Uncovering the Emotions Behind Cancer and How You Can Heal – Part 2

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If you have a life threatening illness or any health challenge you must know that your condition is NOT a punishment, but rather an opportunity to discover who you truly are. Through a unique process of self-discovery called Energetic Emotional Shifting™, you can learn how to take control over your own healing to become a much happier and healthier person; one who is also cancer-free!!

Timea Havas will share with you:

  • How to become more aware of your emotions, understand where they originate from and their meaning with special emphasis on the manifestation of disease and cancer
  • How you can become a greater vibration of love to create health and happiness for yourself and those around you

Get your free gifts from Timea:

  • Information about live teleconference calls where you'll have an opportunity to work with me one-on-one. We'll address the specific emotional issues related to your cancer and you will learn exactly what you can do to further your healing
  • Weekly reader Q & A with in-depth advice (answers to the most common questions)
  • Powerful quotes and ideas that will shift your consciousness and help you change your life for the better

To get all of this you can contact Timea Havas at:facebook.com/healingcancer

Be sure and include:

1) Your first name

2) Your email address

3) The zip code of the city or town you live in

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