Time-Tested Treatments for Common Ailments

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A woman holding a bouquet of sunflowers promotes optimal health and embraces a vegan lifestyle.


DIY solutions you can use for quick relief of common ailments through natural alternatives–without a trip to the pharmacy. For example, use a paste of crushed up aspirin and water to calm the inflammation of sunburn.

Did you know valerian root is a mild version of the prescription drug valium? So making a cup of valerian tea the perfect remedy for stress, PMS, and other nervous conditions.

Joining Dr. Ritamarie is author Brigitte Mars. Brigitte is an herbalist and nutritional consultant with over forty years experience. She is the author of Beauty by Nature, Rawsome!, The Sexual Herbal, Addiction Free Naturally, Healing Herbal Teas, The Desktop Guide to Herbal Medicine, and co-author of The Country Almanac of Home Remedies, and The Hemp Nut Health and Cookbook. Brigitte has had a radio show on KGNU called Naturally for over twenty years. She is a professional member of The American Herbalist Guild. Ms. Mars teaches at Naropa University, Boulder College of Massage, Omega Institute, Kripalu, and Bauman College of Holistic Nutrition and Culinary Arts. Brigitte is a blogger for The Huffington Post and Care2.

You can learn more about Brigitte and purchase her new book, The Country Almanac of Home Remedies at http://brigittemars.com

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