WISH: Detoxification to Support Adrenal Exhaustion, Low Sex Drive and Digestive Issues

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Detoxification and cleansing programs are in the news, on the health food store shelves and talked about now in casual conversation. They are said to cure everything — adrenal exhaustion and chronic fatigue,  sluggish thyroid, depression, decreased sex drive and even cancer.  Seriously, you've probably heard about detoxification over and over…yet do you have a clear understanding of what the process is all about? There are powders and potions, and olive oil liver flushes and lemonade diets that have become popular, yet what really is detox and why is it important?

On my interview for the Women's International Summit for Health (W.I.S.H.) I discuss the process of detoxification, it's importance in hormone balance, digestive health, energy, sex drive and every other function your body does for you.  Learn how to support your body's natural detoxification mechanisms daily and when to engage in a special program.  If you haven't already listened in, you can sign up at Women's International Summit for Health (W.I.S.H.).

If you've already listened to the call, you know that we decided to do a Women's 3 day mini green detox program.  It's short, easy and powerful.  And you don't need any special equipment or potions to make it happen.  All you need is a blender, some fresh, raw leafy greens and some fresh or frozen fruit.  Are you ready to begin?

To start, download my FREE e-book “Blended Greens for Health and Longevity”.  If you've already participated in my powerful 7 day Green Smoothie Cleanse, you can use your Green Cleanse Recipe Guide, with over 50 delicious smoothie and soup recipes.

Here's what to do:

Preparation for 3 Day Green Cleanse and Detoxification Program

Download “Blended Greens for Health and Longevity” or search the web for green smoothie recipes.

Join in on the Raw Divas 3 day green smoothie mini course for day to day email support.

The essence of the program is to do the following for 3 days

  • Drink Green smoothies and green soup all day long, as much as you'd like and as much as you need to keep you satisfied.
  • In addition to the green smoothies, you may eat one or two large salads, loaded with greens and rainbow vegetables and fresh whole fruit.
  • For Dressing, you can keep it simple by blending cucumber, apple and fresh herbs, or blend tomato,celery and lemon juice, or tomato, mango and lime juice, or red bell pepper, tomato, lemon or lime and herbs.  Or, make up your own simple blend – it's easy.  You can also get the e-book  70 Healthy Salad Dressings Recipe Book, a collection of  easy, low fat  and tasty salad dressings you can make in less than 2 minutes.  For the 3 day cleanse, choose dressings that contain little or no added fat for best results.

You'll soon be feeling lighter, cleaner and clear-headed.

If you like how you feel, who knows, you may decide to keep it going a little longer, or may even decide to join on my next green cleanse.

Comment below if you're joining in.  Make a commitment to yourself and to thousands of women across the globe.

And also join in the ongoing 30 Day Sleep and Fun Challenge.  Every day, we're posting our commitments to health supporting activities that we'll do that day.  It helps keep you on track.  Take a look through previous days posts to see the kinds of things people are accomplishing.

So what do fun and sleep have to do with detoxification?  Lots!  Fun changes your chemistry, decreases internally produced stress toxins and frees your liver to more effectively detox.  The WISH call talks more about this.  And sleep is master at helping you to cleanse.  While you sleep, your detox mechanisms are going full steam ahead and cleaning you up from the days debris.  Between the hours of 11 and 1, your liver is especially active at detox, unless you're still awake.  Then you get hungry because of the increased metabolic fire that's intended for detox. So sleep, especially before midnight is very important for cleansing

My challenges lately have been not taking enough time for fun and sleep. That's why I started this challenge.  I'm making progress, but as you'll see below. I'm not perfect yet.

My report card from yesterday:

1- bed by midnight I had so much to do with the WISH summit, Balance My Body Program and private client follow-up that I missed my deadline and made it to bed by 1:30am.  Still, a lot earlier that I'd been doing before this challenge started.  Progress, not perfection is my motto.  The important thing is my awareness is there and I am not unconsciously staying up too late.  Plus I feel so energetic at midnight.

2- running in the sun – it rained here so running up and down stairs was the best I could do

3- 15 minute fun break – my fun was creating a kelp noodle lunch!

4- 2 quarts green smoothie – this is easy for me by now.  I love my green smoothies

My commitments for today

1- get out for a run in the sun (its sunny again)

2- finish writing a chapter in my new book

3- bed by 12:30 – I am being realistic here…knowing what needs to be completed

4- Green smoothies only 'til dinner

Are you joining the 3 day green detox challenge?  What are your goals?  What are you committed to today?  Comment below and be sure to sign up here to be notified whenever I post a new article here so you don't miss anything.

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Love, health, joy and happy green detox to you.

(how appropriate that we begin on Saint Patrick's Day, the day of the green.)

Dr. Ritamarie

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  1. kuala

    i’ve read from an article that what causes low sex drive is due to hormone imbalance how true is it?…

    • Ritamarie Loscalzo

      many times detoxification is the missing link in hormone imbalance and many other conditions. Other times there are specific nutrients out of balance and hormone testing is helpful. I recommend cleansing as a starting point for lots of health challenges.


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