing them.

The fact of the matter is, most people struggle when they make a decision to get healthier, and begin to make changes in that direction.  Emotional eating patterns, favorite food temptations, and social and family pressures are amongst the biggest issues that cause you to deviate from your chosen path, despite your desire to stay on track.

A big part of creating vibrant health is really getting to know who you are and what you want. All too often you start a rigorous health revitalization program, only to fall on your face when temptations take over. A successful health regime needs to start with being and connecting, not doing.

I'm hosting a teleseminar to allow us to explore together what you really want for yourself and what you value the most. This teleseminar “Setting Your Goals, Connecting to your Vision” is a powerful, interactive session intended to supercharge your health and immunity by reconnecting you to the powerful healer within who knows what to do to be healthy.

To sign-up for the teleseminar, download your handout and receive a copy of the recording, please go to

Turn your have-to's into love-to's and consistently make the choices that joyfully create vibrant health.

Love and Health,

Dr. Ritamarie


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