The Elimination Provacation Diet

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While it might sound heavy, it's not. By figuring out and eliminating foods you have hidden allergies to, you ease the burden on your digestive system, create balance in your hormones, lift your mood, eliminate aches and pains and imporve the overall quality of your life. Wheat, gluten, casein, corn…just some of the most common hidden allergies so many don't realize they have. Join Dr. Ritamarie and find out how you can determine your hidden allergies and get that tract back on track!

Resources for identifying the foods that just may be creating all the uncomfortable symptoms you thought you'd have to “just live with” and heal the underlying causes –leaky gut and toxicity.
The Six Week Deep Tissue Detox

Dr. Ritamarie's Balance My Body Blueprint – a guided 12 week program for systematically unraveling the mystery of your unique biochemistry and restoring the joy and health that comes with balanced hormones and vibrant energy.

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