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Energy Recharge Silver takes you through the complete step-by-step system of coaching and programs. After an initial private consultation, your Dr. Ritamarie-trained Functional Nutrition Coach will work with you to create a plan for your personal health journey.  You’ll then meet again privately, to create goals and milestones to support you.  You’ll have access to evaluations and foundational lifestyle protocols, connecting with your coach and getting guidance each week through your journal. Then you’ll move through optimizing each of your body systems, in the proper order, one program at a time throughout the year. You’ll have access to numerous group support calls, both with Dr. Ritamarie and with your coach, to learn what to do and get answers to your personal health questions.

Energy Recharge Gold includes all of the benefits of the silver level. The added benefit is that you will have much more 1:1 access to both Dr. Ritamarie and your Functional Nutrition Coach. This is especially important if you have difficult or complex health challenges to solve. You’ll have access to a monthly Drop-In Office Hour calls plus monthly private 1:1 sessions with your Functional Nutrition Coach. There is also one private session with Dr. Ritamarie’s undivided attention and expertise to examine your lab results and then guide your progress through the program to ensure your success.

Energy Recharge Gold Plus gives you all the 1:1 support of the gold program, PLUS quarterly 1:1 sessions with Dr.Ritamarie – for lab analysis, program adjustments, or extra accountability. You’ll also get sessions with a certified whole foods chef and coach, to help you personalize your diet and sessions with a breakthrough coach to work on emotional and energetic blocks.

Complete the Application for a Free ERC Strategy Session