Sure- Fire Prescription for Dying of Cancer

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As you may remember, if you've been reading my posts for a while, I lost my younger sister Cathy to cancer almost 2 years ago. It was a tragic loss. She was diagnosed in March and gone by late June.

Watching her die and observing the western medicine approach to cancer in action was a sobering experience for me. As a result, my commitment to guiding others to reclaiming health has become so much stronger.

Cancer has touched my life in close proximity over and over during the past several years as I watched 4 relatives and 3 friends succumb to our nation's number 2 killer.

Statistics say that 46% of us will get cancer.

Here's a Five Step Prescription for Getting Cancer.

  1. Get stressed out a lot. The biochemical soup created by stress dulls your immune system, floods your cells with free radicals, damages your mitochondria and blood vessels, imbalances your hormones, depletes your antioxidants and leaves you prone to cancer.
  2. Eat processed foods. These foods contain oxidized fats,which damage healthy cells, refined grains, devoid of the nutrients required to energize your cells, and sugar, which was shown back in the 1930's by Nobel prize winner Otto Warburg to be a leading cause of cancer. Avoid fresh fruits and vegetables because there are chemicals in them that have been shown to kill cancer cells.
  3. Become a Couch Potato. Don't exercise. All that extra oxygen and improved circulation can kill cancer cells.
  4. Stay Indoors. When you do go outdoors, avoid exposure to sunlight. Ultraviolet rays will improve your Vitamin D status, and Vitamin D has been shown to prevent cancer, particularly cancer of the breast, colon and prostate. Avoid fresh air. It improves your lungs, your circulation and your immune system, so be sure to spend as much time as possible inside, breathing recycled air filled with toxins released from the materials your home or office are made from. Indoor air pollution and the chemicals in your carpets, paints and wall board have been shown to decrease your detoxification capacity and leave you prone to cancer.
  5. Complain a lot and avoid expressing appreciation. By doing so, you”ll keep your immune system sluggish, and cancer will be able to grow more easily. Especially avoid things such as meditation and yoga, which put you in a relaxed state and help you to sleep better. Melatonin, a hormone that helps you to sleep has been shown to be protective against cancer, especially breast cancer.

There are a number of other sure-fire ways to create cancer, but start with these. And if these don't work, comment below and I'll tell you more.

If you'd like to learn how your day to day choices can help you to prevent cancer, and how to build your body to effectively eradicate it if it's already taken hold, I have some upcoming events for you to attend.

To answer your burning cancer questions, I've arranged events with an expert in the field with several decades of experience assisting people back to health through diet and lifestyle choices combined with nature; therapies and herbs that strengthen your immune system against cancer.

1- On my Blog talk radio Show Wednesday May 12, 2010 at 12:30 PM Central time, join me and my very special guest Dr. Brian Clement, director of the Hippocrates Institute, as we discuss cancer and its relationship to your diet and lifestyle choices.

2- Dr. Brian Clement is coming to Austin to talk about what’s causing the cancer epidemic and what you can do to keep it at a distance.

We have seating capacity for 100 guests plus we'll be simulcasting it over the web, so you can ask questions in real-time from across the globe.

Dr. Clement has been working with people with cancer and other serious diseases for over 3 decades. He’s the director of the renowned Hippocrates Health Center in Florida.

Over the past 50 years, the Institute has helped hundreds of thousands of guests realize that good health is every person’s birthright, and that a life free of disease and pain is our human legacy. The Hippocrates philosophy is founded on the belief that a living, enzyme-rich diet—complemented by exercise, positive thinking and non-invasive therapies—are integral to optimum health.

Dr. Clement will explain how a change in lifestyle and the introduction of living foods can offer abundant energy and promote life extension and healing.

Dr. Clement's extensive clinical research as Director of Hippocrates Health Institute affords him a profound understanding of how all people can prevent premature aging, disease and the resulting unhappiness.

To sign up for the event with Dr. Clement, go to

Are you ready to protect against cancer and other diseases?

Join Hippocrates health Institute Director Dr. Brian Clement as he shares his research and clinical experience with recovering from cancer through living foods and healthy lifestyle habits.

The class is available as a live event in Austin, Texas and viewable over the internet.

Do you know anyone who's life has been touched by cancer?  Do you have a story to share?  Would you like to hear success stories of how others have conquered cancer? If you have any stories to share or questions to ask, please post a comment below.

Love, Health and Joy,

Dr. Ritamarie

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  1. Dottie MacDonald

    Would love to hear of anyone surviving brain cancer, specifically glioblastoma multiforme, stage IV.

  2. Ritamarie Loscalzo

    Hi Dottie – thank you for your comment. I would suggest registering for the upcoming talk with Dr. Clement on Wednesday, June 2nd ( There are 2 options – live in Austin, or a webcast. i would also suggest contacting Dr. Clement directly, through the Hippocrates Health Institute website.


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