CAFE: Correcting Adrenal Fatigue & Exhaustion to Boost Your Energy to the Brim! with Dr. Ritamarie Loscalzo – LIVE 2015 – PRICE CHANGE DRAFT #3 – 2015-03-19

Attention: If you’re tired of feeling exhausted, overworked, overwhelmed, over-stressed, and in desperate need of a pick-me-up throughout the day (every day!), this is for you…

Finally: The Precise Strategies You Need to REALLY Live Your Life Again! Enjoy the Energy and Vitality That Reflect the Vibrant Individual You Truly Are.

You CAN boost your energy to the brim and recharge your life…in just 30 days!

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Dr Ritamarie Loscalzo - Adrenal Recharge Health CoachingFrom the Desk of Dr. Ritamarie Loscalzo, MS, DC, CCN, DACBN
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Dear Tired and Underachieving Overachiever,

If you’re here, chances are you’re used to running your life at high-speed. You’re a fast-paced, get-it-done kind of person whose ambition and drive keep you pretty busy… right?

But, if you’re here, chances are that lately, you’ve experienced some of the following:

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  • exhaustion fatigue adrenal burnoutYou drag yourself out of bed each morning, feeling disappointed that sleep hasn’t restored your energy… and you wonder where that energy has gone.
  • You feel exhausted by even the simplest daily tasks like eating, dressing, and bathing… and that exhaustion is amplified at work.
  • You struggle to get through your day. You’re so tired, and it’s nearly impossible to focus on the tasks in front of you.
  • Your relationships have become a bit of a challenge too, because you’re worn-out, stressed-out, and checked-out.
  • Although you’d love to spend quality time with your family and friends, or enjoy more of your favorite hobbies, you’re just too tired. Even worse, you feel guilty about it! (Work-life balance? What’s that??)
  • The stress you’re experiencing is beginning to reach into all other areas of your life, including your health! You may have even gained excess weight (likely around the middle), and your cholesterol, blood sugar, and blood pressure aren’t what they should be.

[/red_arrow_list]Sound familiar?

It’s frustrating, isn’t it?

It may not seem possible from where you’re sitting right now, but there IS good news.

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“I would NEVER have discovered my state of adrenal fatigue without Dr. Ritamarie’s dedication and education…”

Steph Jackson - Health CoachBefore I joined Dr. Ritamarie Loscalzo’s CAFE program, I had been dealing with chronic health problems for decades; exhaustion and stress were certainly a part of my issues.

I had asked my naturopath for an adrenal test and had been told by two practitioners that adrenals were not an issue for me.  After learning so much and seeing the results of the self-assessment in the CAFE program, I decided to go ahead with the test anyway.  It turns out that I was suffering from adrenal fatigue and my hormones were really out of whack.

I would NEVER have discovered my state of adrenal fatigue without Dr. Ritamarie’s dedication and education through the CAFE program.  Not only did I find out what was happening with my adrenals, but I was able to use tonic herbs to make delicious healing foods with the included recipes.

The CAFE program is so loaded with information that even though I am now mentoring other women with their health, I continue to refer to the videos over and over again.  The recipes are delicious and I still use them all the time.  The stress reduction techniques that I learned in the CAFE program continue to help me on a day to day basis.

This program offers incredible value, and I highly recommend it to anyone interested in taking their energy to the next level.

~ Steph Jackson, Nutrition Coach in North Vancouver, Canada


adrenal burnout - fast paced lifeFirst of all, I want you to know this is not your fault. Second, you’re not alone. Thousands (even tens of thousands) of high-achieving, committed individuals just like you experience exactly the same challenges you’re encountering right now.

Let’s face it: Today’s fast-paced, get-it-done yesterday world drains your energy and tackles your nerves.

There’s always so much to do! Deadlines at work, piles of mail to go through, family schedules to manage, meals to cook, bills to pay… the list goes on and on.

And if you’re like so many of the people I talk to, you don’t even realize the impact this day-to-day stress has on your health.

Let’s consider for a moment what is actually going on in your body.

In short, you’re experiencing adrenal burnout.

adrenal burnoutYour adrenal glands—two little glands about the size of tea lights—have the job of keeping you safe in the face of danger… REAL danger.

Think back to the caveman days—the days of hungry tigers. Your adrenal glands are responsible for inducing the “fight or flight” mechanism: racing heart, elevated blood pressure and blood sugar, and slowed digestion.

Now, this mechanism went a long way toward saving your life when staying alive meant running, fighting, climbing trees, or just plain defending yourself.

You may be thinking, “Okay, Dr. Ritamarie, I hear you… but there are no tigers at the office, at my house, or on the highway.”

True. But stick with me.

I’m going to ask you a question, and I want you to give me the first answer that comes to mind.

Do you FEEL stressed out?

adrenal fatigue burnout stress(You answered “yes,” right?)

Think about it this way: It’s true that, in today’s world, we encounter few actual tigers, if any.

But we face “tigers” in the form of an angry boss, a tight deadline, a huge to-do list, your hormonally imbalanced teenagers, crazy activity schedules, financial struggles… you name it…

You — specifically your adrenal glands — are under a constant barrage of stress.

Hans Selye, MD, first described the adrenal stress response and the sequence of physiologic responses that commonly occur when you experience stress.

The “Alarm Stage”

During this stage, your heart races while blood sugar is mobilized from stored protein, providing you with the energy to run or fight.

Great for a getaway when you encounter a tiger, right?

But not so good if you’re sitting at your desk fretting over a deadline or trying to figure out the carpool situation before your kids get out of school.

adrenal alarm stageSo what happens?

Well, since you don’t burn the sugar that has just been released to give you energy, it gets stored as… you guessed it! Belly fat!

Your digestion also shuts down (you don’t need to digest food when your real need is to escape the clawed clutch of a tiger).

So stress converts muscle to belly fat and leaves you exhausted.

In other words, getting stressed out in the face of modern day “tigers” is like eating a candy bar (only, without the taste pleasure)!

Even worse, after you’ve been in the alarm state for a while, your adrenals become too tired to respond.

Think of your adrenal glands as 2 little 9-1-1 operators.

When they become overburdened and fatigued (and thus unable to respond to your body’s 9-1-1 stress calls), you wind up on what I call the Adrenal Burnout Scale… and you experience all the symptoms we talked about earlier and many more:

  • Excess weight, especially around the middle
  • Elevated blood sugar, which can lead to insulin resistance or diabetes
  • Elevated blood pressure
  • Increased cholesterol
  • Inefficient digestion
  • Immune system imbalance
  • Thinning of muscle tissue
  • Insomnia
  • Fatigue
  • Inflammation
  • Anxiety
  • Loss of short term memory
  • Loss of libido and reproductive hormone disorders
  • Impaired detoxification
  • Increased risk of disease
adrenal gland 9-1-1 response to stress

And when you experience these kinds of symptoms, you really aren’t able to live your life the way you want to.

It takes years of stress to get to the point of exhaustion, and it can take a long time to completely restore balance to your adrenal glands.

But the truth is, you can’t afford to ignore your adrenal burnout any more than you could ignore diabetes or heart disease. Doing so can lead to irreparable damage.

As I mentioned before, there IS a solution. There IS hope.

When you apply the appropriate stress transformation strategies, along with nourishing and supporting your adrenal glands, you CAN feel a significant difference in as little as 30 days!

And guess what? Everything begins to feel better! Your energy levels improve, your relationships improve, your finances improve, and your health improves.

I’m going to show you how.

But first, you may be wondering who I am and how I can help you.

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“Dr. Ritamarie is one of the most knowledgeable people I’ve ever met in the way of health, nutrition, and hormones.”

Michelle Melendez - Fitness ExpertDr. Ritamarie is one of the most knowledgeable people I’ve ever met in the way of health, nutrition, and hormones.

She knows things most doctors don’t know, and she makes it easy to understand. I’ve seen many of her clients transformed because of working with her.

If you have been told there’s no hope, Dr. Ritamarie’s the one to go to!

~ Michelle Melendez, Fitness Expert


I’m Dr. Ritamarie Loscalzo, founder of the Institute of Nutritional Endocrinology.

Dr. Ritamarie Loscalzo - About 250x375

I’m committed to transforming exhausted, underachieving high-achievers all over the globe into high-energy people who love their lives and live to their full potential!

I’m a bestselling author, speaker, and internationally recognized nutrition and women’s health authority… but it wasn’t always this way.

My passion for health and healing began as a result of my own bout with illness.

I was the archetypal overachiever. I worked long hours in the get-it-done-yesterday world, meeting what seemed like impossible deadlines and tackling incredibly long to-do lists like nobody’s business.

Then I got sick. I was overworked and exhausted, and all I could do was wonder how I’d gotten to that point.

After recovering my health by changing what I put in my mouth and how I lived my life, I began my formal training in nutrition and natural medicine in 1985. I’m now a Doctor of Chiropractic, with certification in acupuncture, a diplomat of the American Clinical Board of Nutrition, and a certified HeartMath™ instructor.

It is my passion and my mission to help people just like you – and anyone for whom you care – to rediscover the vitality, energy, and excitement of great health!

I’ve combined my expert knowledge of chronic fatigue relief, hormone balancing, and adrenal repair protocols into an effective step-by-step program that you can follow to treat your adrenal glands to something that will wake you and shake you from your rut.

And now I’m sharing it with you.

Introducing my…

  Correcting Adrenal Fatigue and Exhaustion
CAFE Program
A LIVE Transformational System Designed to Give You
Exactly the Wake-up Experience You Need!

LIVE Program Kick-Off Call: March 19th, 2015

CAFE - Correcting Adrenal Fatigue and Exhaustion - Step-by-Step System

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“WOW! What a wake up call… Dr. Ritamarie’s coaching helped a lot!”

Nancy Scott - Correcting Adrenal Fatigue and ExhaustionWOW! What a wake up call! I used to be an adrenaline junkie. I loved the revved up feeling I had when adrenaline was flowing; it gave me energy to get a lot accomplished. Through Dr. Ritamarie’s program I realized that that was detrimental to my health.

I used to be angry, upset, or worried a lot. Dr. Ritamarie told us that each time we get stressed it is like eating a candy bar (with all of the negative effects) but with none of the pleasure. That really made me stop and think about what I was doing to my body.

The Adrenal Stress Index test showed that my cortisol levels were significantly out of range. After following Dr. Ritamarie’s protocol for a year, my levels had much improved. I am continuing the protocol and have added adrenal supporting supplements and elixirs. I am also practicing what Dr. Ritamarie calls “mini vacations”. Each time I go on “vacation” I smile and relax more. It truly helps to bring me into a state of calm. I look forward to the day when my cortisol levels follow the optimal circadian path.

This program is filled with helpful information: self-assessments, detailed documents and videos that explain how your adrenals work, tests that you can order that assess your cortisol levels, lists of foods, herbs, and supplements that support your adrenals, etc.

By following Dr. Ritamarie’s adrenal protocols, my lab work greatly improved, and I’m not waking up as many times at night. Dr. Ritamarie’s coaching helped a lot! She suggested a protocol for me to follow and provided a list of supplements and herbs that support my adrenals along with websites from which I could order the products. It really helps to have someone knowledgeable and experienced who is willing to coach you!

~ Nancy Scott


Here’s just a taste of what you’ll learn during 5 powerful “Revive & Alive” Modules that reset your adrenal glands, step-by-step:

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Module 1: Evaluate Your Adrenals

This is where it all begins! Together, we determine exactly where you are in terms of adrenal health, so we can create a customized plan based on what you need in order to restore balance … and reclaim your energy.

You learn:

  • CAFE Part 1 - Adrenal AssessmentWhere your adrenals are and what, exactly, they do, so you can begin learning how to nourish them.
  • A highly specialized tool for determining whether your adrenals are suffering, and if so, to what extent.
  • Exactly where that pool of fat around your waistline comes from, why it’s so stubborn, and what you can do about it.
  • The specific tests you should ask your doctors to run to determine where you are in terms of adrenal fatigue, so you can customize your programs to your needs and start feeling better.
  • How to look at signs your body is giving you, so you can begin assessing your adrenal health immediately.
  • And more.

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Module 2: Calm Your Emotional Demons

Because stress is at the root of your adrenal imbalance, the first step on your path back to adrenal health is to equip yourself with proven strategies for handling stress.

You learn:

  • CAFE Part 2 - Calming Your Emotional DemonsA simple activity that will take you from fight-or-flight to calm, focused and balanced in just minutes each day.
  • Tools for transforming stressful moments into resourceful ones.
  • How to tame your emotional eating demons so you stop sabotaging your hard work.
  • The common triggers for negative emotions and how to recognize them in your own life.
  • Strategies for turning stress into coherence.
  • And more.

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Module 3: Get to Know Your Adrenals

Once you understand how your adrenals work, you understand what’s happening when something goes wrong. You know all those uncomfortable symptoms you’re experiencing, like an expanding waistline, irritability, and low sex drive (to name just a few)? Well, so many of them are signs of adrenal fatigue. It’s time to start listening to your body… but in order to do so, you’ve got to know the language it’s speaking.

You’ll learn:

  • CAFE - Part 3 - How Your Adrenals WorkThe actual danger you’re in when you’re constantly dealing with modern day tigers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week (it may not be immediately life-threatening, but the long-term effects are very serious).
  • How your adrenals keep you safe in the face of danger.
  • How stress affects every area of your health, from your blood pressure to your digestion to your waistline to your sex drive—and how this manifests in your life.
  • How stress and adrenal fatigue lead to uncomfortable symptoms during menopause.
  • 7 Powerful strategies for resting and reviving your tired adrenal glands so they can keep you safe without burning you out, plumping you up and stealing your mojo.
  • And more.

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Module 4: Support Your Adrenals

This is where we turn knowledge into healing! The right foods, herbs, and supplements can help you repair your adrenals and recharge your energy.

You’ll learn:

  • CAFE Part 4 - Foods and Herbs for Adrenal SupportWhich foods support your adrenals and which foods leave them (and you) exhausted and unable to perform well.
  • How to combine these foods into mouthwatering meals and beverages that recharge your adrenals and give you a flat belly, sharp mind and unstoppable energy.
  • The right way to space your meals for optimal adrenal health and maximum fat burning.
  • The healing power of herbs, and how to incorporate them in your food and drinks in an appetizing and economical way.
  • How to make a delicious adrenal support elixir to keep you alert and energized all day.
  • And more.

Plus, this module includes a recipe guide and meal planner, a video entitled “Fun Foods and Magical Elixirs,” and my Endless Energy Elixirs book.

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Module 5: Implement a Healing Action Plan

This is where we turn healing into action! Put all the steps together and create a nourishing action plan that will heal your adrenal glands and boost your energy to the brim.

You’ll learn:

  • CAFE Part 5 - Putting a Plan in PlaceThe 3 stages of adrenal fatigue and how to determine which one you’re in so you can refuel recharge and refocus in a way that fits your unique situation.
  • What an adrenal stress index test is, and how its results become the roadmap for your journey back to health.
  • How to begin restoring your energy and rebuilding your burned out adrenals using herbs and supplements specific to your needs.
  • When and how to turn to bioidentical hormones as a solution.
  • A step-by-step plan for putting it all together and restoring your health.
  • And more.


In short, you receive exactly what you need to repair and refuel your tired adrenal glands and restore your life to the energetic, vibrant existence you so badly want!

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“…for me emotionally it has been like time and the effects of aging and hormone imbalance are reversing themselves.”

Stacie Foxy Cole - before-afterI have started with Dr. Ritamarie’s coaching, and in just a little over a month’s time, all my friends are noticing how much thicker, fuller, and curlier my hair is. This is how my hair was in my twenties. Now in my forties and entering into perimenopause, I had experienced bouts of my hair falling out; being thin, limp, brittle; and even bald spots were forming. I still had “long” hair, but my full, thick and curly “Foxy” hair was gone. One of the first things Dr. Ritamarie teaches is about healthy fats, the balancing of those, and about hormone balancing. My body is really loving these changes, and it is reflecting in my hair, skin, and nails almost immediately.

I thought the thick lush hair of my twenties was gone forever. You can imagine my surprise when I was washing it in the shower and it felt thick again. I can remember complaining (just like I did when I was younger) that my hair is so thick and curly, it takes forever to rinse out the shampoo. Then it hit me one day…I’m complaining again about my hair being too thick and curly! Whoo hoo!

I know this sounds like a “small victory,” but for me emotionally it has been like time and the effects of aging and hormone imbalance are reversing themselves. Also, I have more energy! I drink one of Dr. Ritamarie’s hormone balancing elixirs every single day in the afternoon and guess what…? I don’t have to take naps anymore in the afternoon! No more crashes. And there are a host of other great benefits, but the hair difference is PROOF in my before and after pictures.

In the first picture, that is as fluffy and thick as I could get my hair. It was limp, brittle, and with much more gray (white, actually). Plus, I was hiding very thin patches. Every day in the shower and when I combed my hair, large balls of it would fall out. It was emotionally devastating for me, but I passed it off as just par for the course. I had accepted it. Then, after 1.5 months of drinking the adrenal recharge elixirs, balancing my fat ratio, going gluten-free, and switching to low-glycemic sweeteners, I cannot argue with this proof!


~ Stacie “Foxy” Cole


Now, you may be wondering how we’re going to cover all this.

First of all, I want you to know I’m completely committed to your health, energy and happiness. Consider me your partner on this journey back to optimum health.

Here’s what you receive when you enroll in my CAFE Program.

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5 Online “Revive & Alive” Modules

CAFE - Website and modules - adrenal recharge materialsYou’ll enjoy an entire year of access to our CAFE Members’ Website.

Receive step-by-step guidance, all your materials, and downloadable files to access at your own pace and as many times as you like.  Enjoy the convenience of the CAFE 1-click download page containing all your program materials.

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The CAFE Recipe Collection

This no-fuss recipe collection e-book is perfect for beginners and will provide you with a few simple recipes to get you started in healing your adrenals. Once you know which ingredients to use in your smoothies, soups, salads and more, you’ll be able to use the recipes as a foundation for even more great recipes as you continue to spark new energy in your body. Plus, you’ll receive the basic guidelines for preparing my highly sought after adrenal recharge elixirs.

I have adapted each recipe in the CAFE Recipe Collection to include ingredients specifically aimed at adrenal burnout repair.

CAFE - Recipe Collection - adrenal recharge recipesYou’ll have recipes for:

  • Fresh juice, smoothies and elixirs
  • Breakfast
  • Soup and salad
  • Dip, pate and dressing
  • Gluten-free, grain-free sandwiches
  • Dinner options
  • Adrenal “pick-me-up” low-glycemic, all natural and whole-food “candy.”

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The CAFE Program Guide and 30-Day Adrenal Reboot

CAFE - Program Action GuideCAFE: Program Action Guide: No need to worry about what to remember or what to do next — all the energy recharging actions of the program are summarized in this handy step-by-step action guide.

You’ll find details for each action step on the members’ website.

Print out and use the helpful checklist to track your progress through each step of your adrenal recharge.


CAFE - 30-Day Adrenal Reboot ProtocolsCAFE: 30-Day Adrenal Reboot Protocols: This document contains everything you need to go from cough-hugging exhaustion to calendar-filling energy!

With easy-to-use charts that will help you determine which stage of adrenal fatigue you are in, which nutrients and herbs are best for you, and more, you’ll know exactly which adrenal recharge steps are right for YOU.

This document is the heart of your 30-day adrenal recharge plan.

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6 LIVE Group Coaching and Q&A Calls with Dr. Ritamarie

Dr Ritamarie Loscalzo - LIVE call access and hormone balancing expertiseThis is where you get direct access to me and my expertise during live group telecalls.

Bring your biggest questions about your health journey!

Multiply your knowledge by hearing the answers to your fellow CAFE Program Members’ questions, too.

Note: Even if you can’t attend a LIVE call, each call will be recorded and available for playback and Mp3 download.  You can submit any questions you have before the call.

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The CAFE Digital Recording Collection

CAFE - Digital Recording Library - adrenal recharge audiosAccess all the available call recordings in digital, downloadable Mp3 format.

You can download and save the calls on your computer or Mp3 player, and listen to them at your convenience.

Not only will you have access to the LIVE call recordings, but also you can access past calls from the CAFE archive.



As you can see, this is everything you need to recharge and reclaim your very best self!

And as if that isn’t enough, I’m offering some pretty juicy bonuses to sweeten the deal!

When you enroll in my CAFE Program, you receive these 3 awesome bonuses:

Bonuses to “Boost Your Energy to the Brim”

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Bonus #1: Dr. Ritamarie’s 30-Day Transforming Stress System

Transforming Stress SystemIt’s important to handle stress if you want to lighten the load on your adrenal glands in the long-term, and my Transforming Stress System is based on HeartMath™ techniques that will help you handle stress in positive ways. Sign up for the 30-day daily audio feature and let me guide you through heart-centering, taking “mini-vacations,” and the process of turning anxiety into ahhhh!

Value: $97.00


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Bonus #2: The Creating a Healing Kitchen e-Book

VibrantLiving-CreatingAHealingKitchen-ebookI always look for high quality foods and supplements that will support the healing process while satisfying tastes and nutrition, and this is where I share them with you! This e-book contains some of the recommended brands, products, and equipment you’ll find named or suggested in my various programs and recipe collections. It also contains a shopping list to help you begin your Vibrant Living shopping.

Value: $27.00


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Bonus #3: The Vibrant Health Resource Library Including Raw Food Educational Resources, Gluten-Free Snacks, and More!

natural weightloss with raw food

This resource covers everything you need to know about the foods that will heal your body, boost your energy, and help you lose weight naturally, including how eat your way out of pain, make delicious “comfort foods,” a guide to gluten-free living, and more…

Value: $225.00


[features_box_azure_blue width=”75%” + border=”2px”]

Bonus #4: SUPER Extended Support Bonus: A 3-month membership in my VITAL Community

VITAL Community logoThe VITAL (Vibrant Ideas and Tools for Awesome Living) Community gives you the live support you need to implement your new habits into your daily life.

As a new VITAL member, when you activate your VITAL membership you’ll get 1 LIVE monthly teleseminar on a hot health topic, delivered with cutting-edge science and natural wisdom, 1 LIVE monthly group Q&A call with Dr. Ritamarie to get answers to your health questions, 1 LIVE monthly Healing Kitchen online recipe show featuring Dr. Ritamarie and her specially selected guest chefs, access to the VITAL Health Topic, Q&A and Healing Kitchen recordings library of 2 most recent past recordings, access to a private Facebook group where you can connect with other VITAL members, plus other bonuses and discounts.


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Early Enrollment Bonus: Free Ticket to the 2015 Spring Into Vitality Hormone Harmony Retreat – Horseshoe Bay, Texas

Spring Into Vitality - ticketImagine waking up every day feeling refreshed, energized, and great in your body — every single day!  If you’ve been feeling low on energy and irritable, struggling to get out of bed each day, then your hormones are likely out of balance. But you can implement proven strategies to bring them back into balance—and nourish them.

You’ll have a FREE ticket to access those strategies at my 3-day live event, Spring Into Vitality: A Hormone Harmony Retreat, April 17-19 in Texas.

Horseshoe Bay Resort - Spring Into Vitality - YachtClub

Value: $997.00


Now you’re probably wondering how much this is going to cost.

Great question.

Before we get into numbers, I’d like to ask YOU a couple of questions.

[red_arrow_list width=”100%”]

  • adrenal repair and recharge - energy and enthusiasmHow much would it be worth to you to be in charge of your life again?
  • How much is it costing you to NOT be living to your full potential when it comes to energy mental clarity, and joy?
  • How much would it be worth to be able to enjoy all the hobbies, vacations, and activities you love without the limits that your adrenal fatigue puts on you?
  • How much additional income will you be able to earn when you are back to full throttle? (One of my clients quadrupled her income after a few months, once she got her adrenal glands working again.)


Can you even put a price on it?

To tell you the truth, I really struggled to price this program.

CAFE 30 daysIt is the result of many years of research, thousands of dollars in education, and hundreds of hours of experience.

This 30-Day Adrenal Reset has the potential to completely transform your life.

When I came up with a proposed number and described the program to a few friends, they thought I was pricing it way too low. They said they would easily expect to pay 3 times what I wanted to charge.

I could easily make a case for selling this for $997. You would spend several thousand dollars to get the help of a trained practitioner to take you through an adrenal reset program, one-on-one.

Today, I’m not going to charge you $997.

Putting yourself first and regaining your energy is going to be easy at this price.

Right now, you can get the self-paced CAFE program for only $297.

My real goal is to get this program into the hands of as many people as possible.

So right now, for a limited time only, if you don’t have the full-payment price in your budget, you can get started with CAFE for just $89 today, plus three additional installments of $89 spaced 30 days apart.

CAFE - Start Now - Easy Monthly Payments[features_box_yellow width=”75%” + border=”2px”]

“I have noticed an increase in my energy and my ability to focus for longer periods of time.”

Maura Kennedy - Correcting Adrenal Fatigue and ExhaustionThis adrenal information helped me by giving me instruction on the function and importance of the adrenals and step-by-step instructions on how to properly heal them. I also learned that small, everyday actions can make a huge difference in the health of my adrenals. By following the adrenal protocols, I have noticed an increase in my energy and my ability to focus for longer periods of time. Dr. Ritamarie’s coaching has helped me stay on track and given me the extra support I needed to understand the lessons.

I believe this information will help others to take control of their own health in a healthy, natural way. For example, instead of relying on caffeine and other stimulants, you can get your energy through natural sources such as herbs. By following the lessons taught here, a person would not only feel more energized but also would learn to recognize the importance of self-care and self-love.

~ Maura Kennedy
Certified Health Coach, AADP


I also want you to know you make your investment at absolutely no risk, thanks to my 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

I’m so confident you’ll be thrilled with the nutritious, scientifically proven, adrenal burnout protocol strategies of the CAFE program that I’m offering this program with my Total Happiness Guarantee.

Immerse yourself in the materials, try out some of the recipes, and get inspired by the Vibrant Health Resource Library.

Satisfaction GuaranteeIf you are not completely thrilled or feel that this program is not for you, simply let us know within 30 days after purchase and I’ll happily give you a full refund!

Simply send an e-mail to [email protected], explain the difficulties you’re having, and I’ll refund your money. But, please agree to give it a fair trial. You have nothing to lose but your exhaustion, aches and pains, and couch-time! You have the whole rest of your delicious, fun-filled life to gain.

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“The lab results from my adrenal stress tests are proof positive
that this works!”

Donna KasuskaI have been using the Transforming Stress System bonus for about a year now and have noticed profound differences in the way I handle stressful moments. I can now recognize when I am stressing, and I know exactly what to do, sometimes even at the first sign of stress. In this program, Dr Ritamarie uses real life examples and familiar situations to explain everything in simple terms that anyone can understand.

The program really works for those who are serious about transforming their stressful lives. The lab results from my adrenal stress tests are proof positive that this works!

~ Donna Kasuska, CEO of ChemConscious, INC


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“Do this program.  It will change your life.”


~ Jane Guyette, Certified Raw Food Educator, Colon Hydrotherapist, BioEnergetic Practitioner, Reiki Master


Are you ready to get your life back?

Or do you still have a few questions?

Following are some of the ones I receive most often, along with my answers:

Q: I’ve tried so many things to regain my energy and lose weight, and nothing worked. How is this different? How can I be sure it will work for me?

A: As with any health-related program, results vary based on your own personal situation. That being said, I can tell you that this program is different because it goes deeper and farther than so many of the other programs out there. It’s not just about flagging a test as normal or not normal. It’s about interpreting the test, making changes, putting a plan in place, checking in, adjusting and re-testing. I give you a step-by-step system. We look into diet, food allergies and transformation techniques too, so we’re covering everything from physical to psychological.

Q: I have worked with naturopaths and done saliva testing, but I didn’t improve. How can this help me?

A: Great question. As I mentioned in the previous answer, this program is unique because it goes deeper and farther than so many of the other programs out there. It’s not just about flagging a test as normal or not normal. It’s about interpreting the test, making changes, putting a plan in place, checking in, adjusting and re-testing. I give you a step-by-step system for using this process. We look into diet, food allergies and transformation techniques too, so we’re covering everything from physical to psychological. I won’t just give you supplements and let you go – I’ll show you how to test and re-test as your body changes and adapts, so you’re constantly nourishing it in exactly the way you should be.

Q: I am so busy! How much time does this take?

A: Consider this a time investment in your future, your health and your energy. Because I know how busy life is, and I don’t want this program to be an additional source of stress for you, I’ve put it into a self-paced format so you can work on it when you do have time. If you can’t invest time in your own health, what CAN you invest time in?

Q: I am already stressed out. How can you assure me this won’t be too hard or too much work?

A: Again, I’ve designed this program to be simple and easy for you to digest and implement, because I don’t want it to be source of stress… I want it to be a source of healing. The modules are easy to go through and all the support materials give you exactly what you need to begin creating a plan for better health. And if you have a question, you can simply hop on a Q&A call to ask me (or join in a conversation at the VITAL Community)!

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CAFE Program – Features

CAFE Program CAFE Program plus VIP Package
5 Online “Revive & Alive” Modules
The CAFE Recipe Collection e-book
6 LIVE Group Coaching and Q&A Calls with Dr. Ritamarie
The CAFE Digital Recording Collection
Bonus #1: Dr. Ritamarie’s 30-Day Transforming Stress System
Bonus #2: The Creating a Healing Kitchen e-Book
Bonus #3: The Vibrant Health Resource Library
SUPER Bonus: Membership in my VITAL Community for 3 months, for those not already a VITAL member
Early Enrollment Bonus: Free Ticket to the 2015 Spring Into Vitality Hormone Harmony Retreat – Horseshoe Bay, Texas
72-Hour Enrollment Bonus: The 2014 Spring Into Vitality Digital Video Collection
Adrenal Stress Index salivary hormone panel
Initial health consultation with Functional Nutrition Coach (FNC) practitioner
Lab review session with FNC practitioner
Personalized follow-up recommendations from your FNC based on results of test
2 Follow-up calls with your FNC to review progress, answer questions, and tweak your program
3-month Progress Check-in call with your FNC to plan for next steps
Print edition of the CAFE Recipe Collection mailed to your door

Total Value of the CAFE Program: $997
LIVE Program Kick-Off Call: March 19th, 2015

CAFE Program
LIVE ProgramCAFE Program - Correcting Adrenal Fatigue and Exhaustion


CAFE  Program
+ VIP Package
CAFE Program - VIP - Correcting Adrenal Fatigue and Exhaustion


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“I just wanted to recommend to anybody who’s ailing with a health condition… just go straight to Dr. Ritamarie.”

IPatrick Dominguez - Correcting Adrenal Fatigue and Exhaustion knew that there was something going off with my adrenals. I was feeling fatigued on a daily basis, and I knew I had to do something about it. And I started by doing research, but the free stuff on the Internet just was not providing any useful guidance.

The physical exhaustion I was feeling on a daily basis was impacting my work. I wasn’t able to go out and do things after work because I was too tired, and on weekends I was sleeping a lot. The adrenal blowout was having an impact on my personal life and on my work.

Then, when I went through Dr. Ritamarie’s training, I discovered, ‘Ah! Here’s the thing that’s missing.’ And I basically just followed her instructions and within a few weeks, the adrenal fatigue that had been plaguing me had basically been reversed, and I was back to my normal level of energy, vibrancy, productivity, and ability to enjoy my leisure time. I could finally go out and be with people and exercise again.

And I don’t think I would have been able to do this on my own or with the resources that I could find on my own. It really took that specialized training and the unique knowledge that Dr. Ritamarie has to really solve my problem.

I just wanted to recommend to anybody who’s ailing with a health condition… just go straight to Dr. Ritamarie. She just hands you the solutions versus just trying to muddle through or trying to figure it out on your own. It’s so much easier to just “follow the recipe”, so to speak.

Overall, I love the work that Dr. Ritamarie does, and one of the things I really appreciate is just how generous she is with her content and training. I’ve always gotten more than I’ve expected. I could talk all day about how brilliant I think Dr. Ritamarie is and how generous she is with what she provides to people, but I think one final thing I might add is how much she actually, really cares about people getting results that they’re coming for. Thank you Dr. Ritamarie.

~ Patrick Dominguez
Business Coach, Bill Baren Coaching


So NOW Are You Ready?

Yes Dr. Ritamarie!

I’m ready to start each day with fresh energy, ease and enthusiasm, and to enjoy the active life I did before!

Enroll me in the CAFE Program! I understand that for my investment of $247 (or 3 investments of $97) I receive:

  1. CAFE - Correcting Adrenal Fatigue and Exhaustion - logo5 Online “Revive & Alive” Modules I complete at my own pace
  2. The CAFE Recipe Collection
  3. The CAFE Program Action Guide and 30-Day Adrenal Reboot Protocols
  4. 6 LIVE Group Coaching and Q&A Calls with Dr. Ritamarie
  5. The CAFE Digital Recording Collection

Plus, I receive these special bonuses:

  • Bonus #1: Dr. Ritamarie’s Transforming Stress System
  • Bonus #2: Creating a Healing Kitchen e-book
  • Bonus #3: The Vibrant Health Resource Library


  • a SUPER Bonus: A 3-month Membership in your VITAL Community!
  • Early Enrollment Bonus: Free Ticket to the 2015 Spring Into Vitality Hormone Harmony Retreat

Satisfaction GuaranteePlus, I understand I make this investment at no risk because I’m covered by your 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

If I am not completely thrilled or feel that this program is not for me, I can simply let you know within 30 days after purchase and you’ll happily give me a full refund!

I simply send an e-mail to [email protected], explain the difficulties I’m having, and you’ll refund my money.

LIVE Program Kick-Off Call: March 19th, 2015

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Right now you’re at a crossroads.

CAFE adrenal recharge - energize your lifeYou have a choice.

You can continue on as you have been — stressed-out, exhausted, and not achieving everything you’d like to — or you can move forward, heal your body, and nourish your adrenals… and get your sizzle back!

I know which one I’d choose.

Register now!

Love, Health and Joy,

Dr. Ritamarie

P.S. Say goodbye to your lack of energy, dull ambition, and need for naps. It’s time to prioritize yourself and do things differently! Start here.

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Today Only: $89
Plus 3 Additional Payments of $89
(or Pay $297 in Full and SAVE)

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