Vibrant Health, a Strong Slim Body and Maximum Energy Can Really Be Yours!

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Have you ever wondered why some people continually fail to improve their health while others make what seems like a miraculous transformation?

Have you ever set a health goal that you were really excited about? Maybe it was to drop a few pounds, increase your energy, or once and for all clear your skin and shrink your bloated belly.

You gathered all the tools you needed…a book or tape, good food, exercise shoes, maybe even a colon cleanse kit, and you started out on your journey.

A short while later, you found yourself straying. At first it was just a little bit. Then the diversions got a little bit more frequent and you got a lot further off course, until you found yourself right back where you started…or worse! Maybe a few extra pounds crept in, your belly became bloated all over again or you developed a new sort of nagging health complaint.

The Difference Between Success and Failure is Mindset

Join Dr. Ritamarie and special guest, Jane Hardin, as they discuss how important a strong mindset is to your success.

R. Jane Hardin, MS, RD/LD is a traditionally-trained registered dietitian with a lifelong engagement in various holistic approaches to health and nutrition. Her eclectic food interests over the years have led her to studies with experts such as Dr. Ann Wigmore and Michio Kushi.

Jane's renewed interest in raw living foods enabled her to reverse several deteriorating, personal health conditions, including fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue. This inspired her to become a certified Raw Foods Educator. She now enjoys helping others along the pathway to nutritional wellness, regardless of starting point or destination, one bite at a time.

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