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Nutrition Information

Frederick Patenaude.com

Completely unique and totally useful information and health products:

Raw Family

Resources for healthy eating. I recommend the Green for Life book, the Green for Life DVD and the 12 Steps to Raw book.

Total Wellness Consulting

iPod workout routines, fitness training, and healthy eating to help you get in shape and lose weight fast!

The Raw Divas – Raw Food Solutions for Women

“Because if you’re not looking after you, Girlfriend, who’s going to do it? Splurge! You’re worth it!”

Dr. Fuhrman.com

For Superior Health and Your Ideal Weight.

From his books and videos, I recommend the Eat for Health 2-book set, the Eat Right America: Food Scoring Guide, the Disease-Proof Your Child book and the Osteoporosis Protection For Life video.

Raw for 30 Days

The Healing Codes

Home Study Course
• Heal “programmed” underlying stress
• Heal 12 categories of issues that affect all areas of life
• Use 24 unique and powerful Healing Codes to change your life
• Learn to apply The Healing Codes in all situations
• Heal all negative emotions that control you
• Heal all unhealthy beliefs that run your life
• Heal all destructive cellular memories
• Remove unconscious and subconscious stress
• Heal the stress that causes illness and disease

Raw Reform

Everything you Need to Learn Raw and Live Raw