The Healing Power of Mini-Vacations

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View of happy young family having fun on the beachDo you feel exhausted from “daily life” and would love even a day to re-charge your batteries?

Did you know that there are ways to take a “mini-vaction” without ever leaving home?

Would you like to know how to quickly enjoy the benefits that we look for in a vacation, without all the financial obligation and stress of traveling?

Believe it or not, you can take a mini-vacation without ever leaving home! It sounds crazy but it's true…and Dr. Ritamarie will prove it in this unique and inspiring show.

The value of taking a break and unplugging is immense, and includes– adrenal support, nutrient balance, positive effects on the brain, immune system, balancing hormones, and so much more.

One interesting discovery in recent years is Heart Math (see how I put it to the test myself in that clickable post that began a 30-day transformational journey) – which is clinically shown to reduce blood pressure, balance neurotransmitters, improve learning, and many other wonderful benefits.

According to researchers at the Institute of Heart Math, published in a paper called “The Appreciative Heart: The Psychophysiology of Positive Emotions and Optimal Functioning” by Rollin McCraty and Doc Childre, “Positive emotions have been demonstrated to improve health and increase longevity, increase cognitive flexibility and creativity, facilitate “broad-minded coping” and innovative problem solving, and promote helpfulness, generosity, and effective cooperation.”

young man rest on wheat fieldJoin Dr. Ritamarie, as she delves into some cutting edge, and scientifically proven techniques on this very special and powerful show.  You really can create a mini-vacation for yourself, no matter what might be going on for you right now.

Show day:

Thursday April 18, 2013

Time: 8am PT / 9am MT / 10am CT / 11am ET
Length: 30 Minutes

The show call in number is: (424) 243-9555

The episode link is: Vibrant Health Solutions Radio

In this show learn:

The value of taking a break and unplugging – (adrenal support, nutrient balance – effect on brain, immune system, hormones, and more).

• How to take mini-vacations whenever you want…without even leaving home.

• How to actually stimulate the physiologic and biochemical changes that make your body, mind, and spirit believe it's on vacation! (hint: it's so much easier than you think).

And…Discover the happy, healthy person that you truly ARE.

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For access to even more information and a loving community dedicated to kindness and Vibrant Living, check out Dr. Ritamarie's Vital Community.

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