Who are you?

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A sunset with a dark cloud in the sky.

A friend of mine recently said, “You are the sky.  Everything else – it’s just the weather.”


This philosophy, inspired by Pema Chodron and other Buddhist masters, reminds us to remain vigilant to who we are in the busy-ness of our world.

The perfect spring breezes on a clear sunny day; the green tones that follow an intense storm; the drama of hurricane or tornado activity; the quieting dull gray of a socked-in rain…  We experience them all with wonder and a full range of emotional responses.  But the sky remains always the same, above and beyond the weather.

So too should we remember our individual truth, above and beyond temporal events.  Life is messy, brilliant and chaotic, and in a constant state of change.  But by keeping perspective, and not identifying too personally with the commanding presence of life’s tempests, we have inner balance, peace and joy.

Which do you feel most like today, the weather or the sky?

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