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Attention health and nutrition coaches,  holistic health practitioners and aspiring health coaches…

Explode Your Practice with A
Cutting Edge Client Assessment Toolkit
That Makes Your Clients Call You a Miracle Worker and Refer All Their Friends!

As a nutrition oriented practitioner, you recognize the importance of teaching your clients how to choose foods that enhance rather than deplete their energy and state of well being.

While simply getting your clients to make better food choices, exercise, and take a yoga class is often all you need to do to get many of your clients feeling better, sometimes it’s just not enough. 

Clinical Assessment Tools for Health and BalanceOften a few diet and exercise upgrades are just what they need to get them to get initial relief, but what about when their imbalances have been there for a very long time?  What do you do then?

Do you have the tools you need to really dig deep to discover what’s really going on inside the wonderful world of metabolic function and work with them on restoring balance?

If you’re tired of feeling inadequate in the face of challenging cases, or you’re ready to become known as the “go to” person in your community for even the most difficult cases, I invite you to join me on October 30 for a practice changing webinar.

Expand Your Client Care Toolkit with Assessments and Nutrition Protocols that Get Results FAST

I’ll share strategies to help you to:

  • Understand a simple blood test that can reveal the underlying cause of your clients’ low energy and resistant weight loss and why most doctors completely miss this.
  • Confidently assess your clients’ nutrition status (adding this to your practice will allow you to recommend the foods and supplements they really need without so much guessing).
  • Understand the root cause of your clients’ hormone imbalances and get them results when their doctor is stumped.
  • Use scientific assessments combined with ancient healing wisdom to become the most sought after health coach in  your community.
  • Create a waiting list practice because you become known as the hero who leaves no stone unturned when it comes to unraveling the riddle of your clients’ poor health (your really challenging clients will finally get solutions to their health issues and refer all their friends).
  • Take the next steps you need to add $1000’s to your bottom line by learning to find the nutritional gems even most doctors miss in the routine assessments.

Functionally oriented assessment tools give you a way to  scientifically uncover what actually lies at the root of a client’s health problems.  It tells you just what the person needs to achieve long term vibrant health, not just a temporary reduction in symptoms.

Equip yourself to help people restore balance and overcome even hard-to-heal chronic conditions that have resisted other practitioners’ efforts.

In over 20 years of practice I’ve seen lots of very complicated cases.  When I first started seeing patients who’d been to many other practitioners before me, I must admit that I felt intimidated.  Yet as I began to unravel the mystery, I realized that most practitioners have a fairly narrow scope of assessment tools and protocols.

Fill your toolbox with assessment tools from the east and west.  Reclaim the ancient art of body systems functional assessment combined with the modern science of functional lab assessment.

Register to grt the recording  and I will share some of my most effective tools and let you know exactly how you can dig deeper.

With Love and Appreciation,

Dr. Ritamarie Loscalzo


Dr. Ritamarie

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Expand Your Client Care Toolkit with Assessments and Nutrition Protocols that Get Results FAST!

25 thoughts on “Clinical Assessment Tools for Holistic Practitioners Webinar Registration

  1. Cecile Carter ND

    I am fascinated with your site, and want to know more. I live in Australia and the obesity epidemic is here in bucket loads and as a practitioner I am aware of metabolic syndrome, but you offer practical ways to overcome this dangerous disease. I have just purchased your b4begone written folder, it arrived yesterday and I want more tools. Thank you for your great work, and I look forward in anticipation to hearing from you.

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  3. Marlene Yardley

    I am most eager to continue to learn from you on many levels. You are a vibrant,shining example of what you teach. As you know, Jan Chamberlain works here with me in our very small health spa (but soon to be expanding, I hope) We are both SO grateful for you sharing your knowledge and expertise. My love and HIS blessings,Marlene

  4. Marlene Yardley

    I am most eager to continue to learn from you on many levels. You are a vibrant,shining example of what you teach. As you know, Jan Chamberlain works here with me in our very small health spa (but soon to be expanding, I hope) We are both SO grateful for y;our sharing you knowledge and expertise. My love and HIS blessings,Marlene

    1. DrRitamarie Post author

      Thanks so much for your lovely comments, Marlene. And what a blessing for me to have Jan’s competent assistance in my mission to share my message of health! Many blessings to you, too. Dr. Ritamarie

  5. Lynn DeBuhr Johnson

    My biggest challenge that I experience is an accurate way to help ‘diagnose’ a client. They often come to me with what their doctor has told them, but there is usually some underlying cause for it. I have been learning about other natural techniques, i.e., hair and nail analysis, etc., but would like to offer my clients a way that will assure them what I am telling them is accurate.

    1. DrRitamarie Post author

      great goals Lynne, and that is exactly what I have put together – a training for health and nutrition coaches that teaches all the details of clinical assessment

  6. jyolie

    Extremely interested! I would like to know all details of heading towards a healthy lifestyle.
    I have recently embarked on the miracle ph balance, which I started a few days ago, and
    feel so much better. I do believe all doctors should discuss their eating habits with their patients and head them in the right direction to healing. Knowing what our markers are, can make a huge difference down the road of wellness, or sickness. Thanks for introducing a tool kit that will do just that.

    thank you,

  7. Julie

    I am a home birth midwife (CPM). I had my own practice in FL. but have moved a few states further north. Because I am dealing with adrenal fatigue, all night births aren’t possible for me right now. I would like to transition to supporting women’s nutritional and hormonal health, etc. Have any suggestions? And what about ordering lab work? I can get an OB panel but not sure what else I will be allowed to order. Education is always ongoing but I don’t want to wait for another degree before I get going with this….thanks!

    1. DrRitamarie Post author

      good for you Julie.

      Please come to the seminar and I’ll shre my resources for ordering tests even when you aren’t licensed to do so. It’s easier than you think.

  8. Amy Martinez

    My biggest challenge is starting out my practice this Winter once the Institute of Integrative Nutrition gives me the go ahead to begin helping clients and finding the right way to make sure the clients want my help. Also making sure I give them the best info to help them realize their health potential.

  9. Marla

    very interested in your program, but I don’t yet have any formal training. Is this a good place to start or should I have some kind of foundation first?

  10. Margi

    I see women every week with adrenal and thyroid issues. As a nutritionist I must refer them to the ND in our clinic in order to obtain a saliva test hormone panel and/or a blood panel. Can I order these tests or assessments myself?

    Thank you,
    Margi McDaniel

    P.S. Dr. Rita Marie you are so inspiring and leading the way for all complimentary healers So glad I found you!

  11. Cheryl Orian

    Getting children to follow a healthy, nutritional diet, especially if they have allergies or diabetes etc., when all the other kids are eating whatever they want.

  12. Sheralee

    Figuring out where to start giving them a feel good ‘this is working’ early incentive and then getting them to commit and stick to a longer term healing program!


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