Finally Revealed: The Secret Strategies for Creating The Energetic, Strong, Slim, Healthy Body That Has Until Now Seemed Impossibly Out of Reach

From the desk of Dr. Ritamarie Loscalzo,
Austin, Texas

Dear Friend and Health Seeker,

Would you like to know how I personally transformed from a yo-yo dieting, bloated, exhausted and caffeine addicted sugar junkie in my 20's to a fit, trim and vibrantly healthy athlete in my 50s?

Back in my teens, I tried diet after diet ever in search of the one that would allow me to indulge in my favorite foods and maintain my slim figure. That quest lead me to yo-yo dieting, obsession with food and binging to the point of illness. While I was never more than 5 pounds overweight at any one time, I gained and lost well over 100 pounds while I was on the roller-coaster.

When I finally got off the roller –coaster, I attributed my success to the ACTIONS I took to get there…the fresh foods, exercise and lifestyle habits that became a natural part of my life, and I began to teach these to others.

For years I wondered why some people continually struggled to improve their health, in spite of the best laid plans and encouragement while others made what seemed like a miraculous transformation.

It's frustrating, isn't it, when you're one of the struggling ones?

You've likely beat yourself up over your failure to follow through consistently. Maybe you've even experienced guilt and shame as a result.

You're not alone.

95% of all diet and exercise programs
fail to achieve lasting results.

And we're not just talking weight loss here. We're talking all diets, including ones intended to address a health condition.

The sad truth is, MOST health and diet programs fail.

And the good news is, it's not your fault.

Yes, I really mean that. It's not your fault!

Would you like to know the shocking truth and missing link in every health and diet plan you’ve ever been on—every book, article, program and course you’ve ever followed —- and why you may have failed?

The real truth is that YOU didn't fail. They failed you.

  • You can have amazing success for many years – never having to look back…when you understand and apply the secret strategies that no one has ever told you about…until now.
  • Many of my own patients failed to achieve long-lasting health improvements, until I discovered the formula for success. It was sitting right under my nose.
  • Once I discovered the missing link, I began to share it with my patients and clients. And low and behold, those who embraced it and put it into practice had amazing success.
  • The same process that I had unknowingly followed myself allowed those I counseled to get truly life changing results.
  • I have never worked with anyone who achieved permanent weight reduction and alleviation of chronic illness who did it without applying these principles, either knowingly or instinctively.

Just imagine the joy of looking the mirror without the disappointment of extra weight, sagging skin or other annoying health challenges.

The Difference Between Success and Failure is Mindset

Sound Familiar?

You set a health goal you were really excited about. Maybe it was to drop a few pounds, increase your energy, or once and for all clear your skin and shrink your bloated belly.

You gathered all the tools you needed…a book or tape, good food, exercise shoes, maybe even a colon cleanse kit, and you started out on your journey.

A short while later, you found yourself straying. At first you just strayed a little bit. Then the diversions became more frequent and took you a lot further off course, until you found yourself right back where you started… or, worse yet, further from your goal than when you started.

Perhaps a few extra pounds crept in, your belly became bloated all over again or you developed a new nagging health complaint.

We’ve all been there, done that. If you haven’t, you can stop reading now.

For more than 25 years I have counseled people with all sorts of health challenges, ranging from simple allergies and digestive woes to debilitating autoimmune diseases and crippling degenerative conditions. During that time I’ve observed that the degree of recovery is not necessarily proportional to the severity of the condition or the strictness of the approach.

Like most practitioners, I’ve seen it all…from the highly motivated and dedicated to the magic bullet seekers; from “I’ll follow your plan but I don’t have to like it” to “I am so grateful there's a solution, I'll gladly do whatever it takes to create lasting health”.

I’ve seen lots of people who’ve been incredibly successful at overcoming serious health challenges, restoring their energy and getting their lives back. I’ve seen many people lose weight and never gain it back.

After careful observation of what I’ve seen work and what I’ve seen fail, of those who made massive strides and those who could not get off the roller coaster ride, the common thread I’ve found is very clear – those successful ones experience a shift in their mindset.

Without a proper mindset, certain social events or life stresses may trigger old habits and POOF! You're down the slippery slope again into old familiar habits that lead further away from what you desire most.

It’s amazing how haphazardly most people approach a new health plan. Just jumping right into a new diet routine or exercise program, without taking the time to create a vision and goals is a prescription for failure.

It’s as if you decided to take a vacation, and just threw a few things into a suitcase, hopped into the car and started driving. Without a destination you would wander aimlessly and probably waste the opportunity to have a great trip.

Chances are you would instead think about what you really desired to experience on vacation and you’d ask yourself a few simple questions, like:

  • “Would I like an exciting adventure, or am I looking for the opportunity to relax?”
  • “Would I prefer to be around lots of people, or to be more isolated?“
  • “Am I interested in learning and being of service, or am I taking this time to just chill out and have fun?“

Based on your answers you might do a little research then make a decision about where to go. Only then would you start to make plans and decide on your method of transportation and your route, depending on how quickly you’d like to get there, how much money you can spend and what you’d like to see or do along the way.

With those decisions made, you’d make sure you had all the clothing and equipment you needed to make the trip pleasurable, and only then would you actually set out on your journey. All the planning and preparation would ensure that you didn’t end up in Hawaii in your ski clothes!

95% Of Health and Weight Loss Plans Fail to Achieve Long Term Success Because They Omit the
Most Critical Ingredient of All

If ever you’ve flip-flopped between the actions you know make you feel better and those that sabotage your health, you’ve already discovered the impact of mindset.

  • It’s not an issue of self control.
  • It’s not that you’re lazy,
  • It’s not that you don’t already know WHAT to do,
  • And it's not that you’re deficient in any way.

You just haven’t established the right MINDSET for success.

And it’s not just about positive thinking or appreciation or even the law of attraction, although all of these have a huge role in the Vibrant Health Mindset.

When you create a powerful enough why,
the how falls into place!

That’s why we developed the “Vibrant Health Mindset Success System”. It’s an online course that guides you step by step to getting in touch with what really matters on a deep, core level, so you can consistently follow through with choices that support optimum weight and maximum energy.

I’ve teamed up with a dear friend, colleague and one of my star students and clients, registered dietitian and living foods educator, Jane Hardin, to bring you a program that just may be the missing key you’ve been looking for.

If you’re ready for a different outcome this time—ready to take action consistent with your core values and deepest desires, ready to finally feel healthy, vibrant and joyful, fully engaged in your relationships and fulfilled in your career, it’s time for a mindset shift.

Click on the forward arrow on the remote control to hear
Dr. Ritamarie and Jane explain.

I recently read an article on mindset and its importance in reaching your health goals. I was excited by how much it resonated with the “Vibrant Health Mindset Success System”.

The article featured a guy named Matt Hoover, winner of The Biggest Loser contest. He was not feeling so good about himself because after winning the weight loss contest three years earlier, he gained back 55 pounds of the fat he had lost. Turns out that without the controlled environment of the show, where he had cooks and 1-on-1 mentorship, he couldn’t maintain the habits he’d changed.

He knew how to lose weight, but he didn’t have the right mindset to follow through. Once he created the mindset to be slim and healthy, he was able to drop the extra weight and keep it off.

Get in Touch with What Really Matters on a
Deep, Core Level and Live the Vibrant, Joyful and
Fulfilled Life You Deserve.

  • This program incorporates several simple, yet powerful techniques to empower you in consistently making the healthiest choices even in the face of challenging situations.
  • It’s the same process that I had unknowingly followed myself and now teach my private patients and clients in my high end coaching programs.
  • To teach this one on one takes many hours, which translates into thousands of dollars, which puts it out of the reach of most people.
  • I have never worked with anyone who achieved permanent weight reduction and alleviation of chronic illness who did it without applying these principles, either knowingly or instinctively.

What if you could learn these processes in the privacy of your own home for than the cost of a night out at the theatre? Would the investment be worth it if you could finally get off the rollercoaster at the top, and live the happy, comfortable and abundant life you desire?

With the help of Jane Hardin, these tools have been transformed into a cohesive and easy to follow system that you can do at home, at a fraction of the investment of costly one on one sessions.

Jane has an amazing talent for engaging the creative processes so important to actualizing your visions. Her skills in goal setting, project planning, overcoming obstacles and creating vision boards has given the process new life.

The self-paced program we created offers an abundance of activities and tools that can guide you to fully realize your health goals and live the vibrant, joyful and fulfilled life you deserve. Plus you get interactive email coaching from us!

The “Vibrant Health Mindset Success System” is a guided self-paced, six-part online e-course and e-coaching program designed to transport you through time and space to the body and life you’ve imagined only in your wildest dreams.

Each Chapter includes an introductory video recording and a downloadable Guide Book, along with an online feedback form for you to share your insights with your Mindset coaches. You are invited to request feedback, advice or email coaching with each chapter. The best part is, you do the course at your own pace, with our encouragement and support throughout.

Transform Your Life Through This Simple Yet Profound Process:

The link to your first lesson will be waiting in your inbox within minutes after you register!

Here's What You Get With the
Vibrant Health Mindset Success System:

A 6 chapter course delivered by email, each containing:

  • An introductory video recording explaining the chapter focus so you're clear about what to expect.
  • A downloadable Guide Book including all activity sheets you'll need to complete the mindset transformation process.
  • An online form that you may use to submit your discoveries to your coaches for feedback.
Chapter 1- Clarifying Your Core Values

Get in touch with what really matters to you on the deepest core level. This aligns your actions with your values, and as a result, you consistently follow through on the actions that you know create the vibrant health you desire.

Chapter 2- Connecting to Your Visions

Create a clear vision of who you’d like to become, stepping into the new role in all aspects of your life. Clarify what you love to do and fall in love with your new self-image to create the environment for consistency and joyful follow-through.

Chapter 3 – Setting Your Goals

Use our streamlined Bold Health Goal System to create your Commitment to Action. You'll break the big vision into manageable, measurable pieces that take you step by step towards comfort, fitness, energy and vitality.

Chapter 4 – Anchors & Wings

Enjoy fun exercises that help you become focused, centered and grounded in your action plan. They will also lift and inspire you to be guided by your Values and Visions.

Chapter 5- Negotiating Obstacles

Refine and reassess your goals. You’ll easily maneuver the road blocks, side step the potholes and find yourself accurately aligned with your vision once you identify your obstacles and establish a reward system to keep you on track.

Chapter 6- Drawing in Your Vision

Shorten the time it takes to connect with your goal. The Art of Appreciation, Keeping Eyes on the Prize, Forgiveness, Heart Mapping and the Healthy Living Toolbox are sure-fire methods for accelerating your success.

Sign-up early to receive the following special bonus package:

Bonus #1 – A Series of 6 Live Telecoaching Calls to guide you through the program. We’ll walk you through each chapter and give you the opportunity to begin your self reflection and goal setting activities. The calls will be held once a week for 6 weeks and will be recorded so you can listen over and over again. (Value $294)

***The live calls are available only to those who register by June 29. After that the recordings will be available.

Bonus #2 – Recordings of all the live calls so you can download and listen over and over. (Value $120)

Bonus #3 – A live Transforming Stress Teleseminar to guide you through the quick and easy technique that has changed lives. You'll also receive an activity booklet to guide you through the process of transforming stress and creating vibrant health. (Value $49)

Bonus #4 – Private Mindset Community Page where you can interact with other participants to stay motivated and inspired. (Value $49)

Bonus #5 – How to Create Daily Rituals – a downloadable audio recording, e-book transcript and activity sheets to guide you through establishing your own daily routines to keep you on target with your health goals. Up until now, this material has only been available to my exclusive Fatigue Freedom Formula coaching group. (Value $49)

The following bonuses are available for the first 100 people only

Bonus #6 – Resonance Repatterning group webinar session with Rosita Alvarez to identify and transform what you need to become free from what holds you back, from subconscious patterns that took place early in life and to assist you in re-programming your relationship with food. With over 10 years experience using resonance repatterning, Rosita will help you to clear the beliefs, behaviors and negative emotions that create limitation in your life. (Value $35)

Bonus #7 – Tapping group webinar session with Nick Ortner, founder of the Tapping World Summit, to teach you how to release the food cravings and compulsive eating habits that sabotage healthy eating programs so that you can look and feel great. Tapping, formerly called EFT, or Emotional Freedom Technique, is endorsed and used in practice by successful people such as Jack Canfield, Joe Vitale, and Dr. Joe Mercola. The technique can also help you to overcome negative emotions that undermine health, eliminate many forms of pain, overcome childhood traumas, build loving relationships and create more abundance. (Value $49)

Total Value of Bonuses is ($635)

It’s time For You To Finally Feel the
Sweet Victory of Success

We’d so like it to be different for you this time!

  • Imagine never again having to even think about your weight or what you can and can’t eat, or feel guilty when you don’t follow through.
  • Imagine the freedom of feeling energetic and vibrant ALL THE TIME.
  • Imagine the feeling of having fun everyday…an integral part of your health plan!

The “Vibrant Health Mindset Success System” gives you all this and more.

How much is it worth to have a strong slim body, abundant energy, loving relationships and a fulfilling career?

These are are just a few of the things you CAN accomplish with the mindset shifts that this program will bring.

TAKE ACTION NOW, get registered, and do the process.

Remember, we’ll be here for you through the process and provide the feedback and support you need to be successful.

We know first hand the value of this process is far more than the investment we’re asking. It’s the accumulation of many years of research and clinical experience, and the results are proven.

During this introductory period, you can have the entire course, including over $600 worth of bonuses
for ONLY $297 $197
Just $97

1 payment of $97
(regular price $297)

To make it even easier for you to get started,
we're offering a special payment plan

3 payments of $39
(regular price 3 payments $119)

A Risk-Free Guarantee

The program is backed by our 3 Month-3 Chapter No Risk Guarantee. Try it out for a full 3 months. If after you’ve completed the third chapter and sent us your feedback forms for review you decide that it's just not right for you, let us know and we’ll promptly refund every penny you’ve invested.

So you have nothing to lose –
only valuable knowledge and a delicious life to gain.

Are you finally ready to get off that roller coaster and enjoy the strong lean body and joyful,
prosperous life you deserve?

No-Risk Reservation Form

Yes, Dr. Ritamarie and Jane. I'm ready to take this first step towards creating vibrant health and easily sticking to my health plan. I'd love to experience the freedom and joy of boundless energy and vibrant health. I'm ready to get the support I need to once and for all stick with a plan that allows me take charge of my health AND my life!”

“I'm assured this online transaction is 100% secure and after my information is received I will get an electronic receipt within a few minutes.”

In this program, I know I'll receive:

  • Six e-lessons, delivered at my own pace, including videos, activity guides and fill in the blank worksheets. (Value $197)
  • E-mail coaching to help me to stay on track. (Value $197)
  • Bonus #1: 6 live tele – coaching sessions, where I’ll be guided step by step to creating my personalized road-map to vibrant health. (Value $294)
  • Bonus #2: Recordings of all the live calls so I can listen over and over (Value $120)
  • Bonus #3: Transforming Stress teleclass to guide me through a powerful stress transformation process. (Value $49)
  • Bonus #4: An online, interactive, private members only support community (Value $49)
  • Bonus #5: How to Create Daily Health Rituals recording, e-book transcript and worksheets on How to Create Daily Rituals. (Value $49)
  • Bonus #6: A Group Resonance Repatterning webinar session with Rosita Alvarez to reprogram your relationship with food (Value $35)
  • Bonus #7: Tapping group webinar session with Nick Ortner
    (Value $49)

1 payment of $97
(regular price $297)

We look forward to sharing your journey and helping YOU get unstuck and stay unstuck as you create the BODY and LIFE of your dreams! Let us be your guides on your journey to the health, vitality and joy you’ve been reaching for.

You’ll get encouragement and support from coaches who’ve successfully used these methods themselves for many years and are passionate about seeing you experience the vitality and joy these practices have brought us.

Love, Health, Joy and Appreciation,

Dr. Ritamarie Loscalzo, MS, DC, CCN, DACBN
Jane Hardin, MS, RD/LD

P.S. The only thing between you and your goals just may be your mind. Let us show you how to get out of your own way and create the vibrant health you deserve.

1 payment of $97
(regular price $297)

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