Uncovering the Emotions Behind Cancer and How You Can Heal

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Timea Havas is a therapist who specializes in helping people heal and prevent cancer by addressing and working through specific emotional patterns relevant to cancer. Each cancer (or illness) has its own specific emotional components and when these are addressed this significantly contributes to the person’s healing and can often be the difference between life or death.

This was one of the main ways Timea was able to heal her own cancer 22 years ago when the doctors told her that they couldn't do anything for her because their treatment would most likely kill her.

Since that time she has coached many people with cancer and all through referrals (no advertising), she has counseled 108 clients and today 106 are cancer-free.

Timea has had success with many different types of cancers (pancreatic, lung, breast, etc.) and at all stages – many people with stage 4 cancer and some with only months to live.

In part one, we will uncover:

  • How and why emotions are related to disease with a special emphasis on cancer
  • The specific beliefs, thoughts and emotions that are linked to certain cancers and other illnesses

Get your free gifts from Timea:

1) Information about live teleconference calls where you will have an opportunity to interact with Timea one-on-one. She will answer your questions and teach you what you can do to further your healing

2) A one-hour recorded audio interview with Timea discussing her method of healing as well as an understanding of the specific energetic/emotional components of cancer and what you can do to heal

3) Weekly reader Q & A via email with in-depth advice

4) Powerful quotes and ideas that will shift your consciousness and help you change your life for the better

To get all of this you can contact Timea Havas at:


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