What Do Art and Health Have In Common?

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Dr. Ritamarie.s Art as a metaphor for health coaching

I've been thinking a lot about art these days. I used to do a lot of water color painting, but I haven't painted in a long time. In fact, I haven't picked up a brush in many months. When I took classes, not only did I paint each week during class, but I was so excited about what I was working on that I'd set aside time during my week to paint.

It really helped me to have a mentor to guide me through the process. Weekly exposure to new techniques helped me to progress at a steady pace. I stopped going to the classes so I could save on travel time and expense, thinking I'd just paint at home, and have even more time to do it. That was a big mistake.

In spite of putting a three hour block of time on my calendar each week for painting, I just never seemed to get around to it. Some excuse or another came up and kept me from doing an activity that brings me so much joy and peace.

It just hit me that I need a mentor or I'll just keep letting the excuses and the pace of life deprive me of the pleasure that art brings me. I've started looking at local art classes through community centers and schools, and I'm planning to get into a class soon. I love creative expression, and I also know how good it is for me. I even started to look at online art classes, too, to see if that's a possibility. I just need some structure and routine to get me started and keep me going.

So why am I blogging about this? As I was contemplating the art dilemma, it suddenly hit me. The struggles that my patients and students have with sticking to health enhancing habits are very similar to mine when it comes to making time for art.

Having a mentor , attending classes and keeping in touch with others on the same path makes it so much easier to stick with the program. Getting support is one of the most critical components of any program that requires learning new techniques and having consistent follow-through. Making a commitment to someone else , rather than to just yourself is a great way to ensure success.

If you get support on a regular basis, your healthy choices will just naturally flow and it will get easier. That explains the fabulous results I hear from the participants in my 1 week green cleanse program. The regular reminders, teleseminars and forum keep everyone connected and on track.

In the 7 step coaching process I use with my private clients and patients, getting support is a big piece of the program. In addition to my coaching, I encourage them to create a support structure to help them stay on track when it gets rough. That may involve an accountability partner, attending potlucks, joining a mastermind group or participating in online forums. The results of 12 step programs for addiction hinge strongly on the support of having a sponsor and going to meetings. Why should it be any different as you upgrade lifelong habits to those that support your vibrant health.

I'm determined to get back on track with my art. How determined are you to experience maximum energy and vibrant well-being?

Please comment below and let me know. And I'll keep you posted about my art progress.


  1. Joan Gregory

    I am a watercolour artist and have been eating mostly living, raw foods for 4 years. I have never felt more healthy. As the whole, alive foods feed my body and mind … so I believe creating art feeds my soul. I strongly encourage you to pick up your brush again. Have a look at my website … possibly it will inspire you to begin putting brush to paper soon.
    I enjoy your e-mails … they inspire me … as I live in a small city where a raw foodist is definitely a rarity … thank-you for your motivation, encouragement and recipes !

    • admin

      Thanks so much for your note. I did look at your website and I am inspired! What a great site for art and raw foods together!!!
      Love, Helath and Joy to you,

  2. Colleen Rish

    This is so true! This week my mom, aunt and I did a colon cleanse together and even though we’re 4 states away, it sure helped to know we were all in it together.


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