ERC: Energy Recharge Coaching – Application – Features and Consultation: Gold

Energy Recharge Coaching (ERC) Inner Circle
Gold Level Member
Supportive 1:1 Coaching Dedicated to YOUR Transformation

Energy Recharge Gold was designed to go beyond the group coaching opportunities provided in the Silver level and deliver one-on-one opportunities to access the expertise of both Dr. Ritamarie and your assigned Functional Nutrition Coach.

It is intended for you if you’re struggling with more troublesome health challenges, are uncomfortable sharing about your personal health in a larger group setting, or you feel the need for a more personal relationship with your mentor. All of the benefits and bonuses of Energy Recharge Silver are included at this level.

Energy Recharge Gold is for you if:ERC-Member-Gold

  • You are experiencing uncomfortable symptoms or health challenges, have less energy than you’d like, and you’re not getting the help you want from your current health care team.
  • You struggle with sticking to the health habits you know would help, and you need some personalized support and accountability to help you follow through.
  • You keep trying the latest supplements, super-foods, and fad strategies. As a result, you’ve become so confused you don’t know where to turn and could benefit from personalized guidance.
  • You would benefit from having help in determining what tests to run, how to interpret them, and how to optimize your lifestyle regime based on the results.

What Energy Recharge Gold offers:

ALL of the benefits of Energy Recharge Silver PLUS:

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  • Private Comprehensive Assessment/Lab Analysis appointment with Dr. Ritamarie (1 hour)
  • 1:1 Follow-up/Re-evaluation Session with Dr. Ritamarie (1 hour)
  • Drop-in, virtual Office Hours opportunities for 1:1 laser coaching with Dr. Ritamarie (generally twice per month)
  • 10 Private Progress and Planning coaching calls with your Coach (30 minutes each)


ALL of the bonuses of Energy Recharge Silver PLUS:

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  • Ritamarie’s Raw Food University collection of food prep videos (Value $350)
  • Ritamarie’s complete digital recipe e-book collection (Value – over $200)

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