Adrenal Recharge: How to Tell if Your Fatigue is Related to Adrenal Burnout with Dr. Ritamarie Loscalzo – Recording Series

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Adrenal Recharge: How to Tell if Your Fatigue is Related to Adrenal Burnout

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adrenal burnoutAdrenal exhaustion can leave you feeling at the end of your rope. It contributes to many life-draining conditions: fat, foggy, fatigued, and even frantic!

An odd combination indeed, but that’s the heavy price your body pays for adrenal burnout.  And when your adrenal glands burnout and lose their ability to copy, YOU lose your ability to cope.  Stressed adrenals cause an elevation in the stress hormone cortisol.

Cortisol is needed when we are running from hungry tigers, but not when facing the every day stresses of life.  However, your adrenal glands don’t know the difference between the two, and they continue to secrete the fight or flight response, even when they don’t need to.

Are your adrenals shot? Ask yourself these questions:

  • Do you have a waistline that you can’t seem to shrink no matter what you do?
  • Do you have trouble getting out of bed in the morning, or does your battery drain in the mid afternoon?
  • Does your brain feel foggy and spaced out most of the time? Do you have trouble concentrating on even the simplest of tasks?
  • Do you find yourself experiencing anxiety or panic attacks that seem to come out of no where, leaving you feeling frantic and overwhelmed?

adrenal alarm stageALL of these symptoms are hallmarks of adrenal fatigue, burnout, and exhaustion — they are your body’s way of sounding the alarm!

And, to make matters worse, adrenal burnout is a very serious condition that can even turn deadly (strokes, cancer, and many other terrifying diseases have a direct link to high stress).

I’m not trying to add to the panic here, but I feel it’s important to not downplay the serious nature of adrenal imbalance.

Because this is such an important and epidemic problem, I am dedicated to helping you to identify if YOU are suffering from adrenal burnout so you can resolve it and get on with your life.

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From the VITAL Community Resource Library:
Low Energy: How to Tell if Your Fatigue is Related to Adrenal Burnout

VITAL Solutions - Adrenal Health VideoIn the morning you fight with yourself to crawl out of bed.

Throughout your day, you barely keep up with your to do list, and the thought of anything “extra” to do fills you with dread.  You really just want to get home, crawl onto the couch, and stay there.

Everyone suffers from periods of low energy, fatigue, and exhaustion, but do you know if your low energy is a sign of adrenal burnout?

Join Dr. Ritamarie Loscalzo for this energizing call and find out what your fatigue really means!

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  • VITAL-AdrenalBurnout-TranscriptCoverA 1-hour feature video from our members-only VITAL Community where Dr. Ritamarie guides you on understanding adrenal health.
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I can’t wait to share this wellness strategy session with you and put you on the path to joy!

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What People Are Saying“Thank you for your programs and expertise, you know so much and this is the type of knowledge that is so needed at this time by many people, me included. You are a blessing!!!!!!!! With much love and gratitude” ~ Itala

Your generosity is boundless. Thank you so much.” ~ Jadwiga

“Thanks so much for these wonderful sessions, Dr. Ritamarie. You’re a wealth of information and an absolute treasure for sharing it. I love learning from you.” ~ Rebecca

“Thank you so much, Dr. Ritamarie, for your generosity in sharing yourself and your incredible knowledge. Your explanations are so enlightening and make so much sense. I wish you could be teaching more doctors….they sure need it!” ~ Susan


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Adrenal Recharge: How to Tell if Your Fatigue is Related to Adrenal Burnout
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39 thoughts on “Adrenal Recharge: How to Tell if Your Fatigue is Related to Adrenal Burnout with Dr. Ritamarie Loscalzo – Recording Series

  1. Chris

    I am from Malaysia, had to navigate my way through adrenal burnout 4 years ago with the help of the Internet, it was hard and I am still learning. With more energy I hope to inspire others to make the changes and avoid the rising tide of chronic disease here. Thank you for helping people half a world away.

  2. Vera Ferguson

    I listened to your “Your life in balance” and you talked about getting a free book on Hormone Balance Elixiers. But it didn’t say how to get the book or maybe I missed it.

    So please send me the Adrenal & the Hormone information.

    I have had breast cancer 3 times and started learning little by little about healthy eating and life style about 2 years ago after going to homeopathic treatments in Irvine, CA.
    I want to learn more but have little time. I don’t want to get overwhelmed. I just want something simple that doesn’t take all day to keep track of or do.

    1. Stacey

      Hi Vera,

      While Dr. Ritamarie’s elixir book isn’t part of the Adrenal Recharge materials you’re enjoying on the page you’ve shared this comment, you CAN access it for free HERE:

      I myself have started using the elixir ingredients for my mid-afternoon tea and it’s my new favourite energy-boosting addiction (and I was a coffee addict for years). I have my little jars all set up and out on my kitchen counter to make fixing my drinks faster. Because I tend to make the same one, I actually used one jar and made a pre-mix of all the dry ingredients I tend to add. Then, I just add my tea to that and it’s super fast to make. I hope you enjoy the recipes as much as we all do.

      Wishing you well!
      Stacey Terry
      Vibrant Living Program Assistant
      For Dr. Ritamarie Loscalzo

  3. Tamara

    I listened to you on the functional medicine summit and was so impressed with your outlook on this. Thank you for your passion!

  4. Cati Blitz

    I really enjoyed your talk on the Functional Health Summit; you did a great job making the science digestible for the lay public – particularly those of use that are humanities based.
    Your websight is packed with helpful info – thanks!!

  5. Robin Moore

    I will Love having energy and vitality
    Back . As it makes it so much easier to do my work . Ranching ,training horses,making jewelry .iI won’t have to drag myself around all day .

  6. Sandy

    I read the elixir info, but it’s got a lot of variables. It doesn’t say in what way to add nuts. Do you soak them, grind them? Do you have to make this fresh daily or can you make a quantity ahead and store it, and if so, for how long? Is there any way to get an actual recipe, with quantities, mixing instructions, with the list of variables? I want to do this, but feel frustrated by all the variables. Any answers you can provide would be so appreciated!

    1. Vibrant Living Care Team

      Hi, Sandy,

      I usually soak my nuts before using them, especially the harder nuts like almonds. I put them in my blender before the other ingredients and grind them down, but that’s just me. Some of it depends on the strength of your blender. If you have a high-speed blender, you can just throw everything in at once and blend, and it will turn out smooth.

      I also make a large jar in the morning, and will often include some of this with my meals. I don’t usually make too much more than for just a couple days.

      This recipe was designed so that it can be tailored for individuals dealing with different issues. For example, some people are dealing with thyroid issues, so the herbs they use will be different than someone working on their adrenal glands.

      On slide 20 of the video, it will give you the actual recipe. Feel free to experiment with it. There are other adaptogenic herbs on other slides to play with, as well as the base recipe with the directions on slide 21.

      I hope this helps!

      Lynn DeBuhr Johnson
      Dr. Ritamarie Programs

  7. Riana du Toit

    At last I know the source of my problem!
    Looking forward to get the information and recipe !
    Thanks you!

  8. Sandra McGee

    Thank you for the gifts. My sleep is affected. I wake up after 5 hrs of sleep feeling very warm and can’t go back to sleep. Hope this helps. Thank Sandy.

  9. Philippa

    I am forwarding to a friend who was told to go on cortisone to recover from adrenal exhaustion.
    I am hopeful that she will give up working nights and doing doubles of 16 hour shifts more than once in a week.

  10. Rachael

    I registered for the video, but I don’t see where the recipe for the adrenal/thyroid “hair restoration” elixir is. Where can I find that recipe? Thank you!

    1. Stacey

      Hi Rachel,

      The video presentation includes a slide with the elixir recipe (see slide 20). It’s not specifically called a “hair restoration” elixir by title. That just turned out to be an additional benefit of that adrenal/thyroid recipe. Hope this helps and enjoy!

      Stacey Terry
      Vibrant Living Care Team

  11. Loralyn Carter

    I am looking forward to getting this info. I am researching for my 16 year old daughter, who was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s Hypothyroidism. I hope to empower her to make the correct choices to prolong her life. Thank you for providing the info free of charge!

  12. Janice

    I am so happy that I listened to this. I have spent my whole adult life planning all activities before 2pm in the day. I hit a wall fairly consistently at that time every day and it takes so much energy to complete any task after that.

    After I get my life fully charged, I plan to go through this entire house and clear out things I don’t use any longer. They add stress because I have to work around them, moving them every time I do a task.

  13. Gaynelle Green

    I would like more on your elixir’s especially that adrenalrecharge that helps the hair to grow back. By the way, I enjoyed your interview on The Hashimoto’s Institute seminar.

    1. Stacey

      Hi Jan, I’m checking with Dr. Ritamarie to see if she knows more about an elixir recipe that includes holy basil. I know there is her famous adrenal/thyroid “hair restoration” elixir recipe included when you register for the video, but it doesn’t have that ingredient. Where did you hear her mention the holy basil? Perhaps I can track it down somewhere.

      Stacey Terry
      Vibrant Living Care Team

  14. Angelica

    Show to the world that to be happy and healthy is a choice, and I’m here to share and help!, thank you Dr. Ritamarie.

  15. Silvia

    Love me more and in consequence, being able to love others more and help them reaching this goal of fully being in charge and being able to be fully charged.

  16. Julie James

    Step into the life that I desire to craft for myself and have been learning how to build this life since my early 30’s.Now at the age of 47 just having read Dr. Sara book and applying that info combined with my self training Susan Weed, and now with my professional degree as a Ministry Dr of Natural Medicine received at SomaVeda College of Natural Medicine. My life is still joyful, growing, changing and i’m soooo grateful to Dr.Sara, Dr. Anthony James and all my other teachers over the last 18yrs. Grateful for more light shining on the Female human and her special health needs. Goddess bless and Be well, Julie James

  17. Gail White

    I’m sure mine are shot as my waist is no longer existent. I’m always tired and grouchy. I need some help to clean out in a major way. Can’t wait to hear what you have to share.


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