Digestion Quiz

Do you experience belching, bloating or gas after eating?

Do you have bad breath or a strong odor to your sweat?

Do you experience stomach upset by taking vitamins?

Do you feel a sense of excess fullness or sleepiness after meals?

Do you feel better if you don't eat?

Do your fingernails chip, peel or break easily?

Gut Brain Connection - absorb

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Is there ever undigested food in your stool, or is your stool greasy, shiny or clay colored (very light rather than dark brown)?

Do you experience stomach pain, burning or aching after eating?

Do you ever feel hungry an hour to two after eating?

Do you experience stomach upset by eating high fat foods, even healthy ones like avocado, coconut, nuts or seeds?

Do you have dry skin, itchy feet, or skin peels on your feet?

Do you ever experience a bitter taste in your mouth, especially after meals?

Do specific foods make you tired or bloated?

Do you have any airborne allergies or hives?

Do you crave bread or noodles?

How often do you have either constipation, diarrhea or alternate between the two?

Do you have issues with asthma, sinus infections, and/or a stuffy nose?

Do you ever feel spacey or unreal?

Do you have difficulty losing weight?

Do you feel worse in moldy or musty places?

Do you ever have the feeling that your bowels do not empty completely?

Do you experience the inability to concentrate?

Do you experience rashes?

Do you experience swelling in your joints or muscles?

Do you have a sore or dry throat?

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