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Are you (or someone awesome that you know) looking to make a real difference in the health and wellness of others? Are you already on this path in your own life? Do you love learning and working in an online environment? If you said “Hell yeah!” then you may be a great fit to join our team.

We are currently seeking a new person to join our team as the Program Delivery Manager. Check out the details below.

Position:  Program Delivery Manager

Our Mission

We are committed to transforming our broken disease management system into a true health care system focused on finding and solving the root cause of health challenges. Our goal is to reach and transform those clients who need help most and those practitioners who most want to help.

As the founder of the Institute of Nutritional Endocrinology, Dr. Ritamarie specializes in using the wisdom of nature to restore balance to hormones with a special emphasis on thyroid, adrenal, and insulin imbalances. Her practitioner training programs empower health and nutrition practitioners to get to the root cause of health concerns by using functional assessments and natural therapeutics to balance the endocrine system, the master controller. You can learn more about Dr. Ritamarie at DrRitamarie.com.

We are seeking a Program Delivery Manager to join our team to plan, organize, and facilitate all of the actions that result in the successful delivery of our programs and products. The Program Delivery Manager oversees team members who implement graphic design, website updates, Infusionsoft campaign creation and delivery logic, as well as documents processes as the need arises.

The Ideal Candidate for this Position:

  • Values both professionalism and a family atmosphere
  • Is passionate about their contribution to a cause bigger than themselves
  • Is already successful and respected among their colleagues
  • Values outcomes over effort, and always acts with integrity
  • Is process minded, and embrace systems
  • Is organized and knows how to make things happen
  • Has an uncanny attention to details
  • Is able to work well within a team, and excel Independently
  • Enjoys learning, is flexible, adaptable and willing to try new ways to do things
  • Embraces diversity and individual uniqueness
  • Welcomes a flexible work schedule
  • Is ready to trade in a daily commute to an office and the executive wardrobe for a work-from home position with weekly meetings and possible travel
  • Willing to sign a Non-Disclosure and Non-Compete agreement

Your Contribution and Duties

The Program Delivery Manager is responsible for planning, organizing, and facilitating  a variety of the actions that result in the successful delivery of our programs including group training calls, website pages, program newsletters, content and documents, video recordings, e-mail reminders and other communication, guest trainer coordination, and provide occasional program delivery technical support assistance as needed. This role also manages the creation and maintenance of our core content program pages, live event pages, and live cast coordination.

Roles and Responsibilities

  • Oversee all program delivery
  • Ensure Weekly & Monthly Call reminders and newsletters are scheduled, sent, and accurate
  • Manage the building of all program delivery membership website pages
  • Ensure delivery pages have the correct access levels and content
  • Upload new course module content to our membership sites including videos and documentation
  • Oversee the delivery of bonuses offered at program purchase
  • Help with technical assistance for membership access issues
  • Proofing and editing of email and other materials to program members to ensure professionalism
  • Coordinate program Guest Trainers with Dr. Ritamarie's Assistant for calendar availability
  • Oversee the creation of live event pages, and livecast coordination
  • Oversee team members who implement graphic design, website updates, Infusionsoft campaign creation and delivery logic
  • Review and optimize processes as the need arises
  • Keep process documentation up to date
  • Attend weekly team meetings via Zoom

Skills Required

  • Confident, poised under pressure and level-headed
  • Ability to multitask and prioritize efficiently
  • Excellent verbal and written communication
  • Self motivated action taker with imitative, and an ability to work independently
  • Outstanding organizational, planning and time management skills
  • Solid judgment and critical thinking skills
  • Pleasant and professional presence with strong interpersonal skills
  • Forward thinking, “systems and process” thinking
  • Good spelling and punctuation
  • Proficient in WordPress
  • Proficient in Google Apps (Docs, Sheets, Calendar, Gmail)
  • Proficient in Microsoft applications (Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Outlook)
  • Knowledge of Infusionsoft (campaigns), ClickFunnels, Instant Teleseminar, Zoom, Wishlist, AccessAlly, iMember, AmazonS3, and Teamwork Projects will give you the competitive edge
  • Skype account required for team collaboration


This Position Is Not For YOU if:

  • The technology listed above does not seem familiar or is scary to you
  • You are not flexible with your work schedule to coordinate with other team members and priorities
  • Receiving or giving constructive criticism and professional feedback makes you uncomfortable
  • You are not willing to learn new skills as required in order to grow and change technology as the business may require
  • You are not passionate and committed to root cause health care and its community
  • You would rather take a pill than make changes to your diet naturally to solve a personal health issue

Benefits of this Position

  • Work with awesome people that make things happen.
  • Get to test and experiment in a business that is constantly launching new projects. There is never a dull moment.
  • Work on promoting products that are helping people to improve their health and quality of life, live the life of their dreams
  • Work in an environment where the future of health care is being shaped by being part of the success of our health practitioner training and certification programs
  • Flexibility & freedom to work from wherever you choose.
  • You'll be paid to do what you already love to do: delivering high quality e-learning to consumers and health practitioners in a clear, concise, and enjoyable way

Education and Experience

  • 3+ years in a similar role
  • Post secondary education is a plus

Sound good? We want to learn more about you!

How to Apply

To Apply, please send us an email to joinus@drritamarie.com with the subject line: “Consideration for Program Delivery Manager Role”

In your email, please write a brief introduction (less than 50 words) summarizing why you are interested, and attach a copy of your resume and a cover letter (in PDF format), naming the document [First-name]-[Last-name]-Resume.pdf and [First-name]-[Last-name]-Cover-Letter.pdf respectively – where [First-name] and [Last-name] is your given name

Next Steps

If we feel you’re an excellent candidate, we’ll contact you for a preliminary interview. If it feels like a good fit, you will be asked to chat with at least 2 people on the team.


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