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You know how hard it is to catch everything when you're listening live. With this bundle, you can return to any segments you missed, need to repeat, or more fully grasp what was shared.

You want time to digest the concepts shared so you can apply these techniques and practices to healing you and your family.

What to expect from Your Genes, Your Diet & Your Metabolism

The content is in-depth and not dumbed down. The talks are geared towards you if you consider yourself an educated nutrition and health enthusiast who wants real information that empowers you to truly take charge of your own health, and the health of your family members. Health practitioners will also benefit from the in-depth yet easy-to-follow presentations. Listening to these lectures multiple times will help solidify the learning so you can apply it practically in your life or business.

Dr. Ritamarie's adaptive teaching style supports all types of learners. She creates presentation-style lectures with accompanying checklists, lab and genetic interpretation charts, and assessments to facilitate your learning no matter whether you are visual, audio, or kinesthetic.

What's included…

An empowering live 45-minute training after the Genes, Diet & Metabolism event (with recording) where you'll get guidance on how to put what you've learned at the event into action in your life.

Digital handouts, including copies of all slides, checklists, lab and genetic interpretation charts, assessments and more.

Digital video recordings of the entire 2 days, so you can listen to your favorite lectures again and again while commuting, exercise, or puttering around the house.

Digital access to a set of special tracking forms, so you can monitor your home assessments, scorecards and labs over time to track your own progress.