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Sponsorship Packages


We will raffle one or more items to incentivise people at the event to come back from breaks on time. Submit items valued at $250 or more to raffle off and we will spotlight your company for a few minutes and share what the product is. You can send us a blurb to share during this time. We have a limited number of spots at this level.

Grand Prize Raffle Items (Optional)

At the end of the conference, a raffle will be held to give away the highest value featured items. If you wish to offer an item for the grand prize raffle, items should be full-sized products. Note: Value of grand prize raffle item must be above or equal to $200.00. Please let us know the retail value.

Name of the digital or physical product/resource:

Indicate value:

Provide 1 sentence to describe your raffle digital product/resource:

If you have any questions, please address them to: [email protected]

I look forward to partnering with you and introducing you to my participants — your future customers.