Energy Recharge Coaching (ERC) Program – Scientific and Holistic Transformational Health Coaching with Dr. Ritamarie Loscalzo – 2015 WORKING DRAFT #1

Registrations are open for a limited time!
For high achievers who are ready to shed “tired” and step into their full potential…


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Are You Ready to STOP Dragging Through Your Days Exhausted and Drained With a Flabby, Foggy, and Fatigued Body?

Take Back CONTROL:
Energize Your Body and Transform Your Life So You Can Do Whatever You Want, Whenever You Want!!


Dr.-Ritamarie-LoscalzoA Message from Dr. Ritamarie Loscalzo, MS, DC, CCN, DACBN
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Dear Energy Seeker,

Are you yearning to have more energy and focus and to feel more confident in your body’s appearance AND performance?

Does it often feel like your gas gauge is frequently parked on empty, despite your heroic efforts to refuel? If so, you are definitely not alone.

Do any of these describe you?

  • Your lack of energy is holding you back in your career and finances (and inside you know you’re meant for bigger and better things).
  • You’ve been dealing with a painful or challenging health condition that no one has been able to figure out, and you’re close to giving up (still there’s a glimmer of faith that the right answer is out there… you just haven’t found it or figured out how to follow through yet).
  • You have periodic “good days” when your mind-body-spirit feel close to being in sync (and you want more of the energy, clarity, and inexpressible joy that bubbles up on those rare occasions).

Wherever You Are Right Now,
Whatever You’re Doing…STOP.

DreamYou-Health-TransformationClose your eyes and allow your thoughts to break free from your reality of “what is,” and escape into the possibilities of “what could be”.

Are you happier there? Thinner? Healthier? More successful? Proud of your achievements?

Take THIS moment to really feel that Dream-You, the “you” of possibility, the person who only gets to live in your head at night.

That person inside of you can come alive, with a little help..

You may not know how, just yet — especially if your health is compromised and your energy is low. Any number of health imbalances may be affecting you right now — keeping you from the freedom to be your true self, living at your true potential.

Health Challenges Tend to Hit You Where it REALLY Hurts, Like:

  • Feeling too tired in the morning to bounce out of bed and step enthusiastically into your day.
  • Lack of energy at the end of your work day to do the things that really matter — like family, fun, and love.
  • Financial concerns due to being stuck in a job that has little meaning for you because you’re too foggy or tired to step into a career that fully utilizes your passion and skills.
  • Serious medical conditions like cancer, heart disease, or diabetes.
  • Worry and fear about your ability to support your family or be there for those you love.
  • Living with chronic fatigue or aches and pains that prevent you from participating in activities you used to love.

You Can End the Confusion, Exhaustion, and Worry

Many of your health issues stem from confusing and conflicting information fed to you by the powers that be – the government, schools, and mainstream media. There’s so much misinformation about health, it’s no wonder you’re tired, uncomfortable, and unmotivated.

health food confusionThe foods that line the supermarket shelves; that dance in front of you on TV commercials and billboards; and that are served on plates at restaurants are nutrient depleted, energy depleting, and often outright toxic.

The information you’ve received about how to eat is from unreliable sources driven by profit rather than the desire to create health.

In addition, the media is constantly zapping your energy by publishing stories that evoke fear and worry. This stress taxes your body and can leave you tired, foggy, and overweight.

It’s not your fault that you aren’t bouncing with energy.

You just haven’t been taught how to choose the diet and lifestyle habits that are best suited for YOU – the right habits that can fully repair the damage caused by years of following popular advice.

Once You Understand How You’ve Arrived at
Where You Are, You CAN Choose a New Path.
All You Need is the Right Support.

Food is the ultimate emotional soother, temporarily distracting you away from feeling lonely, tired, or uncomfortable.

exhausted to energizedHowever, food doesn’t take away the problem; it often makes your issues worse and sends you into a spiral of exhaustion and abusive eating.

Have you tried “diets” in the past that haven’t worked? Or applied what you read in a book with good results, only to find you couldn’t stick with it?

Without support and guidance, it’s hard to make choices that are outside the realm of what’s considered “normal”.

It’s too easy to just go with the flow, then suffer from the negative impact of the “normal” way to eat and live – the habits that zap your energy, rob you of pleasure, and damage the inner workings of your body.

Ultimate Freedom Comes From a Well-Tuned, Finely Balanced Body That Performs Whenever It Needs To.

Say YES to a body that works

And face it, what you want, what we all want, is to just plain feel good all the time.


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“Thanks to Dr. Ritamarie and all I have learned in her wonderful programs, I have more energy at 53 than I had in my 20’s!”

Jan ChamberlainDr. Ritamarie and her programs have literally changed my body…and my life!

Before I found Dr. Ritamarie, I was 52, the mother of four daughters, and absolutely dreading the 2nd half of my life.

I say “2nd half” because NOW I truly feel as if the first 50 years of my life were spent preparing me to enjoy the adventure and excitement of my second 50 years. Dr. Ritamarie and her programs gave me the key – the missing pieces – to the puzzle of how to go from where I was to what I truly desired for myself.

JanChamberlain-BeforeAndAfterThanks to Dr. Ritamarie and all I have learned in her wonderful programs, I have more energy at 53 than I had in my 20’s!

My only regret is that I didn’t find Dr. Ritamarie earlier! In just six months of working with Dr. Ritamarie, I learned and was able to actually apply more valuable information than I had accumulated in over 20 years of independent and formal study!

Thank you, Dr. Ritamarie, for blessing not only me, but also my entire family with your years of experience and expertise. You truly are a pioneer in the field of self-empowering alternative health care!

~ Jan Chamberlain

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“My brain fog has cleared, my energy level is through the roof,
and I am in love with life!”

Lynn Mahler - BEFORE and AFTER - Energy Recharge CoachingBefore I attended Spring into Vitality, I was 40 lbs overweight, exhausted, and foggy brained. I didn’t know it then, but my adrenals were in stage 4 burnout.

During the day, my body ached all over. At night, I couldn’t sleep without heavy duty drugs. My only coping strategy, just to get through life, was to go to the chiropractor at least 2 times per week and get a massage 1 time per week.

Spring Into Vitality inspired me so much that I joined the Energy Recharge Inner Circle at the gold level. I needed the support from Dr. Ritamarie Loscalzo — The Queen of Health herself!!

Lynn Mahler - BEFORE and AFTER - Energy Recharge CoachingThe transformation for me has been dramatic. Now I see the chiropractor once a week and receive a massage once every 3 weeks. I got off the “knock-out” medicines, and now I sleep on my own. My brain fog has cleared, my energy level is through the roof, and I am in love with life!

This was the best health investment of my LIFE!!

Nothing tastes as good as Healthy Feels!!

Happy Health to all!

~ Lynn Mahler


Flying With Energy and Turning Heads With a Fit, Vibrant Body
is NOT an Impossible Dream.

Dr. Ritamarie Loscalzo - Energy Recharge CoachingI know because I live it.

And it wasn’t always like that for me.

My story started out much like yours and everyone else’s. I used to be trapped inside a fatigued and uncomfortable body. I’d struggle through each day foggy headed, desperately hoping to feel better “tomorrow”. When doctors shook their heads and offered Valium, ulcer medication, sinus surgery, and steroids as the only solution, I felt discouraged, disgusted, and overwhelmed.

There had to be a better way. And I was determined to find it or to create it.

So I began to look to for alternatives, and I discovered nutrition as a possible solution. I bought every book available at the time and studied, experimented, and — made very little headway …until I found a series of mentors who opened my eyes to new possibilities.

I took classes and got degrees and certifications in nutrition, chiropractic, herbal medicine, acupuncture, and stress management. I experimented with living foods, macrobiotic foods, Ayurveda, low-fat, low-carb, fasting, juicing, powdered detoxification formulas, supplements, meditation – I covered all the bases within the realm of holistic medicine, alternative medicine, and functional medicine approaches.

As if my own health journey wasn’t devastating enough, I also lost many of my family members WAY too young and from totally preventable conditions. My mom left us at the young age of 56 – on my 35th birthday! I vowed to change my fate, and, fortunately, I am already older than she was when she died. Finding ways to improve the health and quality of my life and that of others has become a very personal journey and mission of mine.

I also later watched my dad die, leaving my sister an orphan at age 13. My brother’s life was messed up as a result. He turned to substance abuse to deal with the pain of the immense loss…

My heartbreak did not end there. I also watched my sister and brother-in-law die, and I witnessed first-hand the pain they experienced. Those of us who were left behind suffered these losses tremendously.

So now I encourage my clients to consider the potential impact of day to day health choices on loved ones.

My passion for natural healing was intensified as a result of watching people I loved suffer needlessly — seeing them grieve lost opportunities for happiness, prosperity, and success. My mission is to help you and others like you to STOP suffering and live the vibrant life you crave.

And that’s why I developed my own PROVEN system for guiding you to experience the level of health and wellness you desire and deserve. And I would like to share that with you NOW…


Introducing Dr. Ritamarie’s
Energy Recharge Coaching Program

– A Clinically Based, Natural Health Program to Transform You Into Fit, Focused, and Fully Charged …For Life!

– Your Ticket to Living Your True Potential One Step, One Thought, One Bite at a Time!

By stepping into your fully guided Energy Recharge Coaching (ERC) Program, you’ll receive 12 months of high-level mentoring and resources to help you create the vibrant health you desire with more ease and confidence (and much more quickly!) than you ever thought possible. This proven program gets RESULTS.

  • The Energy Recharge Coaching ProgramUnderstand exactly why you feel the way you do and what actions to take to step into a new reality.
  • Create your own personalized Vibrant Health Roadmap™ to guide you back to optimal health.
  • Use state of the art tools to evaluate when you’re off track and learn how to get back on the right path.
  • Get supported by a community of like-minded people on the same path.
  • Enjoy healthy digestion; balanced hormones; and an efficient, energetic, and well-tuned body.
  • Experience joy, vitality, and energy like never before.
  • Energize your health and your dreams through belief in your TRUE potential.
  • Engage in strategies to bring out your greatness and to help you share your gifts with the world.
  • Grow and transform as a result of effective accountability infused with inspiration and supportive “tough love” that keeps you from losing your way.
  • Feel confident that every step you take will bring you closer to your desired health and energy outcomes.

By working with me as your health coach and mentor, you are more likely to achieve long-lasting health and stick with the lifestyle choices that truly recharge your tired body. In the Energy Recharge Coaching (ERC) Program, you’ll receive expert guidance and accountability so your path is clear and your progress is accelerated.

You’ll benefit from my 25 years of scientific knowledge; clinical experience; and firm, loving guidance to keep you from making costly mistakes and losing ground or even stagnating on your journey to comfort, joy, and boundless energy.

Energy Recharge SystemIf you’re ready to move beyond your own expectations for what’s possible, you’ve come to the right place. This program is THE place to get the guidance you need to find root causes of illness, change the daily habits that no longer serve you, and create your own personalized Vibrant Health Roadmap™ to guide you to your destination.

You can continue to jump from crisis to crisis or you can decide now to get the support you need to create truly vibrant health… one bite at a time.

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“I have learned how to change
my deep seated patterns and have done it!”

Mary WolfI have been struggling to improve my health for over 10 years.

I would change some things and improve, but the longest it would last was 6 months to a year. I have never been consistent with any program.

I am very disciplined, but when it comes to this area of my life (food) I can’t seem to do it alone.

I really blossomed with Dr. Ritamarie’s program — my health increased 5 fold and I let go of 25 lbs. I really learned a lot and, best of all, was applying it.

I found out about the Energy Recharge one-on-one coaching and decided that it was just the boost that I needed. I have been through many ups and downs but the difference has been that I have Dr. Ritamarie to help guide me the whole way.

I have learned how to change my deep seated patterns and have done it! I am a Microbiologist/Neuroscientist by trade and know much of the science behind these lifestyle changes. However knowing the information and applying the knowledge in a practical way have proven to be impossible for me in the past.

With Dr. Ritamarie’s guidance and support, I have not only applied what I have learned in my past, but am moving into a new career based on the new health I found and the science and research skills I already have.

~ Mary Wolf, Microbiologist/Neuroscientist


You Will Literally Create a Whole New You
During Our 12-Month Program Together!

By the time our twelve months together is over, you will have given birth to a whole new body because we’ll go through your major body systems and put into place the foundational diet and lifestyle habits you need to restore and maintain optimal functioning.

The Energy Recharge Coaching (ERC) in-depth modules you’ll work through include:

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EvaluationsHere you’ll find all the assessment and evaluation pieces needed to begin the Energy Recharge Coaching program.

With the assistance of your Functional Nutrition Coach, these assessments and evaluations will help you create your own personalized Vibrant Health Roadmap™.

Among the evaluations we’ll do are:

  • Values, visions, and goals
  • Fitness level and body measurements
  • Symptoms surveys that provide a scorecard for your major organs and glands
  • Nutrient scorecards to assess your vitamin, mineral, protein, fat and antioxidant status
  • Detailed past and present health history
  • Impact of environmental exposures on your health
  • Evaluation of your detoxification capacity
  • Efficiency of your elimination
  • pH assessments
  • Nutritionally-oriented physical exam
  • Bone strength evaluation
  • Food frequency and food allergy assessment
  • Candida and leaky gut evaluation
  • Blood sugar evaluation
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Foundations: The 7 Pillars of Vibrant Health

Pillar 1: Stress Transformation

Transforming StressYou’ll receive Dr. Ritamarie’s Transforming Stress System, which is powerfully transformative, especially if you suffer from the effects of chronic stress or adrenal fatigue. It includes digital audios, guides, transcripts, and 30 days of daily reminders, including a short audio each day to guide you through your own “mini-vacation break” using HeartMath™. Discover a process that will work for you in any place at any time. This program alone can powerfully impact your waistline and your energy.

You’ll take the strategies even further with an additional Emotional Eating support strategy and other tools for transforming stress.


Pillar 2: Attitudes & Beliefs

Attitudes and Beliefs

Often overlooked in health programs is the power of attitudes and beliefs. Limiting beliefs can keep you stuck in patterns of ill health, while your attitude can truly make or break your health improvement program.

This pillar includes:

  • Dr. Ritamarie’s Inspired Health Vision System: This program is focused on creating the mindset and providing the tools to empower you to consistently make the choices that get results and make lasting changes. Powerfully connect with your core values and create your very own Inspired Health Vision that will propel you into the body and life of your dreams. With your Inspired Health Vision in hand, you’ll break your goals down into easily manageable action steps.
  • Positive aspects journal implementation strategies
  • Overcoming limiting beliefs activities


Pillar 3: Sleep

natural sleep strategiesRestful and restorative sleep is integral to any healing and rejuvenation process. In this section, you’ll learn:

  • How to get a good night’s sleep for optimal health, vitality, and longevity
  • How to understand your sleep cycles and how sleep impacts your hormones
  • Activities and strategies for both falling asleep and getting a better quality sleep
  • How to overcome sleep difficulties
  • Advanced sleep strategies so you can sleep as sound as a cat!


Pillar 4: Nutrition

NutritionChoosing how to nourish your body is a daily opportunity. There is a lot of information in the world about what you should or should not eat, and the choices you make can be both emotional and confusing.

Demystify making correct food choices by truly understanding how to meet YOUR unique needs.

My goal is to offer you guidance and resources that will make mealtime a pleasure, give you lots of options, and provide you with peak nourishment that’s filling and satisfying without excess calories, fat, or sugar. You’ll learn to create habits that optimize these aspects of your nutrition:

  • Hydration (pure water!)
  • Energizing beverages
  • Greens
  • Alkalizing foods
  • Sea veggies
  • Healthy fats
  • Choosing carbohydrates wisely
  • Proper protein
  • Menu planning
  • Kitchen and pantry make-over
  • Energizing breakfasts
  • Eating for bone health
  • Eating for brain health
  • Managing pain and inflammation through foods and nutrients
  • Gluten-free living resources and support
  • Healing with herbs from your kitchen


Pillar 5: Fitness

Energy Recharge fitnessMost people have no idea how to optimize their movement and fit exercise into their busy life. You’ll create a customized plan that is easy, energizing and fun. We’ll focus on:

  • Getting started with fitness
  • The benefits of burst training
  • Fitness routine timing
  • Using T-Tapp, a series of sequential movements designed by founder Teresa Tapp, to help the body rebuild digestion, assimilation, elimination, and to improve lymphatic function and neuro-kinetic flow
  • Quick fitness routines for busy schedules


Pillar 6: Environment

healthy environment for detoxification and immune support

Creating a “clean” environment both inside and out is critical to creating a vibrant and energetic body. Adding simple detoxification and immune support processes to your daily life is the foundation to good health and endless energy.

You’ll learn:

  • Everyday detox strategies
  • How to do a home chemical make-over that identifies toxins and helps you find natural replacements
  • How to optimize liver pathways
  • How to identify food allergies and sensitivities that zap your energy and create widespread and uncomfortable symptoms
  • Includes the Gut Revitalizing Easy Energizing Natural GREEN Cleanse to optimize detoxification pathways

GREEN Cleanse program


Pillar 7: Fun

FunEnjoyment is the cornerstone to achieving vibrant health, and it’s a pillar that is frequently overlooked. What if I told you that as part of your health regime, you were asked to make time each day for fun?

Included in the FUN pillar are activities to get you in touch with what you love to do, and for committing to a daily fun practice.

You’ll create your very own personalized fun prescription and reward yourself.

We’ll show you how to have fun no matter what the activity. Food preparation, exercise, de-stress activities — there are fun ways to accomplish all of your daily health practices.

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Digestive Health and Gut Repair

It’s plain and simple. If you don’t digest your food and absorb the nutrients, it doesn’t matter what you eat. Optimizing your digestion will help you to make the most of all your positive changes and efforts, when you know how to do so successfully by learning:

  • GRAND - Logo with titleDigestion health basics and assessment
  • Leaky gut, candida, and parasite protocols
  • Methods for optimizing elimination
  • Stomach acid testing and balancing
  • How to choose and use probiotics and digestive enzymes
  • How to implement a gluten-free diet and gut repair protocols
  • Includes the Gut Repair and Alkalizing Nutrition for Digestion (GRAND) program

GRAND Gut Repair and Alkalizing Nutrition for Digestion

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Blood Sugar Balancing

B4 Be Gone - blood sugar balancingBlood sugar imbalance leaves you foggy, flabby, and fatigued. Even worse, it can lead to serious complications like heart disease, diabetes, and cancer. Managing your blood sugar will leave you feeling fit, focused, and full of energy.

  • Why insulin resistance and blood sugar balance matter to your health
  • How insulin resistance affects the balance of other important hormones
  • How to test, track, and monitor blood sugar/glucose
  • Food, fitness, sleep, and stress balancing habits that improve insulin resistance
  • Includes the B4 Be Gone blood sugar balancing program with its 30-Day Menu Planner and 250-page Recipe Collection so there is no guessing about what to eat while deliciously rebalancing your blood sugar.

B4 Be Gone for Blood Sugar Balancing - banner x500

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Adrenal Health

Modern day stressors, personal responsibilities and job pressures put you into a constant state of “fight or flight” which exhausts your adrenal glands and leaves you feeling fatigued and out of sorts. CAFE-Correcting-Adrenal-Fatigue-and-Exhaustion-logoIn this module, you’ll put steps into place to restore and protect your adrenals.

  • Adrenal health basics and assessment
  • The role of adrenal support in balancing your sex hormones and restoring your libido
  • Adrenal fatigue support and energy recharge strategies
  • Managing thoughts and emotions
  • Foods and herbs for adrenal support
  • Includes the Correcting Adrenal Fatigue and Exhaustion (CAFE) program with its 30-Day Adrenal Reboot plan and 50-page Adrenal Support Recipe Collection

CAFE: Correcting Adrenal Fatigue and Exhaustion

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Thyroid Health

ThyroidReviveAndThrive-Butterfly-LogoLow functioning thyroid has become an epidemic. It’s usually considered a life sentence, and most people on thyroid medication are constantly having to regulate the dose. Plus many still experience the symptoms of low thyroid because taking medication is not truly addressing the problem.

This module will teach you more about how to feed and rebalance your thyroid than most doctors know:

  • Thyroid health basics and assessment
  • The right way to do thyroid lab testing and how to interpret the results
  • How to protect your thyroid from harm
  • Foods, herbs, and nutrients for thyroid support
  • The importance of antioxidants in repairing your thyroid
  • How to manage the most common and frequently overlooked cause of low thyroid function – autoimmune thyroiditis
  • Food preparation video for thyroid support including a sea vegetable recipe guide
  • Includes the Thyroid Revive and Thrive (TRT) program


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NutrigenomicsNutrigenomics is the study of the effects of nutrition and lifestyle on gene expression. In this module, we’ll show you how to get your genes tested and introduce tools for understanding on a basic level which gene variations you have been given from your parents.

We’ll explore the concept of epigenetics and the role of diet, lifestyle, and thoughts on manipulating the expression of your genes.

Genetics can alter absorption, metabolism, elimination, or biological effects of specific nutrients. Knowing your tendencies allows you to personalize your nutrition protocols.

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“I was shocked to find out what I thought of a healthy diet was rather hindering my fat loss efforts…”

Chikako SiebersI am very fortunate to have participated in this program and am so grateful for everything Dr. Ritamarie taught us.

I had always struggled with my fat loss efforts. I just couldn’t lose fat no matter how much I exercised and reduced my caloric intake. I then believed that I couldn’t lose fat because I was not capable of eliminating my negative thoughts. I thought it was all psychological rather than physiological, and I was disappointed in myself for failing to control my mind.

After this program started, I was shocked to find out what I thought of a healthy diet was rather hindering my fat loss efforts. Now I am finally losing fat and my days of frustration are over. Thank you, Dr. Ritamarie.

~ Chikako Siebers

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“A piece of the puzzle was missing.”

I have suffered for a very long time with hormonal issues. I have been through several cleanses, metabolic typing, enzymes with chiropractors, alternative doctors, etc. A piece of the puzzle was missing. Even though I thought I was eating clean, this program took me to the next level. I wish I found this program several years ago. I feel so much better. I feel I’m starting a new journey in my life.

Dr. Ritamarie, thank you so much.
With love and gratitude,

~ Leslie Landwehr


If There’s One Prescription That Applies to Everyone,
It’s That Every Path to Vibrant Health is Unique

personalized health care coachingAs much as we’d like to dream otherwise, there is no magic diet, pill, exercise, or meditation that works for all people in all circumstances.

Because your genetics, environment, early eating habits and a host of other lifestyle factors make you different from me, what works for me may not work for you without customization. Years of research and experimentation led me to create a system that’s reliable and repeatable.

My Energy Recharge System is a set of assessments and steps I’ve taken hundreds of patients through one-on-one with life changing results.

My step-by-step process systematically evaluates and balances all your organ and gland systems and empowers you to purposeful actions and habits by addressing what I call, “The 7 Pillars of VIBRANT Health”.

7 Pillars of Vibrant Health

Here’s How The Energy Recharge Coaching Program Works:

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  • comprehensive health assessmentDr. Ritamarie and her team of Functional Nutrition Coaches will guide you through a very comprehensive evaluation process. Here you’ll identify your goals, evaluate your current state of health, and identify the obstacles that are creating your current health challenges.
  • blood test and computerized analysisAs part of the evaluation, you’ll identify what blood tests would be helpful in assessing your health. You can get these done through your doctor or through an online discounted service that allows you to order direct (US only). Once results are received, we’ll generate a computerized analysis for you to pinpoint areas of imbalance for you to work on during our year together (lab fees are extra, as the costs are variable from Energy Recharge Roadmapperson to person).
  • Throughout the initial assessment process, you’ll be guided through the process of filling in your Vibrant Health Roadmap™ to use as a blueprint throughout the program.
  • personal health goalsOnce you’ve completed your assessments, you will meet with your Functional Nutrition Coach, personally trained by Dr. Ritamarie, who will guide you to complete your Roadmap and come up with a plan including 5-year, 1-year, and 90-day goals.
  • Energy Recharge Training ModulesIn-depth training modules will follow (including supportive documents, audios, and videos). You will be guided through the steps you need to rebalance your organs and glands as you’re establishing healing diet and lifestyle activities.
  • weekly health journal for progress and growthAt the end of each week, you’ll complete a weekly check-in to celebrate your successes, request help where needed, and commit to the following week’s action steps. Your journal will be reviewed by your Functional Nutrition Coach.
  • DrRitamarie-transformational-health-coachingYour monthly “Transformational Group Coaching” call is where you can get Dr. Ritamarie’s direct support in answering your unique health questions and strategies to move you ever closer towards your health goals.
  • Get Into ActionThe “Get Into Action” group implementation calls will put into action the teachings from the training modules and go deeper into strategies where necessary. Dedicated to particular body systems and lifestyle habits, each call will empower you to commit to the step-by-step changes needed to balance that area of focus and take ACTION.
  • ERC Small Group CoachingYou will be assigned to a small coaching group with, at most, 6 members. Your team will be led by one of Dr. Ritamarie’s Functional Nutrition Coaches, and your coach will conduct 10 Spotlight Coaching calls with you and your team throughout the year.
  • Energy Reacharge Gold Member Progress and Planning Support callGold level members will meet one-on-one with their coach on a monthly basis (10 times throughout the year allowing for breaks during holidays) for Private Progress and Planning calls to discuss successes and challenges, get guidance in implementing the Vibrant Health Roadmap, ask questions, review lab results, and anything else you need to succeed.
  • Get it Done and Overcome ObstaclesThree times during the program, you’ll get to attend a group all-day “Get it Done!” virtual seminar designed to put plans into action and remove blocks. We can go more deeply into strategies and obstacle-busting action plans than is possible on shorter calls.
  • VITAL Healing KitchenYou’ll also get one year of access to my VITAL Community, including online access to a monthly Healing Kitchen food preparation class, so you are always expanding your skills with making tasty and healthy meals.
  • Facebook community supportYou’ll get to make friends, find a buddy, and share strategies and support with your peers on our lively Facebook private members group.  Our private Facebook page is also monitored by a Functional Nutrition Coach to provide extra support when needed.

You’ll Be Guided Through My E5 System for
Energy Recharge Success!

Each module and major topic will take you through 5 steps:

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E1 – EVALUATE:Dr. Ritamarie Loscalzo's E5 Energy Recharge System

  • Assess each organ and gland system before you start to determine what you need to learn and put into action to remove obstacles and balance each organ/gland area
  • Self-testing protocols you can do at home to monitor your progress
  • Lab tests you can order, when applicable, to assess your status
  • End of module assessment to measure your progress and determine the actions and habits that you need to continue to work on
  • Questions and quizzes to assess your understanding and chart your progress
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Energy Recharge - EducateE2 – EDUCATE

  • Information to empower you to action through understanding of the inner workings of YOU
  • Access to the latest natural health and scientific research


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Energy Recharge - ResourcesE3 – EMPOWER

Tools and resources to support you to take action (any or all of the following will be included in each module):

  • Checklists
  • Resource guides
  • Recipes
  • Exercises
  • Videos
  • Audios
  • More…
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Energy Recharge - Support CallsE4 – ENCOURAGE

  • Coaching and support calls with Dr. Ritamarie and her team of Functional Nutrition Coaches keep you moving towards your goals
  • A community of peers cheering you on


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Energy Recharge - Healthy LifestyleE5 – ENERGIZE

Step-by-step action plans for restoring balance, including:

  • What to eat
  • How to exercise
  • Supplements and herbs to fill in the gaps
  • Other lifestyle actions to accelerate your progress


I know you’ve seen or even participated in other online health programs, and they all seem to blend together somehow.

Most other programs are a series of interviews with experts or a series of educational materials with very little, if any, interaction with the “guru” who’s hosting and no time for putting it all into action.

The Energy Recharge System is Unique, Powerful, and Very Different From Other Programs.

The Energy Recharge Coaching program is not a “course” or a series of learning materials. It’s not a cookie-cutter approach that recommends the same nutrition and exercise protocols for everyone.

Energy Recharge Coaching lifestyleInstead, the Energy Recharge System factors in your unique genetic and biochemical profile.

As far as I know, there is no other health program that will teach you how to interpret your own lab work, how to do a physical assessments on yourself, and how to test health signs at home… AND also offers so much accountability and support.

When you truly understand what’s getting in the way of your vibrant health and ideal body, you are so much more empowered to action.

Energy Recharge is a coaching program, and I will get to know and interact with each and every participant. It’s not a series of health topics, but a very carefully designed progression of learning lessons, checklists, and action plans that build upon each other.

[content_box_blue width=”95%”]

“I have always heard that at my age you cannot release weight easily, but I did as Dr. Ritamarie suggested and now I’m 100 pounds lighter, my blood sugar is normal, my doctor took me off my thyroid medication and I’m very happy.
The reason: Dr. Ritamarie Loscalzo!”

Beatriz de BrunaI am Beatriz de Bruna, an MBSR (meditation) instructor, who happens to have lived for 66 years. At this moment it would be difficult to find a happier person than me.

I have always heard that at my age you cannot release weight easily, but I did as Dr. Ritamarie suggested and now I’m 100 pounds lighter, my blood sugar is normal, whereas it was high before and my doctor took me off thyroid medication because for the first time in 53 years, my thyroid gland is normal and I’m very happy.

Beatriz-before-after-2013 x400The reason: Dr. Ritamarie Loscalzo.

At our house we call her the miracle worker…

I find the guidance of Dr. Ritamarie and the support and accountability of a community to be very important in making the lifestyle changes that I need and choose to make.

I want those changes to be permanent. Here is where I plan to learn how to do it.

~ Beatriz de Bruna, MBSR (meditation) instructor


[/content_box_blue] [content_box_blue width=”95%”]

“…it has been like time and the effects of aging and hormone imbalance are reversing themselves.”

Stacie "Foxy" ColeIn my forties and entering into perimenopause, I had experienced bouts of my hair falling out; being thin, limp, and brittle; and even the formation of bald spots. I still had “long” hair, but my full, thick, curly “Foxy” hair was gone. I have started implementing even just a few of the (simple and delicious) strategies from Dr. Ritamarie’s coaching, and in just a little over a month’s time, all my friends are noticing how much thicker, fuller, and curlier my hair is — this is how my hair was in my twenties.

I know this sounds like a “small victory,” but for me emotionally it has been like time and the effects of aging and hormone imbalance are reversing themselves. Also, I have more energy! I drink one of Dr. Ritamarie’s Organ Specific Hormone Balancing Elixirs every single day in the afternoon and guess what…? I don’t have to take naps anymore in the afternoon! No more crashes. And there are a host of other great benefits, but the hair difference is PROOF…I cannot argue with these RESULTS!

~ Stacie “Foxy” Cole

At the End of Our Year Together, You’ll:

  • balance of leading edge science and holistic wisdomKnow how to take care of your “weak link” organs and glands to maximize their functioning so you can feel your best all the time.
  • Have a personalized nutrition program just for you that’s easy, nutritious, and delicious.
  • Identify your specific nutritional deficiencies and have guidance for finding the best way to supplement via food, herbs, and specific formulations. (Why take things your body doesn’t need)?
  • Be regularly engaging in an energizing exercise program that’s fun, easy, and personalized to your busy lifestyle.
  • Enjoy healthy digestion and balanced hormones that lead to joy, vitality, and an efficient, energetic, and well-tuned body.
  • Engage in strategies to bring out your greatness and to help you share your gifts with the world.
  • Feel confident that every step you take brings you closer to your desired health and energy outcomes.
  • Reverse signs of aging and feel younger than you did at the start!
  • Let go of limiting beliefs about what you can do and step into an arena of unlimited potential.

I know these benefits sound great, and they are great. You will experience these and many more. But you must take action. You must take the first step. Just wishing for it to happen won’t work.

What Will You Do In Your New Body?

[black_arrow_list width=”100%”]
  • ERC SuperheroBecome the envy of all your friends (“What have you done with yourself? You look amazing!”)
  • Look and feel like a million bucks when you go out (even in jeans)
  • Be able to outplay your grandkids for a change
  • Produce results (including bringing in the big bucks) in your chosen career like never before
  • Slip on your sneakers and be able to do more physical activities
  • Enjoy enhanced confidence and charisma that is irresistible to others (they will want to know your secret)
  • Start dating again if you are single or respark hot dates again with your spouse or significant other
  • Forge a new business venture with the increased mental and physical energy you will achieve
  • Become and unleash the superhero that has always been living inside of you!

It’s not pleasant to think about, but I want to you to really FEEL into the next question, and get very HONEST with yourself. Ask yourself the question and really sit with it and LISTEN to what your answer is. Everyone who does this exercise ends up totally shocked once they feel the magnitude of the heavy price they pay for a life of fatigue and poor health.

Ask yourself:

What is Your Current Condition Costing You?

  • In doctor bills?
  • flabby foggy fatiguedIn missed time and opportunities with family, children, spouse, or friends?
  • In the loss of all the fun activities you enjoy doing, but now have no energy for?
  • In random supplements and latest “miracle” cures, creams, and pills that did not work?
  • In the FEAR of your own body?
  • In the grieving of feeling that your best times in life are behind you instead of now and in front of you?
  • In your overall quality of life?


What are you willing to pay and what are you willing to do to claim your health, have all the energy you need, shrink your waistline, get rid of your aches and pains, and start to really love your life and make a difference in the world? Consider the following:[red_arrow_list width=”100%”]

  • An initial check-up with a competent functional medicine practitioner will run upwards of $1,000, and that doesn’t include lab interpretation. Most charge $500 – $1,000 per hour and don’t really have time to answer all your questions.
  • Some nutrition experts charge over $1,000 per hour for individualized coaching.
  • Most 5 week online teleseminar courses cost between $300 and $500 and include just one or two hours of Q&A time.
  • In fact, for my very first online coaching program, a 3-month program called 90-Days to Vibrant Energy, the participants invested $1,497 and were elated with the results.
  • A 4-month group detox program I put together and ran with a partner had a price tag of $1,497, and it only included ONE Q&A call with me each month.
  • Finally, if you were to go away to one of many retreat centers, you’d be paying at least $10,000 per month! And you wouldn’t have support once you were home.

[/red_arrow_list]Energy Recharge Coaching - Silver MemberThe Energy Recharge Coaching Program Silver Membership takes you through my Energy Recharge System, one step at a time, at a mere fraction of what you’d have to invest to work one-on-one with a practitioner or attend a health spa for a month.

I could easily be charging $7,000 or more because it’s so thorough and includes step-by-step customized protocols for each organ system, hormone balancing, detoxification, and personalized attention.

Because I’m so committed to making this available to as many people as possible, I decided not to price it at $7,000, or even $6,000.

And With $7,486 in Valued Programs, Features, and Bonuses
Included in ERC, Your Energy Will Soar, Your Waistline Will Shrink, and Your Savings Will Multiply!

I know you’ll need help from head to toe with every aspect of health, so I am including my most popular health courses, e-books, and conferences as programs, features, and bonuses.

This is the only way to get ALL of these amazing resources at only a fraction of the cost PLUS the step-by-step guidance of your own Functional Nutrition Coach and the personalization that’s central to Energy Recharge Coaching. 

Energy Recharge Core Programs

All programs include LIVE support for one year and a minimum of one-year access to our members’ website, starting from the date each program is released to you.

ERC Evaluations

Energy Recharge Coaching EvaluationTransforming your health is a journey, and, like any journey, it must start with where you are now.  The ERC Evaluations unit will help you answer key questions in designing your unique health plan: Where are you going?  Where are you now?  What’s keeping you where you are and preventing you from where you want to go?  How do you get from HERE to THERE?  You’ll work through processes and assessments, to answer these questions.  And with the guidance of your Functional Nutrition Coach, you’ll design your Vibrant Health Roadmap.

(Value $997)

ERC Foundations

ERC FoundationsCreating vibrant health is not merely the pursuit of freedom from illness and symptoms.  Vibrant health is the pleasure and passion of knowing optimal health, boundless energy, and limitless potential.  When you build a foundation of knowledge, actions, and solutions that work together to build your health, you can achieve your goals.  ERC Foundations provides you with a holistic and balanced approach to lifestyle protocols for stress transformation, attitudes and beliefs, sleep, nutrition, fitness, environment, and fun.

(Value $997)

Gut Repair and Alkalizing Nutrition for Digestion (GRAND) Program

GRAND - logoYou can powerfully alter the state of your health through the power of your fork — and a little help from Mother Nature’s healing herbs and nutrients.  The GRAND program provides the guidance you need to find root causes of issues that may be affecting your digestion and your overall state of health.  You will notice a difference in how you feel when you make optimal digestion a priority.  Learn how to feel GRAND from the moment your food leaves your fork!

(Value $297)

B4 Be Gone Blood Sugar Balancing Program

B4 Be Gone - blood sugar balancingA 10-week program that targets reversing and preventing insulin resistance and harmonizing the hormones that can cause belly fat, brain fog, and burnout when out of balance. The B4 Be Gone Program includes a fully guided 30-day metabolic reset component, effective coaching and support, a 30-day menu planner, a 250-page recipe collection, food preparation and exercise videos, and so much more.

(Value $997)

Correcting Adrenal Fatigue and Exhaustion (CAFE) Program

CAFE-Correcting-Adrenal-Fatigue-and-Exhaustion-logoIf you need a wake-up call that will heal instead of steal your energy, it’s time for Dr. Ritamarie’s 5-part Correcting Adrenal Fatigue and Exhaustion (CAFE) program. This fully-guided program provides strategies to repair and refuel your tired, stress-handling adrenal glands. Create a personalized 30-day adrenal reboot and energize your way to new purpose, improved clarity, and — most importantly — joy!  Boost your energy to the brim.

(Value $497)

Thyroid Revive and Thrive (TRT) Program

ThyroidReviveAndThrive-Butterfly-LogoYour thyroid controls the metabolic rate of every cell in your body.  For such a little gland, it has a massive impact on your overall health and hormone balance.  Thyroid imbalance is often considered a life sentence because the underlying issues are complex, the medication doses are vacillating, and the symptoms are debilitating. Learn how to understand, nourish, and rebalance your thyroid so that you can take charge of your health.

(Value $297)

Nutrigenomics Program

NutrigenomicsIn the Nutrigenomics program, you’ll be introduced to the science of optimizing your diet and exercise according to your unique genetics.  Get recommendations for genetic testing, get your results, and learn how to unlock the meaning behind your genes.  The more you know about your unique predispositions, the more you can take action to choose the best lifestyle protocols for you and your DNA!

(Value $497)

Additional Programs and Course

In addition to our core programs, you’ll also have access to all the support programs and features here.

GREEN Cleanse Program

GREEN Cleanse - glass with body splash x400A 7-day cleanse built around the healing mineral and nutrition-rich benefits of eating leafy greens is just what you need to transform exhaustion into energy, eliminate excess belly fat, and feel younger and stronger than you did in your teens!  Featuring light, standard, or deep cleansing options, use the healing power of vibrant, nutrient dense, anti-oxidant rich green foods to rest your digestion and accelerate your detoxification system.

(Value $197)

Eat Your Way Out of Pain Home Study System

Eat Your Way Out of PainGet proven advice to reduce or eliminate pain and inflammation and be able to enjoy your life again and engage in the activities that you love.  Learn how foods can cause or combat inflammation in your body and discover which foods fight inflammation. Recipes and shopping list are included.

(Value $57)

Kitchen and Pantry Makeover Video Course

Kitchen and Pantry Make-OverIt’s important to create an environment that will support your nutrition goals.  Organize your kitchen and pantry for success using the 4-part plus Q&A audio and video recordings of an all-day virtual workshop with Dr. Ritamarie.  Includes a bonus tour of Ritamarie’s kitchen and a quick video on natural cleaning supplies.

(Value $97)

Dr. Ritamarie’s 30-Day Transforming Stress System

TSS logoIt’s important to handle stress if you want to lighten the load on your adrenal glands in the long-term, and the Transforming Stress System is based on HeartMath™ techniques that will help you handle stress in positive ways. Sign up for the 30-day daily audio feature and let Dr. Ritamarie guide you through heart-centering, taking “mini-vacations,” and the process of turning anxiety into ahhhh!

(Value $97)

Dr. Ritamarie’s Inspired Health Vision System

Inspired Health Vision SystemThis program is focused on creating the mindset and providing the tools to empower you to consistently make the choices that get results and make lasting changes. Powerfully connect with your core values and create your very own Inspired Health Vision that will propel you into the body and life of your dreams. With your Inspired Health Vision in hand, you’ll break your goals down into easily manageable action steps.

(Value $97)


Everyone who registers will have access to these amazing gifts!

Spring into Vitality – Digital Videos of 2015 Hormone Harmony Retreat

Spring into Vitality - VideoHormone imbalance can easily show up in your life.  Especially if you feel exhausted, you struggle to focus on tasks, your weight is difficult to manage, you feel cranky all the time, and you suffer from a range of vague symptoms, then it’s likely you have some hormones that need attention.  Watch the 2015 Spring into Vitality 3-Day Hormone Harmony Retreat digital video downloads.  Learn how you can bring your hormones back into balance — easily — and rediscover your vibrant health, boundless energy, and the fun you’ve been missing out on!

(Value $297)

Spring into Vitality – Two Tickets to the 2016 LIVE Event

Spring into Vitality - two ticketsEach spring, Dr. Ritamarie creates a transformational event designed to recharge the energy of those in attendance.  The event features amazing information, practical sessions, leading-edge guest speakers, and so much more.  Come as our guest to this transformational weekend wellness event and bring a loved one. There’s nothing like a live event to reignite your commitment to your health.

(Value $1,998)

Dried and Gone to Heaven – e-Book and Online Videos

Dried and Gone to HeavenDr. Ritamarie Loscalzo and Chef Alicia Ojeda have joined to offer you mouth-watering comfort foods you can make in your dehydrator.  If you long to indulge in familiar foods like bread, pizza, crackers, and chips, but you can’t stand the nightmare of the emotional and physical upheaval processed foods create, these satisfying alternatives will nourish your body and satisfy your soul.

(Value $67)

If You Act Now, You Can Get Started
For as Little as $385 per Month!

Yes, that’s right — I didn’t leave off a zero.

Invest NOW for just $385 monthly for 13 months. Energy Recharge Coaching (ERC) Silver

Save MORE and Get Extra Bonuses

If you invest in full right now you’ll pay only $3,997!
Plus you’ll get all these extra FULL Investment Bonuses:

Physical Copy of Dried and Gone to Heaven DVD Set Plus 250-Page Recipe Guide

Dried and Gone to Heaven DVD and Print PackageReceive the Dried and Gone to Heaven 4-disc DVD set that includes information, background, health Information and how-to instruction with a fully indexed recipe demo DVD. Also receive a print copy of the 250-page recipe guide and a digital disc containing a PDF copy of the recipe book, laminated cards, and a getting started audio.

(Value $397)

Physical Copy of the B4 Be Gone 30-Day Meal Make-Over Package

B4 Be Gone 30Day Meal Makeover - Binder with Recipe Collection and Menu PlannerYou’ll receive a beautiful binder complete with all the blood sugar balancing, energizing recipes and menu plans from the B4 Be Gone System.   The recipe collection contains over 250 blood sugar friendly recipes that you can mix and match in endless combinations.  The 80+ page menu planner contains 30 days of menu plans and all the guidance you need to create a personalized approach to a 30-day metabolic reset.

(Value $97)

Complete Digital Collection of Dr. Ritamarie’s Recipe e-Books

Dr Ritamarie digital recipe ebook collectionAccess to Dr. Ritamarie’s entire collection of recipe e-books, including Power Breakfast Ideas, Deliciously Quick Lunch and Dinner Ideas, Dried and Gone to Heaven, Healthy Holiday Traditions, Dessert: Making It Rich without Oil and more. All e-books contain easy to make, delicious recipes that support your health and skyrocket your energy.

(Value Over $200)

The Total Value of the Invest-in-Full Bonus Package is over $694.
Add to That What You Save by Investing in Full and the Value Becomes $1,702.

Your Dream-You Opportunity Has Arrived!

Real People. Real Bodies. Real Lives. Real RESULTS.

That person inside can come alive when you decide to allow me to help you move from fantasy-land to the real world, your world, step-by-step.

You won’t be the first. These are but a few of the countless Success Stories I receive constantly:

  • Choose to live and be the Dream-YouI helped an overweight client go from spending her days in a puddle on the couch suffering from chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia to being a successful and happy consultant who can squat lift over 100 lbs.
  • I helped a client drop over 100 pounds and no longer test positive for Hashimoto’s (an auto-immune thyroid condition) after being on thyroid medication for over 50 years.
  • I helped a client go from taking 3 blood sugar medications and being told he needed insulin to get his blood sugar down to maintaining normal blood sugar without insulin.
  • I helped an overweight client go from being too exhausted to go grocery shopping and make dinner without a nap in between to being full-time employed and doing volunteer work on the weekends.
  • I even helped a client who hadn’t had sex with her husband in years to transform and tell me how she and her husband were now acting like they were on their honeymoon.

And Now…It’s YOUR Turn!

[content_box_blue width=”95%”]

“Since becoming an Energy Recharge Coaching client of
Dr. Ritamarie, I have lost 50 pounds and I look and feel
about 20 years younger!”

Donna Kasuska - Before and After  Weight Loss

Since becoming an Energy Recharge Coaching client of Dr. Ritamarie, I have lost 50 pounds and I look and feel about 20 years younger! However, that is only the icing on the cake because the real benefits are not even visible. Dozens of “symptoms” have just disappeared.

DonnaKasuska-12-07-2012I have struggled with health issues and weight issues for 16 years, and finally I have been able to make a total transformation thanks to Dr. Ritamarie and her expert guidance and support. All I had to do was complete some questionnaires and get a few simple tests. Dr. Ritamarie then knew exactly what to do. I followed her instructions exactly and the results have been amazing.

Thank you so much, Dr. Ritamarie, for giving me my life back!

Click Below to Hear More About Donna’s Story:

Donna Kasuska - Before and After - Weight LossUpdate: Donna has now reached her goal of getting into a size 6 dress and has lost a total of 50 pounds! And thanks to all her increased energy, she quadrupled her business and now has to hire people to help. As a result, Donna has lightened her financial stress load and freed her house from risk of foreclosure!!

~ Donna Kasuska, ChemConscious, Inc.



YOU Can Take Charge Of Your Own Health

If your health is limiting your joy, your energy, your relationships… your life — there is a solution.

lifestyle changeMy Energy Recharge Coaching Program offers a variety of options for you to get the coaching, training, and support you need to take charge of your health and create the limitless energy and joy you need to live the life of your dreams.

If you deeply desire to have more of an impact in the world — the impact you were born to make — stop struggling to do it all on your own! The Energy Recharge Coaching Program connects you to a tribe of intelligent, caring, high-achievers who will propel you forward in ways you’ve never dreamed possible.

You’ll Receive A High Level of Support
to Create the Health You Desire

Here’s an overview of what’s included:

[features_box_yellow width=”85%” + border=”2px”]

Complete access to Dr Ritamarie’s unique Energy Recharge System™ of step-by-step guidance and tools to recharge your hormones, organs, and energy including:

assessmentLifestyle/health assessments to identify impediments to optimal energy and health

Using Dr. Ritamarie’s unique Organ and Gland Assessment and Nutrient Evaluation, you’ll pinpoint areas of imbalance that need work while Dr. Ritamarie’s Personal Physical Exam form will show you how to interpret your physical signs and the imbalances they signal. Once the imbalances are determined, you can choose the corresponding and correct action steps that bring you back into balance.

blood chemistryComputerized blood chemistry analysis

You’ll be guided to order blood testing appropriate for you based on the results of your assessments, either through your own family doctor or through a discount direct access lab service available online. Submit your results and you’ll get a detailed report of imbalances and identification of stressed organ and gland systems, plus you get to attend a group call to review results.

Energy Recharge Coaching modules In-depth training modules to guide you to restore balance and recharge your energy

Foundational diet and lifestyle modules include checklists and tracking sheets, action plans, recipes, videos, and webinars that guide you to put into action habits and attitudes that balance your body and skyrocket your energy. There are also modules that provide the essentials for restoring balance and vitality to key organs and hormones. Guidance is given in bite-sized pieces, so you can easily fit the protocols into your busy life.

health resources digital libraryHealth resource library

The Energy Recharge Coaching library includes audios, videos, documents, recipe guides and a recipe preparation and fitness video collection to empower you to action.

health action plansStep-by-step action plans to help you move forward

Each learning segment will include a set of actions for you to put into place, guiding you to your ideal energy balance. The action plans make it possible for you to immediately benefit from newly acquired information.

[/features_box_yellow][features_box_yellow width=”85%” + border=”2px”]

A private comprehensive initial consultation with your assigned Functional Nutrition Coach (90 minutes)

Functional Nutrition Coach - AssessmentThis is the opportunity for your coach to get to know you and understand your needs, to review your assessments and your goals, and to help you to complete your Vibrant Health Roadmap. On this call, your coach will determine what additional assessments and labs (if any) would be helpful and will encourage, motivate, and coach you on a plan to help you to rebalance your body and achieve your health goals.

[/features_box_yellow][features_box_yellow width=”85%” + border=”2px”]

A semi-private “Get to Know You” coaching call with Dr. Ritamarie to start off the year together (maximum 6 participants, Silver and Gold members only)

Dr. Ritamarie Loscalzo - health coaching - assessment callThis is the opportunity for Dr. Ritamarie to get to know you and understand your needs, to review your goals and challenges, and to answer your questions and address your concerns in a much smaller group. On this call, Dr. Ritamarie will review the assessments and labs (if any) recommended by your Functional Nutrition Coach and make any additional recommendations.

[/features_box_yellow][features_box_yellow width=”85%” + border=”2px”]

10 Small Group Spotlight Coaching calls (maximum 6 members) led by your Functional Nutrition Coach

ERC Small Group CoachingGet support from your group members and from your Functional Nutrition Coach who knows you and your health concerns and who is deeply committed to your success.


[/features_box_yellow][features_box_yellow width=”85%” + border=”2px”]

Transformational Group Coaching calls for support from Dr. Ritamarie

DrRitamarie-transformational-health-coachingOnce per month, get direct access to Dr. Ritamarie on live group coaching calls and get answers to your specific questions regarding your health journey.


[/features_box_yellow][features_box_yellow width=”85%” + border=”2px”]

Get into Action Implementation in-depth webinars led by Dr. Ritamarie

Dr. Ritamarie Loscalzo - health coaching - action callThese sessions will be focused on putting into action the teachings from the training modules and going deeper where necessary. Dedicated to particular body systems and lifestyle habits, each call will empower you to commit to the step-by-step changes needed to balance that area of focus. The frequency of the “Get into Action” calls will vary based on the schedule of topics. These calls provide yet another opportunity for you to get your questions answered and to be coached by Dr. Ritamarie.

[/features_box_yellow][features_box_yellow width=”85%” + border=”2px”]

Virtual Office Hours opportunities for 1:1 laser coaching with Functional Nutrition Coaches

Functional Nutrition Coach - drop-in coachingAt least once monthly during drop-in “office hours” sessions, you will have access to one of Dr. Ritamarie’s Functional Nutrition Coaches to ask quick questions and get targeted support on a key challenge or obstacle. The lines will be open and you can drop in any time to get one-on-one support.

[/features_box_yellow][features_box_yellow width=”85%” + border=”2px”]

3 Get it Done Virtual Workshop days to quickly and effectively implement strategies

Get it Done and Overcome ObstaclesWe’ll spend the day together, online or on the phone, so we can go more deeply into strategies and action plans than is possible on shorter calls. These workshop days provide the opportunity to get more extensive coaching and support, lab analysis, and in-depth personalized attention.

[/features_box_yellow][features_box_yellow width=”85%” + border=”2px”]

Weekly online health journals to keep you focused and measure what’s working

health journalYou’ll have the opportunity to regularly report your challenges and successes and commit to your next set of actions via the weekly health journals. Reviewed by your Functional Nutrition Coach, these journals keep you focused on your goals, connected to what’s working right, and keep you in touch with what you need to do.

[/features_box_yellow][features_box_yellow width=”85%” + border=”2px”]

A 1-year PREMIUM membership in the VITAL Community including…

  • VITAL Community PREMIUM membersipVITAL Health Topic: A monthly teleseminar on a variety of leading-edge topics
  • VITAL Q&A: A monthly support call where you can ask any questions about your health
  • VITAL Healing Kitchen: A monthly online food preparation show featuring guest chefs and Dr. Ritamarie
  • A resource library containing dozens of recorded calls, checklists, recipes, special reports, and bonuses

VITAL Community

[/features_box_yellow][features_box_yellow width=”85%” + border=”2px”]

Exclusive members-only website to access all your resources

Energy Recharge Coaching - ERC members' websiteYou’ll receive access to our Energy Recharge Coaching website containing all forms, recipe collections, and tools to ensure your success. You’ll benefit from ongoing enhancements to the site and cutting-edge information.

[/features_box_yellow][features_box_yellow width=”85%” + border=”2px”]

An interactive community of supportive, health-seeking members you can learn from and lean on

Community Health NetworkYou’ll have access to a members-only Facebook Group where you can share knowledge and ideas with other members, get and give feedback, and support each other.


[/features_box_yellow][features_box_yellow width=”85%” + border=”2px”]

Digital recordings of all live calls for your convenience

Video Audio Recordings

Never worry about missing a call. You can submit questions in advance and listen later. If you download the recordings, you can listen back on any personal digital playback device.

[/features_box_yellow] [content_box_blue width=”95%”]

“Dr. Ritamarie has helped me see that we have the ability to make super-power type changes in our lives… a huge metamorphosis can be experienced.”

Beverly O'BrienDr. Ritamarie has helped me see that we have the ability to make super-power type changes in our lives and, if you are willing to do a bit of examining of how and what you eat, a huge metamorphosis can be experienced. I have dropped my weight to a point that I feel my body is happy and I finally like what I see in the mirror. It is so nice to go to the closet and not have to worry about your clothes being too tight, if anything too loose. How nice is it to know that you will never again have to worry about why you can’t lose weight? Let me tell you, it’s awesome!

Her style of coaching is so nice and easy and she makes you feel like you are part of a real community when you are on her calls. The vast amount of learning material available as part of her programs is worth so incredibly much in the path to a well body!

~ Beverly O’Brien
Physician’s Assistant


So What Are You Waiting For?

If you’ve read this far, you’re obviously drawn to what Energy Recharge Coaching has to offer.

Break free from flabby, foggy, fatiguedYou are probably ready to finally make sense of all the conflicting health information out there and figure out the diet, fitness, stress management and supportive lifestyle habits that are best for you.

You’re ready to let go of old patterns and beliefs and finally bring your body into balance so your energy can soar and you feel confident, comfortable and strong in your body.

I am committed to your success. I am confident that when you join Energy Recharge, you are going to be beyond thrilled with how you learn and grow.


To Accelerate Results, Apply for Gold or Diamond Tiers!
Receive All the Benefits of Silver Level Membership Plus
Private Coaching with Dr. Ritamarie and Your Functional Nutrition Coach

Review the “Membership Levels at a Glance” chart.

Silver: If the Silver tier sounds perfect for you, go ahead and click “Join”!

Gold / Diamond: Click “Apply” for a free consultation to talk to a Dr. Ritamarie Team Member and determine if the Gold or Diamond tier is best for you. You’ll be taken to an application to be completed, then directed to a calendar page where you can choose your consultation time.

Consultations and spaces in Gold and Diamond levels are are limited.
Priority will be given to those who first commit to Silver
then apply to upgrade to Gold or Diamond.

ERC Membership Levels at a Glance Chart - 2015

Energy Recharge Coaching -Silver Energy Recharge Coaching: Apply for Gold! Energy Recharge Coaching: Apply for Diamond!

Option 1: Sign Up for
ERC Silver Tier to
SECURE Your Spot

Priority will be given to those who first commit to Silver then apply to upgrade to Gold or Diamond.

Energy Recharge Coaching - Silver MemberEnergy Recharge Coaching - Join Silver Membership

Easy Monthly Payment Plan Available!

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Strategy Session - Jan and Lynn

Are You Ready to Say YES to Your Dream-You?

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Energy Recharge Coaching Silver Membership
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Energy Recharge Coaching - Become a MemberYes Dr. Ritamarie, I’m Ready!

In fact, I’m more than ready. I’m ready to…

  • Have more energy than I know what to do with (but trust I will figure that out!)
  • Be proud and happy in a body I love
  • Finally understand why I feel the way I do and know what to do to change it
  • Have tools that tell me when I’m off-track and get me right back on
  • Feel supported by a community of like-minded people on the same journey
  • Enjoy healthy digestion; balanced hormones; and an efficient, energetic, and well-tuned body
  • Experience joy, vitality, and focus like never before!

I am ready to transform my health and live in a body that feels good, looks good, and out performs any level of vitality I ever dreamed of.

I am sooooo ready to receive my
Energy Recharge Coaching (ERC) Silver Membership Including:

  • Dr. Ritamarie’s Energy Recharge System™ of step-by-step guidance and tools
  • Private Comprehensive Initial Consultation with a Dr. Ritamarie trained Functional Nutrition Coach (90 minutes)
  • A semi-private “Get to Know You” coaching call with Dr. Ritamarie to start off the year together (maximum 6 participants, Silver and Gold members only)
  • 10 Small Group Spotlight Coaching calls led by your coach (with at most 6 members)
  • Monthly Transformational Group Coaching call with Dr. Ritamarie
  • As needed Get into Action Implementation in-depth webinars with Dr. Ritamarie to empower you into action
  • Virtual Office Hours opportunities for 1:1 laser coaching with Functional Nutrition Coaches
  • 3 Get it Done Virtual Workshops with Dr. Ritamarie to quickly and effectively put strategies in place
  • Weekly online health journal with feedback from your coach to ensure you stay on track
  • A VITAL Community 1-year membership with monthly Healing Kitchen online classes and more
  • Exclusive members-only website to access all your resources
  • An interactive community of supportive, health-seeking members to lean on
  • Digital recordings of all live calls for your convenience

Core Programs Included in Energy Recharge Coaching (ERC Silver)

  • Foundations complete nutrition and lifestyle protocol collection (Value $997)
  • Evaluations complete health assessment collection (Value $997)
  • The Gut Repair and Alkalizing Nutrition for Digestion (GRAND) program (Value $297)
  • The B4 Be Gone program to balance your blood sugar (self-paced program plus 1-year access to all live programs) (Value $997)
  • Correcting Adrenal Fatigue and Exhaustion (CAFE) program (Value $497)
  • Thyroid Revive and Thrive (TRT) program (Value $297)
  • Nutrigenomics program (Value $497)

Features Included in Energy Recharge Coaching (ERC) Silver:

  • The GREEN Cleanse program (1-year access to all live cleanses) (Value $197)
  • Eat Your Way Out Of Pain home study course (Value $57)
  • Kitchen and Pantry Makeover video course (Value $97)
  • Dr. Ritamarie’s 30-Day Transforming Stress System (Value $97)
  • Dr. Ritamarie’s Inspired Health Vision System (Value $97)

Bonuses Included in Energy Recharge Coaching (ERC) Silver:

  • Spring into Vitality LIVE Event 2015 digital video downloads (Value $297)
  • Two tickets to Spring into Vitality LIVE Event 2016 (Value $1,998)
  • Dried and Gone to Heaven e-book and online videos (Value $67)

And… If I Invest in FULL, I’ll also receive:

  • FULL Investment BONUS #1: Physical copy of Dried and Gone to Heaven DVD set plus 250-page recipe guide (Value $397)
  • FULL Investment BONUS #2: Physical copy of the B4 Be Gone 30-Day Meal Make-Over package (Value $97)
  • FULL Investment BONUS #3: Complete Digital Collection of Dr. Ritamarie’s Recipe e-Books (Value Over $200)
Regular Price Silver: $4997
Today Only $385
plus 12 monthly payments of just $385

Or CLICK HERE to Invest in FULL for
All the Results with Maximum Savings and Bonuses


Energy Recharge Coaching Program

I’m Done With Flabby, Foggy, and Fatigued!
I’m Making My Dream a Reality of Being Fit, Focused, and Fully Charged with Energy… FOR LIFE!

It’s time for me to take a stand and realize:

  • It’s not necessary to suffer from health conditions no one can explain!
  • I’m never going to have to buy baggy clothes and looser belts again!
  • It’s not okay for me to feel ashamed of my body, my lack of energy, or my inability to get ahead financially in a career I love.
  • I’m going to LOVE feeling sharp, focused, and clear!
  • I shouldn’t have to drag myself through another day and survive on my dreams because…

There’s Passion and Purpose Within Me…

The Next 12-Month Energy Recharge Coaching Session
Officially Begins July 2015

The official start is in July, but you can get started right away! Once your enrollment is complete, you’ll receive access to our private membership website. You’ll have tools to get started on immediately that will help you begin the Energy Recharge process.  As soon as the LIVE 2015/2016 program begins in July, our official ERC coaching calls will get underway.

Regular Price Silver: $4997
Today Only $385
plus 12 monthly payments of just $385

Or CLICK HERE to Invest in FULL for
All the Results with Maximum Savings and Bonuses

I look forward to welcoming you, getting to know you, and watching your transformation!

Love, Health and Joy,

Dr. Ritamarie

P.S. Don’t pass up this doctor-guided opportunity to FINALLY get your energy, weight, and overall health in order so you can fully live the life you deserve!

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Easy Monthly Payment Plan Available!

Invest NOW for 13 monthly payments of
Only $385!

Save MORE and Get Extra Bonuses

Invest in full right now
for Silver Tier for only $3,997!


Option 2: Apply for
a Strategy Session and
Discuss Your Options

This is the very best way to get rapid results and
accelerate your journey to vibrant health.

ERC-Member-Gold-Diamond ConsultationERC-ApplyNow

Consultations and Spaces Are Limited!

Speak with a Dr. Ritamarie Team Member to determine which tier is right for you.

Strategy Session - Jan and Lynn