Nutritional Endocrinology Success Story: Steph Jackson

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From Frustration to Fulfilled

I first heard about Dr. Ritamarie through the 12 Days of Raw Christmas, 2013. At the time I had just recovered from extreme fatigue and joint pain which I had experienced since the birth of my son. I had spent a great deal of time on google scholar and PubMed reading articles about reviewing studies for myself, my clients, my family and my non-dairy yogurt company. I had spent years eating gluten free, dairy free and even raw.

Not knowing any of the resources available I had to piece together as much as I could from my own studies and experience. People wanted to know how I had gotten well and started asking for help. I had no idea that health coaching was actually a real job, let alone one that I would be interested in but I did know that I enjoyed helping people and was being modestly compensated for it. I had never heard of functional medicine or U-biome or Direct Labs.

I was frustrated with my job because I simply couldn’t pay the mortgage on a guitar teachers’ salary even with over 50 students.

The Quest for the Perfect Training

In 2013 I enrolled in an herbology program and am still working toward completing that certification. I loved the information about the plants but wanted more anatomy and physiology. I saw an ad for a popular nutrition program online while I was on youtube. I clicked it and signed up right away. I quickly realized that particular school was not the right match for me. I was really looking for an opportunity to take my learning deeper.

I registered for Dr. Ritamarie’s CAFE program and thought “this is freaking awesome!” I suspected that she had some more programs up her sleeve. I knew she was having a practitioners’ retreat later that spring but it was not financially viable for me to travel and I didn’t feel like I qualified as a practitioner so I never registered to attend. I signed up for another practitioners’ program. And quit. Again. Frustrated, I wrote an email to Dr. Ritamarie’s office and I think it said exactly this:

To whom it may concern,

Do you guys have some kind of practitioners’ training that you may have announced at the practitioners’ event? If so I would really like more information.

Thank you for your time,
Steph Jackson

Believe me, I’ve never written an email like this before. Frankly at the time I didn't really even like talking to strangers! I took a look at the NEPT syllabus and knew I wanted to sign up at the highest level right away. I, the single mom of a 5-year-old, making less than 3000 monthly with a 2697 mortgage, took out a loan and invested in the NEPT program. It defied all logic.

My Clients Continue to Benefit

The first thing that changed for me right away was the community. It is so inspirational and comforting to spend so much time among like-minded friends, supporting each other in our challenges, learnings and businesses. It’s still like university but more fun. And less wine, more green juice. I speak to someone from the program, a friend that I have met or someone with whom I am partnering for a joint venture project, daily.

I have integrated the new information from the program as quickly as possible into my business. For everything I have learned in NEPT I have gone on to write an article for my newsletter or create a bonus for a client or something valuable. I was just getting started with my website when I registered for NEPT in the first place. I have created content through digesting and absorbing the course materials and I have also used the program as a bit of an encyclopedia and continue to go back to the same modules repeatedly when I recognize a pattern or deficiency in a client that I want to look more deeply into.

The most important thing that I have learned in the past two years since registering for NEPT is that my work has value, I have value and all of those months spent googling bacteria and healing my body are of value to others. She helped me weave together my experience and knowledge with the new information she shares in the program.

Group Coaching Program Success

I have gone on to launch the Core Reset Program, in which I enrolled over 100 clients, to help people balance their own digestive bacteria through what I learned, Core Wellness to support digestive healing at the core level and now a practitioners’ program called Functional Probiotics where I show other practitioners how to customize bacterial balancing solutions for their clients. I have a waiting list practice and am busy. I have made back my investment. I am a part of a thriving community and am now able to support a community too through Functional Probiotics.

This is awesome!

I’m wishing you vibrant health and the freedom to live it.


FunctionalNutritionCoach-StephJackson-200x292Steph Jackson is a holistic health coach and functional nutrition practitioner who loves customizing balancing programs for the microbiome, working with fermented foods, and looking at how the body systems work together.After finding and clearing the root cause of her severe physical pain and exhaustion, Steph has gone on to help others to do the same. She is also the proud founder of Crave Conscious, a non-dairy yogurt company based in Vancouver, British Columbia.

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  • Gut Whisperer’s Flow Chart showing when certain tests are better than others, which questions to ask your clients and which tests find which bacteria best

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