Radio Show: Gluten-free Gems: Easy solutions that save you time, money and protect your health

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SONY DSCHave you been considering going “gluten-free” but not sure where to begin?

Are you a bit confused with the conflicting information about gluten intolerance, gluten insensitivity, and Celiac disease?

Do you wonder how you can tell if you have a gluten sensitivity and if you even should be going gluten-free?

These are very common questions, and you are not alone in asking them. The entire “gluten-free” trend has some complications that have been muddied by companies seeking to make a quick profit by slapping the word on certain products, but provide other worrisome ingredients.

In fact, it is more than just a tread or fad. Gluten sensitivity is a very serious issue and wreaks havoc on millions of people's bodies and health, leading to a whole host of symptoms that can be alleviated with some easy dietary changes. You can absolutely be gluten free and still enjoy food!

That's why Dr. Ritamarie is bringing in a very special guest, Maia Alpern (AKA the “Gluten-free Fairy Godmother) to dispel many myths, reveal some shocking truths, and give you some strong, practical tips for discovering some gluten-free gems.

PhotoSmlOptinMaia Alpern, CHHC, AADP, founder of and, provides education and coaching services that feel like having your own gluten-free fairy godmother helping you transform your life from illness to vibrant health. She has been living gluten-free since 2005 after a diagnosis of Celiac disease finally explained many decades of unresolved health concerns. Her practical, real-world knowledge and passion for food helps her clients make miraculous transitions from a diet that is making them sick to a gluten-free lifestyle where they can thrive.


Join Dr. Ritamarie for this very special episode of Vibrant Health Solutions Radio, where she will be interviewing Maia Alpern (AKA the Gluten-free Fairy Godmother) about very practical gluten-free gems you can enjoy right now…simple delights that save you time, money, and most importantly…protect your health. Don't miss it!

Show Day:

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Time: 12pm PT / 1pm MT / 2pm CT / 3pm ET
Length: 30 Minutes

The show call in number is: (424) 243-9555

At show time, refresh this page and click on the blog talk radio player to the right or go to Blog Talk Radio to listen in:

The episode link is: Vibrant Health Solutions Radio

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In this show learn:

  • Learn the importance of recognizing the symptoms of being gluten sensitive
  • Why it is important not to just put up with  what seems like minor symptoms,
  • Practical tips to make it easier to get in and out of the kitchen quickly while eating gluten-free.
  • Where gluten can be hiding (in raw food and other non-food sources)

 Additional Resources:

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________1366145890Don't forget to Visit Maia's site at: Gluten-Free Fairy Godmother

…And sign up for her free teleclass: It Might Be Me: To Be or Not To Be Gluten-Free and to learn lots more about the gluten-free lifestyle from Maia's vast experience with it.




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