The Top 3 Mistakes Busy People Make When Doing Cleanses

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detox-and-digestion-300x300Periodic deep cleansing is a desirable thing. You probably do it to your home, your car, even your pets. But chances are, you don't even think about doing a periodic cleansing of your internal organs.

Throughout the ages, various forms of cleansing have been used to rest, heal and restore mental clarity. Water and juice fasting are among the most rigorous methods. A variety of potions and powders have been developed to cleanse the colon and the liver. Many of these cleansing methods work well. All have advantages and disadvantages. It's been a real challenge to find something that can work for most everyone.

Benefits of cleansing:

  • Give your digestive track a rest.
  • Decrease the burden on your liver and gallbladder.
  • Improve detoxification.
  • Release extra weight, if necessary.
  • Increase your energy, as less energy is spent on digestion.
  • Reduce your cravings.
  • Get you in control of your eating habits.
  • Increase the nutrients that are readily available to your body.
  • Get you back on track with eating habits if they have gotten out of control.

There are so many cleansing programs to choose from, that it can be overwhelming to even get started. Once you get started, it can be even harder to complete.

Here are the 3 most common mistakes that prevent even the most well-intentioned cleanser from completing the program.

Mistake #1: Doing the cleanse all alone.

sugar cravings and sleep

If your friends are all drinking beer and eating pizza, it’s hard to be the odd one out who’s drinking weird potions and talking about their bowel movements.

It’s easy to feel discouraged and frustrated when no one else really understands what you’re doing or why you’re doing it.

All too often when you set out to do a cleanse on your own, you get overwhelmed part of the way through and just don’t finish. Or you’re invited to dinner or a birthday party, and you postpone it for a “more convenient time”.

The ideal way to do a cleanse is to get out of your own environment and go away to a spa or cleansing retreat, and just dedicate yourself to nothing but self care for a set period of time. But that’s not always practical or affordable.

SOLUTION: Find a mentor or join a cleansing support group, and do the cleanse with others who understand you and can support you through the process.

Mistake #2: Making it too complex


There are lots of different cleansing programs available. Just do a Google search and you’ll see just how many there are. The problem is, most of them are just too complicated and time consuming to do when you lead a busy life.

There are all sorts of unusual powders, potions and supplements to take at all different times of the day. Then there are the enemas, mud packs, and all the extra procedures you need to do too.

Don’t get me wrong, these procedures are highly effective, and the cleanses that include them do give great results. It’s just that your life is already too busy and complicated.

And when the process is too complex, you’re more likely to give up part of the way through, before you’ve fully reaped the benefits.

SOLUTION: Choose a cleansing program that’s quick and easy to do –one that saves you time rather that requiring more of it and that fits your schedule rather than you having to totally adjust yours.

Mistake #3: Feeling like you have to starve yourself to really be cleansing

hunger and hypoglycemia

It’s hard to focus at work when you’re blood sugar is low and you have no energy. Some cleanses are so restrictive, that you feel hungry all the time.

Water fasting is a great way to cleanse, but it’s hard to lead a busy life and focus on complicated work tasks when you haven’t eaten in days. Water fasting is best left for the “go away and cleanse” programs we talked about earlier, and really should be supervised because it can lead to electrolyte imbalances.

Juice cleanses can also leave you feeling hungry and light headed all the time, and are hard for most people to do for more than a few days. Besides, the quantity of juice required takes a lot of time to make and clean up after.

It’s easy to give up when the cleansing process leaves you exhausted and hungry.

SOLUTION: If you need to work and maintain your busy life while cleansing, it’s important that you do a program that’s loaded with nutritionally dense, easy to digest, whole fresh foods, so that you feel energetic rather than hungry all the time.

The end of summer and launch into autumn is a great time to do a cleanse. You’ may have indulged more than you usually would, especially during vacation and at all the picnics and parties you’ve been enjoying.

As a result of over 20 years of experimentation and trying just about every type of cleanse out there, from water fasting to potions, powders and enemas, I’ve made my choice about my favorite cleanse.

GREEN Cleanse - glass with body x200Nothing out there seemed to “fit the bill” for every level and could address the biggest hurdles that come up with cleansing, so I created my now famous GREEN Cleanse Program in 2008. Hundreds of people go through it each season and rave about how much better they feel with the support, guidance, and customization they can do. I have three levels: mild, medium, and deep cleanse. You will be guided through how to minimize the dreaded detox symptoms, and…you might even just have a bit of fun doing it!

It’s short (7 days), simple (requires only ingredients you can get at the grocery store), effective, and provides community support. But don’t take my word for it. Check it out for yourself at I do it every season along with hundreds of others that I guide through it and months and I always so look forward to it. I would love to help guide you into the fall season with a sense of renewed energy and well-being that comes from a great cleanse. I created this program for you!

Love, Health and Joy,


Comment and Share: What are some of your biggest concerns or questions about cleansing on a busy schedule?

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