Your next “snack attack” could mean war

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Personal Note from Dr. Ritamarie

September 28th, 2011 Volume 1, Issue 13


My Krispy Kreme Experience

On Saturday, I spent the morning at my 17-year old's swim meet. I volunteered to be timer (I think that's the best volunteer job because you get to see each race up close and personal).

The hosting team came over to tell us that if we were hungry there was breakfast for us — just come by on a break. Figuring maybe there would be some fruit, at the very least a banana, I headed over to the food area.

Krispy Kreme DoughnutsImagine my surprise when I found myself face to face with a box of — you guessed it — Krispy Kreme doughnuts.

Now, I haven't been face to face with a doughnut in YEARS.

As I politely said, “No thanks,” all sorts of thoughts raced through my head. Is this for real? This is an athletic meet where we're supposed to model good nutrition for the kids.

Little did these people know I've been doing a Bye-Bye Belly Fat campaign, and at the top of my list of “get rid of this quick” is donuts and other sugary processed food.

So I observed who was eating Krispy Kremes. And, for each subject, I did a little analytical comparison on the size around the person's middle and whether there was a Krispy Kreme in hand. You can read all about my observations and the effects of Krispy Kremes on your metabolism in my feature article.

If doughnuts and “do not feel like it” obstacles mean you've been struggling with making exercise a priority in your life, listen in on last week's interview with Michelle Melendez, fitness specialist (You'll find the link in my Radio Shows Archive below). On the show she shared such gems as how to strengthen your thighs in between e-mails, how to shape your biceps without weight lifting, how to get started and keep motivated, and how to measure your progress and reward your success.

Laura FenamoreI cannot tell you how excited I am about this week's radio show guest. I met Laura Fenamore just a couple of months ago and we instantly became close friends. Has that ever happened to you? Laura's story is so moving, and the work she brings to the world is such a blessing!

Laura used to be 100 pounds overweight, yet you'd never know it to look at her. Today, she maintains her weight effortlessly, but it wasn't always like that for Laura. She smoked, she drank too much, and she was bulimic. She tried all sorts of diets without success. She believed that she would live her life addicted and unhappy until she died. Then she discovered the reason for her destructive behavior and through a process she shares in her work, turned on the self-love switch. Everything changed.

Can you really love yourself thin? Find out how on my next edition of Vibrant Health Solutions Radio Show. Click here for details.

Also in this issue is a guest article by Midlife health expert Nina Price. Nina will be interviewing me in the first week in October in a call titled Leaky Gut: The Silent Saboteur of Your Midlife Mojo as part of the Cracking the Midlife Code II Summit.

I have a busy speaking schedule coming up this fall:

  • Ritamarie LoscalzoSeptember 28th, 2011 – My own, brand new teleseminar called Stop Insulin Resistance Before It Stops You
    Click HERE to register.
  • October 9th, 2011 – My Raw Foods University Class called Eating for Hormone Health Click HERE for details.
  • October 20th, 2011 – An interview as part of the Women's BEE Wellness Summit launching on Oct. 9th called Energy Recharge Strategies For a Flat Belly, Focused Mind and Passionate, Purposeful Life Click HERE for details.
  • November 1st, 2011 – An interview with Michelle Melendez called Mind, Meals, and Movement: Mending your Metabolism for High Octane Health Click HERE for details.

It brings me so much joy to offer you a steady stream of health empowering resources.

What I want for you more than ANYTHING is for you to experience the joy of having a steady stream of energy, focus, and comfort. I want you to live in a body you absolutely LOVE. This can be a reality for you when you get the recipe right!

With great love, and gratitude,

Dr. Ritamarie Loscalzo

Dr. Ritamarie Loscalzo


Creating Vibrant Health Feature Article


Krispy Kreme – A Sure Fire Recipe for a Flabby Belly, Foggy Mind, and Fatigued Body

By Dr. Ritamarie Loscalzo

I don't usually single out a single junk food manufacturer because there are so many to choose from, but because I was up close and personal to Krispy Kreme recently while volunteering as a timer at my son's swim meet, I decided to do a little research and write about just what lurks beneath the shiny gooey cover.

Krispy Kreme DoughnutsOn the Krispy Kreme website they say:

For over 60 years, our customers have been enjoying Krispy Kreme doughnuts made from premium ingredients. The only animal byproducts used in our doughnut are eggs (whites and yolks) and dairy products (including milk, butter, yogurt, whey, nonfat milk and nonfat whey). Our doughnuts are cooked in 100% vegetable oil shortening (partially hydrogenated soybean and/or cottonseed oil). All monoglycerides, diglycerides and enzymes are vegetable based. The lecithin we use is soy based. We also use wheat in our doughnuts, including bran, germ, gluten, starch and flour. Our products may contain allergens.

So far, so bad… last I checked “partially hydrogenated vegetable oil” was not considered a “premium ingredient”.

Here's the low down, the down and dirty, and, you guessed it, the actual ingredients. There are over 50 of them. Basically, when you bite into a Krispy Kreme you're getting a chemical soup of mostly artificial food additives. Eating Krispy Kreme is a sure fire prescription for cancer, diabetes, heart disease, allergies, and digestive disorders. See for yourself:

Ingredients: Enriched bleached wheat flour- (contains bleached wheat flour, niacin, reduced iron, thiamine, mononitrate, riboflavin, folic acid), dextrose, vegetable shortening (partially hydrogenated soybean and/or cottonseed oil), water, sugar, soy flour, egg yolks, vital wheat gluten, yeast, nonfat milk, yeast nutrients (calcium sulfate, ammonium sulfate), dough conditioners (calcium dioxide, monocalcium and dicalcium phosphate, diammonium phosphate, sodium stearoyl-2-lacrylate, whey, starch, ascorbic acid, sodium bicarbonate, calcium carbonate), salt, mono-and-diglycerides, ethoxylated mono- and diglycerides, lecithin, calcium propionate (to retain freshness), cellulose gum, natural and artificial flavors, fungal alpha amylase, amylase, maltogenic amylase, pantosenase, protease, sodium caseinate, corn maltodextrin, corn syrup solids and BHT (to help protect flavor).

Glaze also may contain: Calcium carbonate, agar, locust bean gum, disodium phosphate, and sorbitan monostearate.

There's a very detailed article here that goes into all the ingredients, and the negative effects of the additives and preservatives. Here's a glimpse of just what the nutritional profile is for food from Krispy Kreme. Each doughnut is over 50% fat… none of it's the good kind.

Krispy Kreme Nutritional Information
Click HERE to view chart.

What Happens When You Bite Into a Krispy Kreme?

Here's a summary of the sequence of events.

  1. Your gut lining gets assaulted by gluten, dairy, and toxins, which may trigger inflammation in your intestines.
  2. The sugar enters your blood stream, triggering your pancreas to secret insulin.
  3. Insulin goes to work trying to get the sugar into your cells so they can produce energy. In this case one of two things may happen:
  • A flood of sugar enters your cells. Your cells make the energy they need and the rest of the sugar gets converted to fat.
  • If you have any degree of insulin resistance, the sugar will remain in your blood, triggering even more insulin, and the sugar form the donut will get converted to belly fat. The excess insulin will stiffen your arteries, damage your cells, cause inflammation, raise your blood pressure, increase your triglycerides, and heighten your risk of cancer.

My observation of the people at my son's swim meet tells me that:

Lifestyle choices

  • A majority of people… more than 50% and perhaps more than 75% are overweight and/or have excess belly fat.
  • Not one person there was eating fruit, salad, or any fresh food.
  • They ate Krispy Kremes, cheese laden tacos on white flour tortillas, burgers, and pizza. And this was for breakfast!
  • The majority of the athletes were either overweight or normal weight with an overgrown midline.
  • The other timer volunteers happily downed the Krispy Kreme.

The sad part is, they aren't making the connection between the processed food that is such common fare and the stroke, heart attack, cancer, ADD, and inflammatory diseases present in even the very youngest.

“Krispy Kreme is made with premium ingredients.”

Premium for what?

According to premium means “better than others in its class.” SO I suppose maybe they are better than Dunkin' Donuts?

Hard to say, but the bottom line is stay away.

Insulin resistance is rampant in our society, as seen in the bellies of even our teens. Nip it in the bud. Do a 30-day insulin receptor reset and balance all the factors required to reverse insulin resistance and decrease your risk of heart attack, stroke, and diabetes.

I will teach a lot more about it in my new teleseminar:

How to Stop Insulin Resistance Before It Stops You

Date: Wednesday, September 28th, 2011; 6:30 pm Central
(4:30 pm Pacific, 5:30 pm Mountain, 6:30 pm Central, and 7:30 pm Eastern)
To Get Instant Access Information for this free teleseminar CLICK HERE.

If you're ready and feel you need the step-by-step guidance of a program to make it really happen, join me. Don't let your taste buds put you at risk. Train them now to love the foods that love your body. No more Krispy Kreme, ok?

B4 Be Gone SystemAt first, you may feel resistance and loss when considering giving up a comfort food, but what you won't know, can't know until you try an insulin reset program, is how you'll feel when you don't have that chemical soup in your system. Whatever loss you anticipate is nothing, NOTHING compared to what you'll gain when your energy returns, when your mind clears, and when your body is at its best.

I wish I could say that I've perfected the art of making a healthy doughnut, but the truth is it's near impossible to create a natural, nutritious version of something that's soooo artificial. We do have an awesome recipe for doughnut holes in Dessert: Making It Rich Without Oil, along with a collection of many other delicious, healthy enhancing sweet treats.


Guest Article for Midlifers:
Two Secrets for Having an Amazing, Healthy,
Energetic Midlife Body… and Life!

with guest author, Nina Price

Secrets for an Energetic Midlife BodyHave you ever found yourself wishing that you:

  • could sleep better
  • could lose weight more easily
  • had more energy
  • could look and feel more attractive
  • felt more sexy

Are you missing out on the life you really want because your midlife body is getting in your way, and you don't always feel so great?

The truth is, taking care of your body is important, more important now that you're in midlife, than ever before.  And the good news is, you can take incredibly good care of yourself and reap the rewards for years to come.

Here are 2 hot tips to help you:

#1 Embrace Change

Midlife is a time of change both inside and outside your body. Your hormones are changing which affects both your physical and emotional self. Other aspects of your life are most likely changing too: your children may be leaving home, your parents may be aging and passing on, your financial situation may be changing due to the economy, and your work may be changing too.

The important thing to remember is whether or not you like the results of the changes: don't resist changes – embrace them. Being open to new possibilities makes it easier for you to evolve.

#2 Pay Attention to Your Body

Listen to Your Midlife BodyTake incredibly good care of your body, especially now that you're in midlife. If you're going to live another forty or fifty years, or more, you'll need a body that will hold up and get you there.

Make sure that you're making daily choices that nurture and care for your body. All your choices count: when and what you eat, how much you exercise, how you sleep, how you manage stress, even the supplements you take.

These tips are just the beginning. I'm hosting an online midlife health retreat in October called Cracking the Midlife Code II that will be full of helpful information you can use every day to take better care of yourself so you can have an amazing midlife body.

When you sign up for the Cracking the Midlife Code II series you'll also get many more valuable tips and insights that will help you look better and feel better, offered by health professionals who work with exactly what you're struggling with, every day. You'll learn much more about what's changing and how to embrace those changes, with strategies you can use to take really good care of yourself.

Click HERE to Get your Full Scholarship to Cracking the Midlife Code

About the Author

Nina PriceNina Price is a licensed acupuncturist, teacher, speaker and radio personality, who used to be a high tech executive. She brings her love of interviewing people honed from almost 20 years as a radio personality, to her work as a practitioner of Traditional Chinese Medicine, and to the Cracking the Midlife Code II series.

To learn more about Nina and Cracking the Midlife Code II visit:

Events with Dr. Ritamarie


Dr. Ritamarie's Living Foods Potluck
and Information Night

Raw Food PotluckOnce a month, you can join us LIVE in Austin, Texas for a local raw food potluck where you can:

  • Meet like-minded people and make new friends.
  • Learn new and exciting recipes.
  • Gather valuable health and nutrition information.
  • Feel supported on your health quest.

Click HERE to learn more about the event and find out all the details on what to bring and what to expect.

Next Event:

  • October 29th, 2011 – 6:30 p.m. October's potluck will feature a special guest: lecturer, raw food consultant, and Creating Healthy Children author, Karen Ranzi!  Don't miss it!

Upcoming Raw Food University Classes:

You can attend our Raw Food University Classes live and in person and get to sample the delicious raw food recipes or learn to make these dishes from the comfort of your own home.

Either way, you get a recipe guide e-book and fully indexed online video class you can watch over and over.

  • October 9th, 2011Eating for Hormone Balance
  • November 19th, 2011Eating for Health and Longevity
  • December 10th, 2011Party and Potluck Nibbles that Nourish

Check back here soon for more details to be announced!


Eating for Hormone Balance
Recipes That are in Sync with Science!

With Dr. Ritamarie Loscalzo, Karen Osborne, & Pamela Weems

Hormones are the messengers of LIFE. To deliver their messages the glands that make them must be well-nourished and robust.

Your fork can be a powerful tool in maintaining balance, especially when you know what to eat to maintain and nourish your glands. Eating for Hormone Balance is a unique blend of science and practical application. Become your own kitchen apothecary and learn to create masterful, mending food blends that keep your hormones healthy, happy, and well-adjusted.

Hormone Recovery Collard RolesLearn to make nourishing and nutritious hormone helping dishes like:

  • Asian Salad Antidote
  • Hormone Recovery Collard Roles
  • Creamy Mending Mushroom Soup (2 Variations!)
  • Miracle Mango Empanadas
  • Healing With Herbs Seasoned Nuts

Remember, all recipes are made with 100% gluten free, dairy free whole fresh foods – no sugar, no processed oils, no grains, and no cooking!

Includes 2 1/2 hours of recipe demonstrations + all the recipes in a PDF eBook!

Click HERE to Register and enjoy early bird pricing until October 7th!


How to Stop Insulin Resistance Before it Stops You
Free Teleseminar

Our bodies are always trying to communicate with us, and if we could just hear the messages sooner and respond to them, we could enjoy happier, more productive lives *before* we are run down or our body systems crash.  As part of my campaign to share free, life-saving information, I'm inviting you, Jimmy, to a NEW live teleseminar:

health teleseminarDate: Wednesday, September 28th, 2011
Time: 4:30 pm Pacific, 5:30 pm Mountain, 6:30 pm Central, and 7:30 pm Eastern
To Get Instant Access Information for this teleseminar CLICK HERE

You'll immediately be linked to the access information and get a reminder by e-mail, too.

CLICK HERE to get a copy in case you can't make it live.

Learn 3 Things You Can Do To Protect Yourself and
Stop Insulin Resistance Before It Stops You

Stop Insulin Resistance Before it Stops YouJoin me to learn the truth about insulin resistance and my essential strategies for protecting yourself:

  • What is insulin resistance?
  • How do you know if you have insulin resistance?
  • Why is insulin resistance so dangerous?
  • What causes insulin resistance?
  • Can insulin resistance be reversed?
  • Essential strategies for protecting yourself against the life-threatening consequences of insulin resistance

Attend this teleseminar and stop insulin resistance before it stops you!

To Get Instant Access Information for this teleseminar CLICK HERE.  You'll immediately be linked to the access information and get a reminder by e-mail, too.

If you have questions you'd like to ask, be sure to submit them before the event using the submission form.

Upcoming Health Summits
Featuring Dr. Ritamarie

You can get access to a number of natural health summits that I'll be participating in this fall.  Here are some of the feature events you can explore:

Cracking the Midlife Code II with Nina Price

You know that your midlife body gets in your way every day, whether it's your love life, your fatigue, your insomnia, or the weight loss issues you've been struggling with.

In the Cracking the Midlife Code series you'll be hearing the best secrets and hardcore health advice from 12 different professionals, including me. This is the kind of information you'd pay a doctor lots and lots of money for!

October 7th, 2011 – Leaky Gut:
The Silent Saboteur of Your Midlife Mojo

By the time you get to midlife the lining of your gut has suffered a myriad of abuses due to stress; alcohol and caffeine consumption; eating oxidized fats; and from taking prescription, over the counter, and recreational drugs.

If you have done any of these things and you haven't taken the time to repair your gut, it most likely has lost its ability to filter toxins and properly absorb nutrients. When your digestive system reaches this stage, you may have a condition called “leaky gut”. While it's surprisingly common, it's nothing to take lightly. Join me for the Cracking the Midlife Code II health series to find out what you can do to heal your leaky gut and enjoy your midlife with passion and purpose.

Cracking the Midlife Code II



Just B.E.E. Women's Wellness Tele-Series with Cassandra Herbert

The Just BEE Women's Wellness Series will run from Sunday, October 9th – Wednesday, November 10th, 2011 — bringing you 26 speakers who will address a range of topics devoted to your mind, body, and spiritual wellness.

That's five weeks devoted just to women! For women, by women! Let this be the year you take control of your own health and well-being! Join us LIVE – and for FREE – as 26 dynamic speakers take you on a journey of health and wellness across the life span.

October 20th, 2011 – Energy Recharge Strategies For a Flat Belly, Focused Mind and Passionate, Purposeful Life

How would it be to get your body out of the way of your success and joy? As an ambitious woman with a mission, you may all too often take shortcuts when it come to self care and end up burning out before breaking through. Stress, overwork and less than optimal food choices most often leads to excess belly fat, brain fog, low energy, out of whack hormones and a myriad of pesky symptoms that zap your joy and flatten your passion.

Join me and learn:

  • Simple strategies to jumpstart your energy, practically overnight.
  • Enjoyable diet habits that flatten your belly, focus your mind, and fight fatigue!
  • Powerful activities that stop your hormones from keeping you flabby, foggy and fatigued.

Just BEE Women's Wellness



Women Getting Fit TeleSeries: Double Your Energy Balance Your Life with Michelle Melendez

You can say good-bye to being overweight, tired, and feeling overwhelmed. Starting October 11th at 12pm PST you get a rare opportunity to learn the fastest, easiest and most reliable way too “Double Your Energy and Balance Your Life!”

Register now and watch the free presentation: “The Quickest and Safest Way to Release 10-20 lbs FAST!”

November 1st, 2011 – Mind, Meals, and Movement:
Mending your Metabolism for High Octane Health

Low energy keeps your dreams at arm's length. You may see them in the distance, but you're too drained to take the steps required to bag them. Refueling your energy tank is easier than you think …when you follow the guidelines.

Join me for the series and get ready to learn:

  • A mind-blowing mind game to calm your spirit, lighten your heart and refuel your energy tank.
  • 3 magnificent meals that detox your body, energize your cells, and delight your palate.
  • Magical movements that rev up your engine, burn away fat, and recharge your energy.

Women Getting Fit

Radio Shows with Dr. Ritamarie

Upcoming Vibrant Health Solutions Radio Shows:

Dr. Ritamarie's Vibrant Health Solutions Radio Show: combining experience, education, and practical advice to make healthful eating fun again! Click here to learn more.

Future Show Schedule:

  • Thursday, September 29th – Self-Love: It's Time We Practiced It
  • Thursday, October 6th – Lifting the Cloud of Brain Fog


Self-Love: It's Time We Practiced It – Thursday, September 29th, 2011

Laura FenamoreGuest, Laura Fenamore, was 100 pounds overweight. She drank too much. She was bulimic. She smoked. She tried different diets without success. She believed that she would live her life addicted to food and unhappy until she died.

Then one day the unconditional love of a guardian angel brought her to a realization: All those dysfunctional behaviors sprang from a feeling that she was unloved. Most importantly, she realized she didn't love herself. Laura flipped an internal switch.

She began down the path to love of self. Her heart opened. She let go of the self-destructive forces that made her hate what she saw in the mirror. She changed her behaviors and attained a healthy weight. She has maintained that healthy weight — and a healthy body image — for 24 years.

It's time to learn how to love, accept and respect your body!

  • Have you tried everything but still feel inadequate, miserable and overweight?
  • Do you continually invest in diet books, corporate programs, fasting pills, counseling, your own will power…and nothing works?
  • Do you know you need something different but aren't exactly sure what that is?
  • Are you seeking an answer and ready to take action?

Join Dr. Ritamarie and Laura Fenamore as they share tips and ways you can begin to love yourself and transform into the picture of health and beauty.

Be sure and check out Laura's upcoming 12-week program, Body Image Mastery.

8:00 am PT, 9:00 am MT, 10:00 am CT, 11:00 am ET

Click here to attend the show!


Vibrant Health Solutions Radio Shows Archive:

You'll find a wealth of free natural health resources when you visit our radio shows archive! Look for the most recent shows in the sidebar of the Vibrant Health Solutions Radio Show homepage. Here are the latest shows we've added:


The 3 Biggest Mistakes Made When Starting an Exercise Program

Michelle MelendezYou're ready to start making some changes in your life. It's exciting isn't it! So you get the gym membership or new workout equipment, workout clothes, new shoes, and you're pumped up and ready to go.

You go hard and for about a week or two, and then something comes up and you miss one workout session. Then two… next thing you know, the treadmill you have is a clothes rack. The exercise bike is collecting dust and you are making excuses day after day as to why you can't workout.

On this special episode you will…

  1. Learn to create goals that inspire action EVERYDAY
  2. Discover the THREE things you need to prepare for or your fitness program will fail
  3. Learn the #1 SECRET you won't learn in a gym that keeps you stuck

Joining Dr. Ritamarie is fitness expert, Michelle Melendez. Michelle has been a fitness expert for over 15 years. She has trained hundreds of people in her bootcamps, Pilates Cardiocamp, Platinum Plus Weight Release programs, personal training and has been a fire academy fitness instructor for Bay Area fire departments.

She founded the Pilates Cardiocamp in Los Altos in 2001 and the Women Getting Fit Wellness Teleseries in January of 2011 where she teaches women all over the world to make simple changes to increase their health.

Michelle has over 10 fitness certifications including: Master Bender Trainer, The Pilates Coach, ISSA Personal Trainer and R.I.P.P.E.D Instructor.


Self Dentistry with Nadine Artemis: How to Avoid the Dentist Without Ignoring Your Teeth

successful self dentistryYour teeth are a powerful window to your overall health. Happy, healthy teeth and gums allow the full enjoyment of life's sensuality.

If you are finding excuses to avoid the dentist's chair… if you have been brushing and flossing and still have sensitive teeth and gums… if you know the mouth is your portal to peak health and longevity and want to be proactive…then you need to tune in to this show.

Nadine Artemis, founder of Living Libations, joins Dr. Ritamarie as they discuss how to have a healthy mouth on a raw diet. They will give you the information you need to evolve your oral care for the better. Not to mention inspiring you and equipping you to take the journey towards greater health — in your mouth and throughout your body.


Burnout: Do You Know Where Your Energy is?

Burnout - Do You Know Where Your Energy is?Do you wake up after a long night's sleep only to still feel exhausted?

You may very well be experiencing burnout.

Did you know that your organs and glands can suffer from fatigue? Your skin and immune system can too.

Often “exhaustion” is at a cellular level. When your skin is tired, you get outbreaks and slow wound healing. When your digestion becomes sluggish, you may experience constipation or indigestion. A fatigued immune system can't adequately protect you from microbes and starts to attack itself. And a worn out liver is unlikely to be efficient at eliminating toxins.

Join Dr. Ritamarie and learn what influences may be making you tired at a cellular level.

About Dr. Ritamarie Loscalzo


Dr. Ritamarie Loscalzo, MS, DC, CCN, DACBN, has been an integrative health care practitioner for over two decades, empowering her patients and students to overcome health challenges and lead a joyful and healthy life.

She's a Doctor of Chiropractic with Certifications in Acupuncture, Clinical Nutrition, HeartMath® and Herbal Medicine as well as a certified raw and living foods instructor, chef and coach. She's the author and co-author of several gluten-free vegan and raw foods recipe books including: Power Breakfast Ideas, Deliciously Quick Lunch and Dinner, Healthy Halloween Treats, Dessert: Making it Rich Without Oil and Dried and Gone to Heaven.

She's also the creator of many successful online courses designed to restore people to the health, energy, and vitality they need to live full and vibrant lives.


Energy Enhancing Resources




Eat Your Way Out of PainIncludes a downloaded recording of a 2 hour teleclass, anti- inflammatory recipe guide, shopping list and checklists, flowcharts of your body's inflammatory pathways and bonus resources, including Lunch and Dinner and Breakfast e-books and Transforming Stress Kit. Read more here…


Makin it RichDesserts make your tongue feel gleeful and your heart sing. But have you ever thought about how your favorite desserts ultimately affect your body? With their gluten, dairy, unhealthy trans fats and refined sugar, these desserts are likely to contribute to premature aging, inflammation, irritable bowel, mucous buildup and problems with focusing. Read more here…


DRIED and Gone to HeavenThey're all comfort foods that we turn to in times of emotional upheaval, boredom or loneliness. When you eat your favorite comfort foods, you feel great…for a little while. Until the discomfort sets in. Read more here…


Kids in the KitchenYour children are your most precious gift. You teach them by example and your every thought, word and action. What you feed your children, especially during the early years, will shape their health and vitality throughout their lives. Starting with the freshest, most vibrant and clean sources of nutrients to feed their growing bodies is vital to their health and development. Read more here…


Power Breakfast IdeasYou might have heard many health experts say that it's crucial to begin your day with a meal. What they might have failed to say, though, is how to make your first fuel of the day powerful enough to propel you forward with energy and gusto! Read more here…


Recipes that Recharge

Dip Into Something More Cilantro-able

By Ritamarie Loscalzo

I have a brand new recipe to share that I just made up over the weekend!

Creamy Cilantro Dip


  • 1 cup pumpkin seeds
  • 1/2 cup macadamia nuts
  • 1 bunch cilantro
  • 1/2 lime
  • 1 – 2 cloves garlic
  • 1/4 teaspoon salt
  • 1/3 teaspoon kelp powder


Put everything in food processor and blend till smooth. Serve with veggie sticks, raw crackers or chips or tucked inside lettuce leaves.

Do you have a great raw food recipe you'd like to share? Submit your recipe at:


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