Vegan Fitness and Body Building Strategies

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Vegan Fitness and Body Building Strategies with Robert Cheeke

Date: Tuesday July 27, 2010

Time: 9:30 AM Pacific, 10:30 AM Mountain, 11:30 AM Central, 12:30 PM Eastern

Vegan and bodybuilding are usually not used in the same sentence. That's because most think of vegans as skinny, scrawny weak people who eat weird food. We're thrilled to have author, speaker, vegan and body building champion Robert Cheeke as our special guest to dispel the myths that you can't get enough protein from plant foods and teach us how to be strong, lean and fit without eating animal foods.

What I love about Robert is that his message is even more far reaching than food and exercise alone. Robert says “It wasn’t eating plants and lifting weights better than anyone else that made me a champion vegan bodybuilder; it was all the intangible steps I took … the obstacles I overcame that most don’t overcome, and the detailed visions I created for myself.“

I've met Robert and he's the real deal…passionate, purposeful, dedicated to making the world a better place…and did I mention his amazing body (blush)! Join us for a fun, lively and very informative interview.

Robert Cheeke was a skinny farm boy who grew up eating meat and selling animals at 4-H auctions, until at age 15 he decided to give up meat for good. Months later he became vegan and began organizing animal rights and environmental protection events.

At age 20, Robert picked up an interest in lifting weights and subsequently competed at the Natural Bodybuilding World Championships.

His book, “Vegan Bodybuilding and Fitness”, available on amazon,  is flying off the shelves as Robert tours the country speaking and inspiring health and fitness enthusiasts of all ages with his message.

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