ATTENTION: Doctors, nurses, pharmacists, nutritionists, health coaches and other HEALTH PROFESSIONALS who are frustrated with the current state of the medical system

Nutritional Endocrinology



Nutritional Endocrinology



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I'll Show You How to Grow Your Health and Wellness Practice to New Levels of Success and Fulfillment Using Leading Edge Strategies to Help People to Regain Their Energy and Vitality 

If You're Frustrated With “Band-Aid” Healthcare…
And You Want To Truly Make A Difference For People Who've Been Suffering For a Long Time With No Answers….

You Need to Become Proficient at Identifying Root Causes!

When You Understand How to Use Nutritional Endocrinology, A Combination of Functional Nutrition and Nutrigenomics, You'll Have the Confidence and the Competence to Support These People to End their Quest for Answers!

Let's Face It! The Current State Of Healthcare Is A Disaster! The Tools You Got In Medical, Nursing Or Health Coaching School Are Falling Short Of What Your Clients Really Need, Expect And Deserve

From the desk of

Dr. Ritamarie Loscalzo


Dear Colleague,
It's a sad fact, but the poor state of health sweeping across the world presents an opportunity for the most dedicated, ethical, skilled practitioners to lead the charge, impact a lot of people and turn the gift of caring for others into a lucrative practice.

Studies have revealed that 92% of the population is metabolically unwell, so the opportunities for you to help, and for people to be helped, is massive.

On this page, I'll introduce you to the tools and strategies needed to make a bigger impact by truly being of service to people.

If you want to help your patients enjoy optimal health, experience true healing and live longer… plus create your own financially

sustainable health practice at the same time, then you need to learn a unique approach that will help you uncover the underlying causes of the chronic endocrine imbalances that are at the core of the leading causes of mortality and chronic disease in our modern world.

What you need is a tried and true framework for solving even the most complex and chronic health challenges involving energy metabolism and metabolic health.

This will empower you to confidently and predictably identify the root causes of your patients' symptoms and restore their vitality naturally — without drugs or surgery!
If you want to guide your clients and patients to overcome their health challenges and achieve optimal health…

…and you want to be able to help everyone, even those suffering from chronic complex conditions, you need to know that impaired metabolic health and endocrine disruption is a medical crisis – a crisis of huge proportion that's destroying lives.

Take Your Practice to New Levels of Success, Healing and Fulfillment at the Brand New Nutritional Endocrinology Symposium!

With This Leading Edge Information, You Can FINALLY Develop the Skills You Need to Guide Your Patients to True Healing, Optimal Health and Longevity and be known as the go-to practitioner who helps even the most complicated clients and patients to heal and thrive!
Most doctors are not making as big of a difference as they could and would like to because they're missing this simple skill…
The Vast Majority Of Doctors Never Get Proficient At Discovering The Underlying Causes Of Their Patients' Health Issues Because They Don't Have The Skillset To Create Nutrition And Lifestyle Plans To
Address The Underlying Issues
They just were never taught the comprehensive framework to analyze symptoms and identify the correct underlying causes.

They are missing the ability to combine the power of genetics testing, functional assessments and nutrigenomic principles to create personalized nutrition and lifestyle programs that GET RESULTS!

Most likely you got into healthcare because you truly want to make a real difference in people's lives. Yet, if you're like many of your colleagues, you may:

  • ?Feel discouraged when patients and clients get better but not completely well… even when they follow your recommendations...
  • ?Feel inadequate and lose confidence when you can’t help people who've been exhausted for years or even decades, even though they seem to have "tried everything." Maybe you even turn clients away or refer them elsewhere…
  • ?Feel frustrated because you can't always get to the bottom of complicated health challenges…maybe you even feel like a fraud!
  • ?Feel tired and sad at the end of the day because, while you've been able to keep people alive, you haven't succeeded at helping them to get to the root causes and to truly start living again...
  • ?Feel “stuck in your lane” because your training only goes so far...
If you’re like many health practitioners, these frustrations affect your emotions and confidence. You’re tired of giving clients medications or supplements that don’t remedy the root causes… and you lack the knowledge and tools to identify the deeper causes of your clients’ health challenges…

      Your clients need your help!

      They are looking to YOU to guide their body back to the way it’s supposed to be: Healthy, Vibrant, Energized.

      If you're an allopathic practitioner, you're in a situation where most of your colleagues don't even question the western medicine paradigm, so you probably don't have very many other health professionals with whom you can discuss your frustrations.

      As a result, you may feel “alone” in your practice… without a community of peers who think the way you do, or a mentor to guide you.

      Functional Nutrigenomics in Clinical Practice

      How to Use Nutrigenomics and Functional Lab Testing to Create Effective and Profitable Programs To Help More People and Grow Your Practice Like Never Before.

      There is a Skill that Will Turn a Handful of Practitioners Into the Most Sought After Health Professionals in Next Decade

      When you possess this skill you'll:
      See your clients’ symptoms through new eyes…
      Feel fulfilled at the end of the day because you've made a difference…
      Help your patients and clients to prevent and reverse their energy metabolism disorders decades before they lead to heart disease, cancer, heart attack, diabetes or Alzheimer’s!
      How will YOU become one of these sought after practitioners?


      Functional Nutrigenomics in Clinical Practice
      Learn how to order the best genetics tests to understand your clients' potential health weaknesses, evaluate whether they are active using functional assessments and then use these findings to create personalized nutrition and lifestyle programs to restore balance to endocrine and metabolic pathways.

      For the right practitioner, this is literally the golden ticket to a successful practice. There are so many people out there searching for a solution, and they have no where to go. They are desperate for a practitioner who they can trust to do what it takes to help them get their health back.

      When you understand how to identify and reverse the metabolic and endocrine imbalances that lead to fatigue and exhaustion, and the role of nutritional endocrinology in preventing and reversing them, your practice will thrive.

      (By the way, nutritional endocrinology is one of the fastest-growing, up-and-coming branches of functional and holistic health care.)

      “I learned more about endocrinology in 3 days from Dr. Ritamarie than I did at Brown Medical School”
      If you've been struggling to get the results that your patients are looking for, it's most likely not your fault!
      Medical training fails to cover nutrition and lifestyle medicine in meaningful ways, so that you have the tools to truly help people get to the root cause.


      The corporate giants, food manufacturers, and Big Pharma have a stranglehold on much of the information that’s published.

      So, even if you have a wealth of knowledge about health, medicine and perhaps even nutrition, all the contradictions and misinformation out there is head-spinning.

      As a result, it's so challenging to help people get truly well within the conventional healthcare system!

      So Here’s the Good News
      At the Nutritional Endocrinology Symposium, you'll learn the clinically proven framework for solving even the most complex and chronic health challenges.

      This will empower you to confidently and predictably identify the root causes of your patients' symptoms and restore their energy and vitality naturally…

      There's A Subtle Difference Between a Growing, Thriving Practice That Brings You Constant Referrals and a Failing Practice That Causes Patients to Succumb to Serious, Life-Threatening Health Issues...

      The successful practices use clinically proven strategies for helping people to identify and correct the underlying causes of their complex and chronic health challenges.

      If you truly want to help your patients enjoy optimal health, experience true healing and live longer… and create your own financially sustainable health practice at the same time, then you need to acquire the recordings from our first annual Nutritional Endocrinology Symposium where…

      You'll Get Powerful, Proven Tools, Specialized Skills and the Most Up-to-Date Knowledge about Genetics, Lab Testing and “Food As Medicine” Approaches to Metabolic and Endocrine Imbalances that will work for even your most challenging cases.

      Become the go to practitioner that is going to dominate the marketplace because you are the most successful at evaluating and creating health plans for those who are struggling.

      The training you need is available!

      Are you the one who will grab it or will it be the doctor next door?

      Acquire the recordings of this 3-day online event and You'll Walk Away With State-Of-The-Art Knowledge, Clinical Skills, and A Proven Framework to Guide Your Patients to True Healing, Optimal Health and Longevity, and Become Known as the Go-to Practitioner Who Handles Even the Most Complex Cases and Gets Patients and Clients Real, Lasting Results!

      “…Dr. Ritamarie has given me the confidence and the skill to work with clients and get them some real results!”

      You May Be Wondering

      Who am I and What Makes Me Qualified To Teach This?

      My name is Dr. Ritamarie Loscalzo, and I’m the founder of the Institute of Nutritional Endocrinology and the creator of the S.H.I.N.E. Events.
      I’ve been an integrative practitioner for over three decades, combining the best from modern functional medicine with natural healing wisdom.

      I’m the author of Unstoppable Health, a #1 bestseller on Amazon in 5 categories, plus I’m a contributing author to a number of other best-sellers. My articles have appeared in many Nutrition Journals, including the Journal of Nutritional Perspectives and my podcast, Reinvent Healthcare, is dedicated to overhauling our broken diseased-focused system by providing tools and training for practitioners passionate about making a difference.

      My expertise lies in the holistic management of metabolic and hormonal imbalance. I integrate biochemistry, nutrition, genetic and functional assessments PLUS herbs, food and the power of the mind.

      I've led over a dozen 3 day events for health practitioners and I decided to create the annual Nutritional Endocinology Symposium to fill a gap for health practitioners who are passionate about true healing because of the lack of useful information on the power of Nutritional Endocrinology to restore the body to balance and vitality.

      There are a lot of misconceptions and untruths about nutrition, health, medicine, hormones, diets and lifestyle… and they’re keeping people like your patients from enjoying vibrant health and long, energetic lives.

      I neglected my own health in my 20’s while working in the fast-paced computer industry. I worked long hours and played hard, so I drank caffeine and ate sugary snacks to fuel the crazy energy level my activities required.

      Then I got sick — sinus problems, chronic fatigue, headaches, brain fog, allergies and digestive issues — and doctors couldn’t figure out what was wrong with me.

      So I became a “Master Health Detective” in order to get my own health back, I researched, dug in, investigated, questioned, read and assessed until I began to see predictable patterns. I learned to ask the right questions, and I learned the right places to look for answers.

      I studied my own biochemical function and discovered where things were working optimally and where they were out of balance.

      After tons of research I realized my lifestyle and diet choices had made me sick. And I learned that the only way to true health was to completely change both.

      Using the healing power of nature – food – as the core of my balancing protocols, I turned my health around and as a result, I left my job in the computer industry and went back to school to become a doctor so I could help others as I had helped myself.

      I became a Doctor of Chiropractic, earned my master’s degree in Nutrition and became a Certified Clinical Nutritionist. I’m also Certified in Acupuncture, Herbal Medicine, HeartMath® and Living Foods, and I’m a sought-after speaker at live events, online summits and docuseries.

      I Never Set Out to Teach Practitioners…
      But Here's What Happened to Me…

      I Developed Strategies to Help Me Solve Even the Toughest, Most Complex Cases, Break Through Fear and Doubt, and Become the Go-To Expert in My Field. Yet I couldn't save my own parents!

      It breaks my heart when people die because of metabolic imbalances that could’ve been caught in the early stages. I know firsthand how their families suffer.

      My mother and father both died suddenly of heart attacks.

      I was devastated.

      After all, I had knowledge, training and skills but I couldn’t save my own parents.

      Why? Because their doctors weren't telling them the things I had told them. They didn’t listen to me because I was their daughter, not their doctor.

      This made me determined to get the essential message of self-care and holistic prevention out into the mainstream, to prevent others from suffering, so I focused on developing an online presence to reach more people.

      And that’s when tragedy struck again, ten years later. My younger sister, Cathy, was diagnosed with lymphoma. Three months later, she died.

      My sister didn't survive because her doctors didn’t know how to restore balance to her body. This was the turning point that drove me to create my Internationally acclaimed Nutritional Endocrinology Practitioner Training and my 3-day Events.
      These losses propelled me on a lifelong journey to help people to prevent and reverse imbalances that lead to our top diseases. That’s why I’m sharing my knowledge and proprietary assessment tools with doctors, nurses, nutritionists, holistic health & wellness practitioners, and health coaches like you.

      Most people aren’t diagnosed until it's too late, like my beloved family members, and by then, heart disease, cancer, diabetes or Alzheimer’s have already attacked their bodies.

      People heard about the results I was helping my patients to achieve, and my practice grew so quickly I knew I had to train other practitioners — like you — so that together, we could build a new paradigm… a true Health Care system.

      I’ve trained both conventional medical professionals and functional practitioners alike–doctors, nurses, physician’s assistants, pharmacists, nutritionists, naturopaths, health coaches and therapists–to get to the root cause of symptoms and restore balance … something that medical training doesn’t prepare them to do.

      I want you to know how to get to the root cause and have the tools, resources, and skills that will help you motivate, inspire and empower your patients to make the changes they need to heal.

      The hundreds of practitioners I’ve trained catch the early warn signs decades before they become serious. And now you can, too! But don’t just take my word for it…

      Here's What Health Practitioners I've Trained Are Saying...

      My patients are eluding diseases that seemed ‘inevitable’ because of family history


      When patients have fatigue, gut problems, or other chronic diseases, bloodwork rarely shows dysfunction or disease. But that doesn’t mean they're OK.

      Prescribing meds is a guessing game. You make your best guess and hope something works. But too often, I couldn’t help my patients. I felt helpless and frustrated. Even when meds calm the symptoms, they rarely solve the underlying problems. And there could be flare-ups.

      Now, with Dr. Ritamarie's ‘root cause medicine’ approach, I can accurately pinpoint the root causes of my clients' symptoms and treat them correctly.

      A growing referral base… Client retention is better… I’m viewed as an expert


      My original specialty was helping clients improve their diets so they could have more energy and improve digestion. Though many improved, some continued to experience a level of digestive issues that we could not fully resolve. They got better but not completely well.

      Dr. Ritamarie’s in-depth knowledge and done-for-you assessment tools, especially in the area of digestion, have helped me guide clients to improve their health and wellness; not just feel better by getting to the root cause of their issues and developing specific and targeted suggested plans of action.

      Ready to Take Your Business to the Next Level?

      Click Below to Purchase the Recordings of the Nutritional Endocrinology Symposium: Functional Nutrigenomics in Clinical Practice and Learn How to Use Nutrigenomics and Functional Lab Testing to Create Effective and Profitable Programs To Help More People and Grow Your Practice Like Never Before

      Imagine How You'll Feel When You're Able To Consistently Solve The Puzzle of Your Clients' Failing Health And Low Energy

      When you access the recordings of this 3-day Symposium, you’ll get cutting edge strategies that will guide you to uncover the root causes of your clients' chronic health challenges, and empower your patients and clients to restore their bodies to function as they were meant to… with energy, clarity, stamina and vitality.

      At the Nutritional Endocrinology Symposium: Functional Nutrigenomics in Clinical Practice,  you'll learn the framework for combining genetic test results with functional labs and interview skills to truly help people get their lives back.

      When you learn to balance endocrinology and metabolic pathways using the power of Functional Lab Testing and Nutrigenomics to identify imbalances then create personalized plans that use Food As Medicine, you’ll be on track for transformations that feel like miracles to your patients and clients.

      This is your opportunity to become a major part of creating a TRUE health care system.
      You’ll get practical strategies, proven tools, current knowledge, real life experience and confidence to help your patients achieve true balance and health…

      …no matter what your current level of health, medical or nutritional knowledge.

      With these tools, you'll be equipped to help your patients achieve incredible results.

      And not only that…

      You’ll also have access to internationally recognized holistic health professionals who will do a deep dive into what's really happening with the body when it experiences complex health disorders and energy break downs.

      These are experts who are in the trenches with you and have even suffered what your patients are living with.

      Imagine FINALLY Being Able To Help Your Clients and Patients to Reverse Imbalances and Get Back Their Vitality And Experience…
      • fun and joy
      • clear thinking and focus
      • balanced blood sugar
      • normal thyroid function
      • steady moods
      • sharp memory
      • sound sleep
      • enhanced immune system function
      • great relationships
      • renewed libido
      • and more...
      Imagine being the practitioner that people refer their friends and loved ones to in times of crisis.

      Imagine becoming a household name, growing your practice with ease and confidence, and getting referrals from your happy patients because you were the only one who was able to get to the root of their mysterious complex case.

      Imagine being at the forefront of healthcare, leading the way with your clinical knowledge and success.

      Imagine your most trusted patients calling you a miracle worker and thanking you from the bottom of their hearts.

      “I wish I could download her brain into my brain
      — it’s fabulous!”
      VENUS DEMARCO, AUTHOR of The Healing Journey of my Bodacious TaTa's

      This event is for you if you love helping your patients and want to transform their lives.

      If you’ve been to any of my events before, you know…

      It’s the event of the year to learn leading edge strategies to become the go-to health practitioner who gets results for people struggling with complex and chronic health conditions.

      If You’re Ready to Create a Successful Health Practice by Getting Great Results and Transforming People’s Lives, You Owe it to Yourself to Access the Recordings of our Inaugural Nutritional Endocrinology Symposium

      Functional Nutrigenomics in Clinical Practice
      “The information being shared is top notch…”
      Who the Symposium is For
      Emerging and Established Licensed and Accredited Health and Wellness Professionals Have Made this event the “Must Attend” Conference for Health Professionals

      This event is perfect for you, if you're a: Doctor Nurse/Nurse Practitioner Health Coach Physician’s Assistant Nutritionist Naturopath Chiropractor Physiotherapist Massage Therapist Endocrinologist

      … in fact, any health professional who wants to empower people to achieve vibrant health.

      “Dr. Ritamarie…she's able to systematically put things together and bring it down to terms we can understand. And I hate doing the research so she does all the research and I just learn from her”

      AMY LUNDBERG, OWNER at ‘Aim For It' Fitness Coaching

      Learn How to Use Nutrigenomics to Enhance the Results of Your Clinical Practice

      We’ll give you a roadmap—a framework for identifying and correcting imbalances that create chronic symptoms your clients and patients struggle to resolve.

      We’ll provide you with the opportunity to uncover the hidden link between your patients' symptoms and what's really causing those issues by using powerful assessments and genetic markers to identify the underlying imbalances then nutritional endocrinology to resolve those challenges.

      And we'll give you access to tried and true approaches to repairing the metabolic pathways using the power of food, nutrients and lifestyle.

      Take a look at the amazing things you'll take home when you join this event…


      Which genetic SNPs contribute to the most common imbalances you'll see in clinical practice, and the genetic tests and reports that can help you identify these

      How to identify which genetic SNPs are currently expressing as health issues and imbalances using lab tests, key questionnaires and tests your clients can even perform at home

      Learn strategies and frameworks for using specific genetics and lab findings to personalize your nutrition and lifestyle recommendations

      Become proficient at explaining the results of your patients’ labs and genetic tests in ways that motivate & inspire them to take corrective actions and follow your programs

      Understand the importance of nutrients in restoring balance… including the herbs, spices and foods that provide these in abundance

      Become comfortable with reviewing your clients' blood chemistry from functional perspective, detecting when the results are outside the "optimal" ranges, and understanding how the results fit with their genetic SNPs

      Know how to use what you've learned to create programs, 1-1 or group, that get great results for your patients and clients and create financial rewards for you


      Step-by-step strategies for identifying specific imbalances causing low energy, poor memory, and a variety of common chronic symptoms… and have a clear roadmap on how to restore the balance

      Learn to identify the key mitochondrial, detoxification, hormonal and nutrient-related genetic markers … and how to determine which ones are activated, using functional assessments

      Know which are the critical assessments and labs used to detect underlying causes … so your patients and clients won’t have to spend thousands of dollars on unnecessary tests

      Identify energy-related endocrine imbalances using lab tests & key questionnaires (PLUS, tests your clients can perform at home!)

      Know how to help your clients get these tests run, even as a health coach, (state/local laws permitting)... so they’ll be empowered to take charge of their own health

      Be able to effectively create a personalized health plan that incorporates genetic test results, health history, habits and lab tests so you can guide patients to resolve nutrient deficiencies that contribute to metabolic imbalances

      Become proficient at the art of using food as medicine

          This event is for you if you want to empower people to get back their energy, health and vitality for life, while joining health practitioners who are getting results with patients that other doctors have given up on.

          You'll Get The Tools And Skills You Need To Quickly Identify These 9 Underlying Causes Of Chronic and Complex Health Challenges… And Create Plans To Resolve Them

          • Mitochondrial Dysfunction
          • Cellular Hypothyroidism
          • Insulin dysregulation
          • Cortisol dysfunction
          • Microbiome imbalances
          • Nutrient deficiencies
          • Inflammation
          • Immune system disorders
          • Food intolerances
          • And more…


          Next-level skills in determining the best foods to maximize genetic expression and optimize mitochondrial and hormonal pathways

          Mastery in using food and herbs to balance specific nutritional deficiencies that optimize energy

          Latest strategies for using food demonstrations to attract clients online, showcase your expertise… and fill your practice!

          What to do after the training to support your clients and maintain your own optimal energy balance (We’ll guide you every step of the way to reach your practice goals!)

          and Much More...

              This will uplevel your practice, and you'll stand out as a leader

              How This Event Will Transform Your Practice

              You'll learn cutting-edge information and get invaluable strategies you can use right away— about using the power of plants -- food, herbs, spices, and medicinal mushrooms -- to balance the endocrine system, the master controller.

              You’ll get to ask your questions at the Q&A, networking and meetup sessions.

              You’ll have invaluable opportunities to team up, partner or collaborate with like-minded health professionals in breakout rooms.

              Here’s what you'll receive when you access the recordings and handouts from the
              Nutritional Endocrinology Symposium 2023: Functional Nutrigenomics in Clinical Practice

              Access to the recordings of 3 full days of online training sessions with Dr. Ritamarie and her carefully-selected guest speakers specializing in functional medicine and food-based solutions

              A library of "done for you" assessments and checklists in PDF format that you can use with your clients

              Clarity on what questions, genetic tests and labs to include in your client intake

              Food-making demos, including instructions on how to incorporate them into your practice

              Marketing strategies to help you grow your practice, reach more people and increase your income

              Self-nurturing breaks – for yoga, meditation, fitness

              and more...

              “It’s been brilliant networking, brilliant community…”
              DR. ALISON GRIMSTON,
              PART 1: EVALUATE

              You'll learn about the genetic tests, functional lab tests, and questions to ask about health and family history, diet and lifestyle habits that give you the information to create personalized plans that restore balance and energy.

              PART 2: EDUCATE
              Here we’ll teach you about the specific nutrients, foods and lifestyle factors to consider to create personalized plans that restore balance and the ways to motivate follow-through.
              PART 3: EMPOWER
              Learn strategies to Empower clients and patients to take action, by creating highly effective programs, 1-1 or in groups. Learn to implement authentic business and marketing strategies to reach your ideal clients and deliver the programs.
              You’ll hear from Health & Business Experts

              Dr. Ben Lynch

              Histamine Genetics and Supplements, Overmethylation & Undermethylation

              Dr. Christy Sutton

              The Iron Curse

              Dr. Joel Kahn

              Reversing Heart Disease: Nutrition and More

              Lisa Fouladi

              The Lab Tests that Inform Genetic Tendency Expression

              Steph Jackson

              The Top 5 Genes That Influence Microbiome Function

              Dr. Alison Grimston

              How Nutritional Endocrinology Enhanced My Medical Practice

              Jenn Malecha

              Profitably Package Yourself and Get Transformational Client Results

              Adam Urbanski

              Attracting Your Ideal Clients with Connection and Compassion

              Jennifer Whitmire

              Action Speaks Louder Than Words: The Power of Showing Instead of Telling!

              Kim Ward

              The Road to Resilience: Understanding the Genetic SNPs that Impact Stress-Related Health Disorders

              Dr. Yvonne Castillo

              How A Lab Testing and Nutrigenomics Program Transformed My Practice

              You Won’t Want To Miss This Year’s Nutritional Endocrinology Symposium Where You'll Experience:

              A welcoming environment that affords you the opportunity to make new friends and establish professional relationships with others

              The opportunity to get into the nitty gritty of chronic and complex disorders along with strategies to identify imbalances early on, and to personalize nutrition and lifestyle plans that empower clients to take charge of their health and reverse the imbalances before they become diseases

              Trainings on understanding advanced functional testing

              A forum for learning to identify specific imbalances that may be interfering with their ability to efficiently metabolize certain foods so you can advise clients on foods and supplements that will maximize their health potential and minimize risk

              A set of assessments, handouts and worksheets you can “plug and play” with your clients when you leave, to save you time, energy and money it would cost you to create on your own

              Are You Ready to Step up Your Coaching and Functional Assessment Skills a Notch?
              Still Not Sure?
              Why wait another day to develop the skills to truly transform your patients' health and create your thriving health business?

              I've made it my life's work to transform the broken health care system, so others will have the opportunities for healing that my loved ones didn't have.

              If you're thinking that this may not be for you… here are 8 reasons to reconsider….

              Hidden Benefits of Getting Event Recordings
              (Most people don't think about)

              What if the information, skills and tools shared could save the life of a loved one, but you decided not to purchase?

              What if you're able to help even one patient to heal from a complex health issue with the knowledge and skills gained at the Nutritional Endocrinology Symposium?

              What if you put what you learned into practice and it helped you to create a thriving and fulfilling practice?

              You could meet just one person who becomes instrumental in your life (personal or professional)

              You'll have fun, and open up your life and your practice to new possibilities.

              You'll have the opportunity to get away from the day to day and truly focus on your future practice and the patients you are meant to serve.

              You'll get materials you can start to use right away, and save yourself the hundreds of hours and lots of $$ it would take you to create them on your own.

              You'll get to experience a community of like-minded practitioners with whom to share ideas and strategies.

              If any of these were to happen (and they always do), would the investment be worth it?

              Bottom line is, you'll get out of it what you put in, and the opportunity is huge for breakthroughs, establishing life-long relationships, and improving your skill set and confidence.

              Best of all, if you're dedicated to becoming the type of health practitioner who wants to empower people to heal, then The Nutritional Endocrinology Symposium is where you'll find your supportive tribe.

              I'd love for you to join me on this journey.

              Access the Recordings and Handouts NOW!
              Learn to Improve Patient and Client Outcomes using Functional Nutrigenomic Strategies. It will change your life for the Better!

              Spending the weekend with Dr. Ritamarie and other like-minded people was not only soul nurturing, but life changing with the level of information presented

              SIBO HEALTH COACH

              I finally took control of my own health. I had been struggling with severe digestive and autoimmune issues for 14 years when I decided to leave my career and go back to school to study holistic health. I needed the detailed answers to the root cause of my often debilitating symptoms.

              During my research, I came across Dr. Ritamarie’s SHINE Conference and I immediately knew I had to go. It was a perfect opportunity to learn from a doctor who had been successfully helping thousands of patients for many years.

              After years of working with many different clinical practitioners who couldn’t get to the bottom of my life-long health problems… I dropped 65 lbs of fat (and I look better than I did in high school) but what’s better than that is that I am no longer at risk for diabetes.

              SHARLA JACOBS

              Holistic practitioners and health coaches: Do you ever secretly wonder if you have the skills to get real-lasting results for your clients and patients?

              If you’ve ever doubted your healing abilities, you’re not alone. When I first got my acupuncture license, I felt like a fraud. It’s not unusual to only get incremental shifts in wellness for your clients when you’re first starting off.

              It is so rewarding to have found a program that… can help spread the real truth when it comes to healthcare done the right way

              BEVERLY O'BRIEN

              My heart of hearts has always known that the only real way to help people gain true and deep healing is through proper diet and lifestyle and to bring the body what it really needs in order to maintain a harmonious balance.

              It is so rewarding to have found a program that has brought that type of knowledge to many other practitioners and can help spread the real truth when it comes to healthcare done the right way.

              Now instead of ‘band-aid solutions’, I identify and treat the root causes of adrenal fatigue and thyroid receptor resistance

              DR. ALISON GRIMSTON

              As an M.D., I was only trained to prescribe meds, not look further. I was unhappy with my success rate and became burned out. I often felt like I was banging my head against a wall.

              Ritamarie helped me see what I was missing. Now instead of giving ‘band-aid solutions’, I understand, identify, and treat the root causes of issues like adrenal fatigue and thyroid receptor resistance.

              Now I give very different advice to diabetics and thyroid patients.

              Dr. Ritamarie’s program has increased my assessment skills and overall knowledge on nutritional endocrinology.


              I’m a registered nurse and holistic nurse psychotherapist. Before becoming a certified health and wellness coach, I was a healthy eating coach focusing on detoxification. I was able to effectively assist clients through the detoxification process, though if they experienced other health challenges I felt unable to properly assist them.

              With Ritamarie’s information and assessment tools, both my competency and confidence to assist metabolically challenging clients have taken a quantum leap. Now I know what lab tests to educate my clients request from their physicians.

              Frequently Asked Questions

              Who should purchase the recordings from the Nutritional Endocrinology Symposium?

              This event is designed for health practitioners who want to add value to their practice.

              Doctors, nurses and other front-line health professionals who want to break out of the allopathic system, empower their clients, and get to the bottom of their health issues without pharmaceuticals.

              Health coaches and nutritionists who want to stay ahead of their savvy clients — the ones who have “tried everything” — and support them to transform their health and truly get to the root causes.

              Nutrition enthusiasts who want to stay at the cutting edge of health information so they can get as healthy as possible (while in the back of their minds are wondering if they have what it takes to help others get healthy as they learn).

              I’m not yet a Health Practitioner. Should I still purchase the recordings?

              Although this event is designed for health practitioners, you can still benefit from purchasing the recordings if you’re not a health practitioner as long as you like to “geek out” on nutritional information.

              We’ve had accountants, a guitar teacher and even a homeschooling mom join our events and implement the information they learned.

              I’m already a Doctor/Nutritionist/Naturopath. What are you going to teach me that I don’t already know?
              The information you’ll learn is not taught in medical school. It’s not even taught in most Naturopathic schools. The “done for you” materials alone will save you countless hours and allow you to use the information right away.

              We’ve had conventionally trained nutritionists say the step-by-step approach that we teach leaves no stones unturned and provides a structured process to identify the root cause of any health issue.

              Naturopaths and Medical Doctors alike have told us that this information is beyond what they learned in medical school.

              Can I bring my spouse or a guest?
              Yes, your spouse can attend the online event with you.

              If you have office staff members that wish to attend, you can all attend from the same location. Otherwise, you will need to purchase a guest ticket for each person, as they will need a private link to attend the event.

              Over the next 5 -10 years, a new group of world leaders in health will emerge. This is your opportunity to join this group.

              If you made it this far and haven't purchased yet, it's time to make a decision.

              You can continue to feel frustrated by the broken medical system, and sad about all the people that need help and aren't getting it.

              Or you can click the button below, access the recordings for the Nutritional Endocrinology Symposium, and become part of the movement to change the world.

              Which will it be?

              The more practitioners who spread the word, the happier and healthier the world will be.

              I look forward to welcoming you, getting to know you, and helping you transform your practice and your patients' lives.

              Love, Health, and Joy,

              Dr. Ritamarie Loscalzo

              MS, DC, DACBN

              Founder of the Institute of Nutritional Endocrinology

              Medical Disclaimer: The information in this presentation is not intended to replace a one-on-one relationship with a qualified health care professional and is not intended as medical advice. It is intended as a sharing of knowledge and information from the research and experience of Dr. Ritamarie Loscalzo,, and the experts who have contributed. We encourage you to make your own health care decisions based upon your research and in partnership with a qualified health care professional.

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              DR. CHETANA KRIPALU

              FAMILY PHYSICIAN

              I also understand which symptoms are early warning signs for preventable diseases.

              As a result, my patients are eluding diabetes and other diseases that seemed ‘inevitable’ because of family history. My success rate is higher than ever.

              ANTOINETTE ST. CLAIR


              For example, doctors were going to remove a woman’s thyroid because it had nodules and she had a family history of cancer. After attending my lecture on thyroid, gut health and adrenals, and completing the self-assessment forms, this woman told me ‘I don’t care what you charge. I know you’re the person I need to work with.'

              She not only kept her thyroid, she was able to improve its function, increase her energy, release undesired weight, and repair the digestive issue that was impacting the health of her thyroid.

              Thanks to Dr. Ritamarie's knowledge and expertise, I helped this client save her thyroid and get well. I received a glowing testimonial.

              I now have a growing referral based business, and multiple collaborations that allow me access to people who desire services I offer. Client retention is better. I am also viewed as an expert. As a result, I receive opportunities to speak to the public in live conferences and online summits. I have also done several segments on a local morning TV show.


              SIBO HEALTH COACH

              There is something magical that happens when you find your people! Spending the weekend with Dr. Ritamarie and other like-minded people was not only soul nurturing, but life changing with the level of information presented. (It was also thrilling to finally hear Dr. Tom O’Bryan speak live.) I obtained a solid foundation and understanding of adrenal and thyroid dysfunction not only for myself but to better serve my clients in my own health coaching practice.

              I would highly recommend the SHINE Conference to everyone. The information and handouts provided during Dr. Ritamarie’s sessions were outstanding. She gave such a wonderfully detailed binder, I have easily referenced back to it as needed. Dr. Ritamarie is incredibly kind, generous and a wealth of knowledge and experience. She is a true gift to all who have the opportunity to know and learn from her.

              SHARLA JACOBS


              What every holistic practitioner dreams of is to become so phenomenal at what they do that the referrals start streaming in.

              This is why I want to introduce you to MY health coach for the past two years. Here is what she did for me (after years of working with many different clinical practitioners who couldn’t get to the bottom of my life-long health problems).

              I dropped 65 lbs of fat (and I look better than I did in high school) but what’s better than that is that I am no longer at risk for diabetes.

              She discovered the following problems during our work together: leptin resistance, candida, borderline hypothyroid (not fully diagnosable on lab tests but still causing lethargy), methylation cycle mutations, H. pylori, insufficient iodine, leaky gut, not just gluten intolerance but intolerance to ALL grains, food sensitivities, adrenal exhaustion. The list goes on. One-by-one, we tackled these difficult problems and I am a new woman.

              Now, Dr. Ritamarie has been practicing for over 20 years and she is the founder of the Institute of Nutritional Endocrinology.

              And it is so fortunate that she is now teaching other holistic practitioners and health coaches how to use the diagnostic and treatment protocols that have been responsible for major healing and lifestyle changes for so many people."

              BEVERLY O'BRIEN


              Dr. Ritamarie’s very detailed science knowledge and background and her ability to relate that information in a way that makes it very clear are absolutely the most valuable part of my experience with her.

              I will be making sure that my patients/clients understand some of the basic science behind what they are doing and not just have them blindly following some diet or lifestyle changes because they have been told they need to. I feel that it is imperative for patients/clients to know that how and what they eat, how they exercise, and sleep are foundations for how well they are prepared to fully and energetically participate in their lives to achieve all that they wish.

              DR. ALISON GRIMSTON


              One of my diabetic patients went from taking 4 gliclazide tablets per day to half a tablet every other day. When a so-called ‘specialist’ told him to eat differently, his blood sugar spiked. He quickly reverted to the recommendations I learned from Dr. Ritamarie.



              One client presented as calm on the outside, though after further investigation I recognized she was very stressed. Thanks to my newfound knowledge, I encouraged her to get adrenal testing, something I may not have thought to check before. It turned out she had stage 2 adrenal fatigue. I used the tools and resources from Dr. Ritamarie’s program to educate my client on how to balance her adrenals, helping her to release unwanted weight physically, emotionally, and relationally.

              Another client of mine was told she would have to take thyroid medication for life and not be able to lose weight. In working together, I educated her on the dietary and lifestyle changes that would help to support her thyroid. She was able to get off her medication and release unwanted weight, as well as report an increase in energy and improved well-being.

              Dr. Ritamarie’s program has increased my assessment skills and overall knowledge on nutritional endocrinology. Now, when a client has undiagnosed metabolic disorders, and their physicians and specialists hit a brick wall, I’m the one who helps them identify and solve their complex health challenges!

              Needless to say, I have a newfound confidence. I now get more speaking engagements and clients. I have created 3, 6 and 12 month programs as well as group programs. I still do group detox programs, though have now tripled my price.