Sunshine and Fun are Vital to Your Health

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It's a beautiful sunny day here in Austin, today.  Before I go outside and enjoy it, I thought I'd take a moment to connect.

I encourage you to please use your weekend to regenerate your energy from the week.

Get outdoors and replenish your vitamin D stores.  I am discovering lots of vitamin D deficiencies in working with people lately.  And be sure to refrain from washing with soap on the exposed areas for 48 hours after you get your vitamin D sunshine dose, or you may decrease your absorption of what your skin creates fromt he sunshine.  It can take up to 48 hours for the Vitamin D to be fully absorbed.  That explains why iI've been seeing deficiencies even in sun worshipers who dont use sunscreen.

Also important for your health is having fun.  What will you do that's fun today?  Comment below.  Please respect the importance of fun and recreation.  They are up there with fresh raw and living foods and exercise.

If you live in or near Austin, join me and my friends for a raw foods potluck tonight.  Go to  for more information and sign up to be part of the action at

Have a wonderful day.

Wishing you Love, Health and Joy,

Dr. Ritamarie




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