Eat Your Way Out of Pain and Inflammation

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Chronic pain and inflammation is unfortunately a common way of life for so many. They take medications and learn to deal with their issues.

They have no clue that simple dietary changes can make a huge difference in their daily lives. The good news is your food choices can dramatically affect the amount of pain and inflammation in your body.

This week, Dr. Ritamarie will cover:

  • What is inflammation
  • Common causes
  • Foods you can eat to help rid your body of the inflammation

Additional Resources:

Get Dr. Ritamarie’s inflammation information kit: Eat Your Way Out of Pain

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  1. Hollis Unterkofler

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  2. Arthur Newell

    I am very curious to see if you have an answer for me whereas many doctors have shrugged their shoulders and said there is nothing that they can suggest.Seven years ago I had a triple bypass.For six months my chest was somewhat painful but the heart surgeon said that was common as there was healing going on in there.At a year, he said pretty much said the same thing.At seven years, he admits that there is no solution. When I am lying down,there is no problem.When I stand up it feels like a few small bricks or a heavy wooden plank have been placed in there.The ribs and sternum feel very heavy along with some pain.I have tried some of the rubbing creams for pain,but that does not do much.On checking the computer I have diagnosed it as costo chondritus,but there appears to be no relief from that.I tried some pills from Sweden,to no avail. Please advise your ideas.Thank you.

    • Vibrant Living Care Team

      Hi Arthur, if you’re looking for feedback from Dr. Ritamarie, I encourage you to become a member of our VITAL Community where you can get access to Dr. Ritamarie via the monthly VITAL Q&A call. You can register here: If you’re looking for in-depth support and personal coaching, she works one-on-one with clients in the Energy Recharge Coaching program: Best wishes! ~ Stacey



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