Food Allergy Spy Training (FAST): Relief From Hidden Food Allergies with Dr. Ritamarie Loscalzo

Are You Struggling with “Energy Thugs”
Like Food Cravings, Autoimmune Disease,
or Excess Weight?
Detect Your Hidden Food Allergies and
Savor Your Life!

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From: Dr. Ritamarie Loscalzo, MS, DC, CCN, DACBN
The danger that lurks on your plate

Are you getting true vitality from your health dollars?Americans are spending millions of dollars each year on doctor visits, medications, the latest and greatest exotic antioxidant beverages, and nutritional supplements. Very few people are getting any lasting results!

You might even be one of them.

Maybe you’ve tried a variety of approaches — medical and/or natural — with little success, and you’re feeling frustrated and discouraged.

Are you tired of all the diets that don’t work, and the latest “miracle” cure potions and pills that promise success but leave you seething with irritation and disappointment? Are you letting your chronic low energy, discomfort, or pain take control?

Do you ever wonder why it can be so hard to achieve the level of wellness you’re after? You try everything out there, and nothing seems to really work as well as you expect.

If you are you determined to recharge your body and look and feel your best,
then you have finally reached the right place to start your journey to vibrant health.

Not tomorrow…
Not in 12 months time, but NOW!

Food Allergy Spy Training - Register Now and Add to Cart

If you want to find out why you haven’t been able to get the results that you desire when it comes to your health, then this letter just may be the most critical piece of reading with regards to jump starting your energy, passion, and focus.

You’re sick of feeling tired and uncomfortable, right? You’d like to feel energetic, strong, and clear headed — correct?

The answer to your undiagnosed and persistent health challenges, excess weight that won’t go away, and lack of energy and passion just might be at the tip of your fork.

If You Have Chronic and Persistent Health Struggles,
Undiagnosed Food Allergies Just Might Be the Culprit.

Tired of feeling chained to your lack of energy and health struggles?

  • Are you “tired of being tired” all the time and unable to fully participate in all the fun activities you love?
  • Are you tired of starving yourself or spending hours at the gym with little or no effect on your expanding waistline?
  • Are you sick and tired of aches, pains, and restricted joint mobility?
  • Are you struggling with a foggy brain, inability to focus, memory problems, or a lack of motivation?
  • Do you find yourself cranky and irritable between meals, craving certain foods, or ready for a nap after eating?
  • Do you have a child or children who’ve been diagnosed with asthma, eczema, ADD or ADHD, and you’re looking for a natural intervention?

The answer to your mysterious and vitality-stealing struggles might be in your fridge, in your cupboards, or on your plate!

Undiagnosed food allergies (including allergies to highly nutritious foods like broccoli or blueberries) can induce immune responses that leave you ill.

According to the Center for Disease Control (CDC) approximately 3 million children under age 18 suffered from food allergies in 2007. And the incidence is rapidly rising.

The American Academy of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology reports that more than half (54.6%) of all U.S. citizens test positive to one or more allergens and that food allergies affect approximately 6% of young children and nearly 4% of adults in the U.S.

And these are the diagnosed cases. Many instances of food allergies go undetected — manifesting as chronic symptoms that don’t respond to conventional approaches.

Untreated Food Allergies Result in Chronic Over Activity
of Your Immune System and May Lead to:

  • weight gain
  • depression
  • joint pain
  • fatigue
  • indigestion
  • asthma
  • eczema
  • fibromyalgia
  • autoimmune conditions
  • autism
  • attention deficit disorder
  • headaches
  • and more…

Detecting My Own Food Allergies and Improving My Digestion
and Immune Function were Important Steps in My Recovery
From Chronic Fatigue and Hormone Imbalance.

Dr Ritamarie L - fit and fabulous!Today, my energy is through the roof, my memory and focus are sharp and clear, and my belly is lean and toned. I’m healthy, strong, and free of aches and pains.

However, I wasn’t “born this way,” as some people think, and it’s certainly not from my genetics. My oldest living relative is an uncle who’s barely 8 years older than I, and he’s hardly a healthy specimen. Of my 7 still-living siblings, I’m the healthiest and fittest. I’m also the oldest.

My Moment of Truth Happened When I Was
Back in My Twenties.

Thirty years ago as an ambitious 20-something year old, I was struck down in my tracks when my lifestyle habits caught up to me. My brain was so foggy I could barely even see people’s faces, let alone understand what they were saying.

It got so bad that I couldn’t finish projects or make a significant contribution at work. Every time I gained five pounds, I’d put myself on the latest fad diet and crash it off again in a week. Then I’d start right back on the processed food, sugar, and alcohol until the weight started to come back. Then I’d start the cycle all over again.

I’d have good days and bad days. On the good days, I would feel like I finally had my health under control. Then I’d have a series of bad days and feel like crawling into a hole. I couldn’t figure it out, and it never occurred to me that my unexplained symptoms had anything to do with my food.

After I got the news that the burning pain in my stomach was NOT caused by an ulcer, I felt relieved — until I realized that the doctor had no idea what was causing it!

Then out of the blue came the fated question, “Could it be my diet?”

Do you know if you're food allergy free?“Of course not,” was my doctor’s reply.

Unsatisfied, my quest to overcome my symptoms led me to researching, reading, and experimenting. I discovered fasting as an “elimination diet.”

Every time I fasted, I felt great…until I started to eat again. I was learning to be my own doctor the hard way. There were no courses to take or mentors to learn from. It was just me and my stack of books. In the mid 1980’s, alternative health access was not what it is today.

Long story short, I learned that successful results came by combining solid nutrition with an allergy detection and elimination process, along with support for my digestion and my immune system. I went on to study; experiment; and get degrees and certifications in chiropractic, acupuncture, herbal medicine, and nutrition, so that I could help others as I had helped myself.

Over the years, I have helped countless people overcome food allergy related symptoms, rebuild their immune system, and live their lives with passion, purpose, and joy.

Imagine How You Could Feel Once You Know How to Heal
What’s Holding You Back!

Freedom from food allergies

  • Imagine waking up each day filled with energy and anticipation!
  • Imagine efficient digestion, comfortable joints, and a clear and focused mind!
  • Imagine your relationships blossoming because you can finally be fully present!

When you identify and remove the foods that create chaos in your system, stoke the unwanted fire of inflammation, and cause you to retain extra pounds, you’ll start to really live your life.

Freedom from food allergies means living free of pain, fatigue, and depression.

If You Have Any of These Problems, You Should
Find Out if Underlying Food Allergies are the Cause

food allergies: depression, weight issues, dark circles, poor digestion, fibromyalgia

  • If you have persistent weight issues that won’t go away
  • If there are dark circles under your eyes
  • If you ever experience upset stomach and poor digestion
  • If you’re embarrassed by skin eruptions
  • If you suffer from fibromyalgia (long-term, body-wide pain and tenderness in the joints, muscles, tendons, and soft tissues)
  • If you have autoimmune disease (an overactive immune response where the body mistakenly attacks its own cells)
  • If you’re struggling with hormone imbalance
  • If you have concerns about your thyroid health
  • If you’re experiencing fatigue and adrenal burnout
  • If you struggle with depression
  • If you need to correct blood sugar imbalances
  • If you suffer from headaches

These unwanted health symptoms may actually be a “good” thing. Symptoms are the early warning signs that your body is trying to get you to hear. The sooner you listen to what your body is telling you, the sooner you can heal the inflammation that’s causing the problems and avoid more serious health risks.

There’s only one problem…

Detecting Hidden Food Allergies and Sensitivities
Can Be Challenging.

There are all sorts of tests available for detecting food allergies and sensitivities, but are they accurate?

  • There are blood tests, saliva tests, stool tests and even hair tests.
  • Then there’s energetic testing including electrodermal screening, kinesiology, NAET (Nambudripad’s Allergy Elimination Techniques) and SCIO (Scientific Consciousness Interface Operation system).
  • There’s the alphabet soup of antibody testing – IgA, IgE, IgG, IgM.
  • There’s leucocyte testing, cytotoxic testing, and skin prick testing.

It can all be so confusing, and the sad truth is there is no perfect detection system for food sensitivities. While some methods are a bit more reliable than others, all are fraught with inaccuracy. False positives result in an unnecessarily restrictive diet. False negatives result in persistent symptoms.

There’s Only One Food Allergy Detection Method
That’s Truly Reliable.

Food Elimination Provocation Process - vegetables fruits grains dairy meatThe food allergy detection method that’s considered most valuable by the majority of practitioners, conventional or alternative, is the Food Elimination-Provocation Process (FEPP).

On the plus side, FEPP is inexpensive, can be done at home, and is very accurate when performed carefully.

On the down side, without proper guidance doing a Food Elimination-Provocation Process can be confusing, frustrating, and difficult to interpret on your own. Up until now, the only way to get guidance while doing a FEPP was to work closely, one-on-one with a nutritionist or doctor.

That’s why I created the Food Allergy Spy Training (FAST) program.

Food Allergy Spy Training: Add to Cart

The Food Allergy Spy Training (FAST) Program
Provides the Guidance You Need to Detect Your Hidden Food Allergies, Heal Your Body, and Regain Your Energy and Passion.

FAST program materialsDetecting your hidden food allergies, eliminating them, and healing the conditions that created the immune system confusion in the first place are critical elements to restoring your health.

From the comfort of your home and by using the power of the internet, I will be your guide through the complexities of food allergy elimination and provocation.

Our First Step Will Be to Get Rid
of the Usual Suspects.

I’ll teach you how to design an effective elimination phase. Using my unique system of checklists and tracking charts, you’ll identify which foods to leave out and which foods to include during the elimination phase.

Food Allergy Spy Training - become a food sleuth!There’s more than one option for this step, and I’ll help you determine which type of elimination phase is best for you – water fasting, juicing, or eating only foods you rarely, if ever, eat.

While we’re dealing with the foods that are causing your issues, we’ll also focus on healing strategies and protocols. You’ll learn which nutritional supplements and herbs to use, if indicated, to rebuild your immune system and repair the lining of your digestive tract.

I’ll help you to determine the best length of time for your eliminating and healing phase and which food to reintroduce first.

Next, I’ll Help You Figure Out Who YOUR Food Culprits Are.

food allergy provocationThis phase is the “provocation” process, and I’ll walk you step-by-step through it. You will reintroduce foods one at a time and track how your body feels. You’ll get access to my very thorough diet and symptom tracking tools, and I’ll teach you how to categorize foods as “Go,” “No,” and “Slow”!

The re-introduction of foods is where people usually get tripped up and confused when they do this on their own. With a support community and access to me for questions and answers, you need not be in the dark.

Learn Everything You Need to Be a Successful
Food Super Sleuth!

Finally, I will guide you through the re-introduction of foods and fine tuning of your diet. Since everyone is different, the length of the re-introduction phase is variable. You need access to the tools that will help you maintain your new found well-being for the long-term.

Dr. Ritamarie’s FAST Program Includes Everything You Need
to Foil Your Hidden Food Allergy Fugitives.

As a participant in my FAST Program I’ll walk you through a 30-day process to detect and eliminate potential food allergens that have sabotaged your past attempts to drop the unwanted pounds and experience the level of energy and comfort you desire and deserve.

Within 30 days, most people have decreased their inflammation and are on their way to a body they love.

The FAST Program Includes All of the Following and More:

  • 2 LIVE Vibrant Living Member (VLM) “Office Hours” / Question & Answer Monthly Group Coaching Calls with direct access to Dr. Ritamarie for questions — includes Mp3 audio downloads of the recording
  • Checklists to help you design the elimination diet that’s right for you and removes all possible allergen suspects.
  • leaky gut syndrome repairDay-by-day stress-busting support through the challenge of eliminating many of the foods you normally eat.
  • Guidance on how to decrease inflammation and repair your leaky gut (Leaky Gut Syndrome almost always coincides with food allergies and sensitivities).
  • Step-by-step training in the art of careful and thorough food tracking using my custom-designed forms and checklists.
  • Education on understanding the data from your food tracking results. The education I provide is always appreciated as one of the most valuable features of my programs and is definitely at the heart of successful FEPP.
  • Guidance through the complex food reintroduction phase, the place where most people trip up when they go it alone.
  • Extra hand holding and support for continued healing and repair.
  • Menu planning and strategies for pleasurable eating in spite of restrictions.

My Food Allergy Spy Training is Right For You if:

Food Allergy Spy Training: FAST health results that last!

  • You’re ready to look good, feel good and be an inspiration to others.
  • You’re tired of being confused and overwhelmed by the myriad of potential solutions that haven’t worked for you.
  • You’d like to stop guessing about what foods you need to avoid and what you need to eat and are ready to really know what’s right for you.
  • You’ve been starving yourself, doing lots of sit-ups, and your excess weight hasn’t budged.
  • Your brain fog and lack of energy are affecting your career, your family, and your relationships.
  • You’ve suspected food allergies as a culprit, but have found it hard to isolate the suspects without clear guidance and support.
  • You’d like to have the energy of a two year old, the body of an athlete, and the focus of a Nobel prize winner.
  • You are excited about the vision of a flat belly, a sharp mind and unlimited energy, and you’re ready and willing to do what it takes to get there.

The FAST Program is NOT for You if:

  • You’re feeling really good about how you look and feel, and you believe you are doing everything possible to protect yourself from chronic illness.
  • You prefer to read and learn on your own and experiment with various diet and lifestyle solutions until you find the one that’s best for you.
  • You’d rather take your chances and continue doing what you’re doing, rather than change your habits.
  • You’re looking for a “quick fix, magic” solution to your health woes and are unwilling to change your diet or take extra nutrients and herbs.


My Food Allergy Spy Training is the Only Program I Know of That Gives All Three of the Critical Elements You Need to Successfully Identify and Eliminate Your Trigger Foods and Repair Your Gut.

In over two decades of guiding people from exhausted to energized, burned out to brilliant, and flabby to fit, I’ve learned that a successful program must offer resources in these 3 categories:

1. Training and Education Tailored to
YOUR Food Allergy Situation

You will have a proven step-by-step, self-paced plan to follow — and you’ll get to customize the plan to account for your unique needs. You’ll learn just enough about the inner workings of your body to detect hidden food triggers and repair the underlying mechanisms that are compromising your health and allergy testing: the right choice for you

2. Implementation Tools that Will
Give You Confidence and Clarity

With checklists, tracking forms, recipes and videos to teach you how to make them, there’s no more guessing about what to eat, what to avoid, and how to determine if a particular food is contributing to your health allergy testing: make confident food choices

3. Support and Accountability that
Goes Above and Beyond

With loving support and guidance every step of the way, you’ll be able to stay on track, even when temptations threaten to sabotage your success. Even with the best of the best tools and training, it’s hard to identify food triggers and substitute new foods for allergens without support. That’s why I built a strong system of support and accountability into the Food Allergy Spy Training program to accelerate your success.strong love and support

I’ll Guide You Step-by-Step Through 4 Empowering,
Educational Modules Guaranteed to Determine
if the Foods You Eat are Compromising Your Health!

The program includes:

  • 2 LIVE Vibrant Living Member (VLM) “Office Hours” / Question & Answer Monthly Group Coaching Calls with direct access to Dr. Ritamarie for questions — includes Mp3 audio downloads of the recording
  • FAST Step-by-Step Program GuideStep-by-Step Program Guide so that you can follow the program at your own pace, track your action steps, and always know what’s coming next.
  • 4 module implementation video recordings, rich with educational content concerning the relationship between food allergies and your digestion.
  • Download links for all implementation video and audio recordings so you can listen at your own convenience and play them over and over on your computer, phone, or mp3 player.
  • Transcripts of all implementation calls so you can read along as you listen, highlight important reminders, and make notes.
  • Checklists and charts to help you identify your triggers and carefully track your diet, mood, and symptom patterns.
  • Valuable support articles and motivation from Dr. Ritamarie.
  • Community Facebook group access where you can chat with others on on the FAST program, get and give support, and get your questions answered.

Module 1: Eliminate Your Food Culprits:
“Bump Off the Hoods”

Figure out your Food Allergy "bad guys"You’ll learn how to customize the elimination phase with tracking forms and checklist that will identify and get rid of “the bad guys.” I’ll explain options for recognizing potential food allergens in your diet and provide guidance on determining the best elimination phase for you: 1. “rare foods diet” (where you eat only foods you rarely, if ever, eat); 2. juicing; or 3. water fasting. Learn to self-assess and self-monitor your response to foods, activities, thoughts, and exposures so you can make choices based on what your body needs.

Module 2: Heal Your Gut and Immune System:
“Get Your Health Out of the Hoosegow”

Food Allergy freedom that will heal your gut and immune systemHere we’ll begin to free you from the jail of your symptoms. Food allergies and sensitivities are generally caused by disruption of your immune system function and inflammation and injury to your delicate digestive tract lining. You’ll be given protocols for healing your digestive tract and bolstering your immune system. Skipping this step can compromise your success and you’ll most likely develop allergies and sensitivities to the replacement foods you begin eating regularly.

Module 3: Diet Testing and Allergy Detecting:
“Become a Super Snooper”

food allergy testing: allergy detectingThis module will educate you on the food re-introduction “provocation” phase. Once you’ve eliminated all potential triggers for at least 4 days (or even several weeks for greater effectiveness), you’re ready to re-introduce items you’ve eliminated in a very carefully, controlled manner. Meticulous tracking is important during this phase. You’ll receive checklists, tracking forms, and detailed instructions to guide you through the provocation phase of FAST.

Module 4: Helpful Guidelines for a Food Allergy Free Future:
“Success is a Cinch”

FAST: Food allergy treatment successIf you’ve followed through with the elimination phase, successfully eliminated all your trigger foods, and rebuilt your immune and digestive functions, you’re likely to be feeling lighter, more energetic, and more focused! And you’re probably wondering, Now what? In this module, I’ll guide you to create a plan to keep your digestive and immune systems strong and happy, to find substitutes for the foods that you need to avoid, and to create a diet plan that keeps you happy and well nourished.

My Food Allergy Spy Training Program Also Includes
These Allergy Busting Resources:

  • FAST program materialsFAST Recipe Collection and meal planning strategies for an anti-inflammatory & immune supportive diet (over 80 pages)
  • Inflammation and alkaline charts
  • Organ and Gland Appraisal assessment
  • Omega-3 and Omega-6 Content of Common Food guide
  • Foods that Hurt and Foods that Heal guide
  • Healing Regimes for Your Gut guide
  • Probiotic Supplementation and Implant Process guide
  • Gluten-free resource pack
  • Immune System bonus audio
  • and more!


I’m Serious About Making This Experience Truly Amazing, So You’ll Get Food Allergy Spy Training AND These Success Ensuring BONUSES to Enhance the Results:

BONUS #1: Dr. Ritamarie’s Inspired
Health Vision System

Ritamarie's Inspired Health Vision SystemThis program is focused on creating the mindset and providing the tools to empower you to consistently make the choices that get results and make lasting changes. Powerfully connect with your core values and create your very own Inspired Health Vision that will propel you into the body and life of your dreams. With your Inspired Health Vision in hand, you’ll break your goals down into easily manageable action steps. (Value $97)

BONUS #2: Dr. Ritamarie’s 30-Day
Transforming Stress System

Dr. Ritamarie's Transforming Stress ProgramThis powerful program includes 30 days of daily stress buster moments including a short audio each day to guide you through your own personal “vacation break.” Discover a process that will work for you in any place at any time. Because of the major impact that stress has on your physiology, this program can powerfully impact your waistline, your energy, your digestion, your immune system and the amount of inflammation in your body. (Value $97)

I’m Also Including This SUPER BONUS
to Accelerate Your Success.

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The FAST Program Comes with
the VITAL Support You Need to Succeed During the Program!
(Non-VITAL Members Only)

As a special super bonus to provide extra support, new clients will receive a 2-month-free STANDARD membership in my VITAL Community (Vibrant Ideas and Tools for Awesome Living).

It’s one thing to give your body a much needed temporary break from food allergens and yet another to make permanent change. If you’re not already a VITAL Community member, to provide you with LIVE SUPPORT in implementing your new habits into your daily life, FAST offers 2 months of powerful group coaching with me in the VITAL Community..

VITAL Community

Your new VITAL 2-month-free STANDARD membership includes:

  • VITAL Health TopicsAccess to a VITAL Community weekly check-in accountability journal
  • Two opportunities each month to participate in a group “mini-cleanse”
  • Ask the Chef page for expert answers to raw and cooked food questions
  • Access to a private Facebook group where you can connect with other VITAL members
  • VITAL deeper discount savings on monthly Dr. Ritamarie’s featured products or programs
  • *1 LIVE monthly Health Topic teleseminar on a hot topic with cutting-edge science and natural wisdom support
  • *1 LIVE monthly group Q&A call with Dr. Ritamarie for any of your health questions
    (Ask all your FAST program questions on this monthly Q&A call)
  • *1 LIVE monthly Healing Kitchen online recipe show featuring guest chefs and Dr. Ritamarie
  • VITAL Health Topic recording library access to past calls (2 most recent calls)
  • VITAL Q&A recording library access to past calls (2 most recent calls)
  • VITAL Healing Kitchen recording library access to past calls (2 most recent calls)
  • Bonuses including the Creating a Healing Kitchen e-book, the Energy Zappers and Energy Enhancers Guide, the Vibrant Health Resource Library, and access to VITAL Solutions: Dr. Ritamarie’s Nutritional Strategies for Restoring and Maintaining Thyroid Health videos and e-books

* These features are available as long as you maintain your membership.

Value: $50.00

How to Stay Allergy-Free Forever!

Additional Opportunity: If you upgrade and become a VITAL Community PREMIUM member, you can participate in as many future LIVE FAST programs as you wish should there be a future edition.


Here’s a Rundown of the Full Range of
Empowering Tools and Healing Support
Included in the FAST Program:

Training and Education To Step You Through a
30-Day Food Elimination Provocation Process

You’ll have easy access to all the tools you need as you move through the program with options to personalize your path:

  • Food Allergy Spy Training - Materials4 Training Modules: Consisting of a combination of audio, video, checklists, forms and documents, your program will be presented in bite-sized chunks so you can progress at your own pace. The more you understand what’s going on inside your body “under the hood,” the more likely you are to follow through on the suggested action steps.
  • Exclusive Member’s Only Website: You’ll enjoy easy access to all your materials and the resources you need to successfully implement the program.
  • Mp3 Audio Recordings and Mp4 Video Recordings: Available for your immediate access, you can watch any of the videos or listen to any the calls at your convenience, as many times as you wish. All videos and audios are Mac friendly and will work on iPads or iPhones.
  • Transcripts of All Calls and Slides of Implementation Videos: Download the documents and follow along with the recordings. Take notes as you study the materials.
  • A Bonus Package that supports you in living a balanced, healthy and joyful life and healing the underlying causes of your food allergies.

Implementation Tools to Simplify
Putting New Habits into Place

Not knowing what to do and when to do it can overwhelm many to the point that they never begin. You’ll always have clear options and choices available.

  • FAST Step-by-Step Program GuideStep-by-Step Program Guide: This 30-page document divides the FAST program up into easily managed steps. You can track your progress and always know what to do next.
  • Energizing, Anti-inflammatory Recipes: Receive delicious, easy to prepare recipes that you can choose from.
  • Checklists, Assessments, Tracking Tools, Charts and so much more: Presented in bite-sized fashion throughout the program and available for your reference within the members area, you’ll find all the tools you need to achieve success.

Loving Support and Guidance
Every Step of the Way

Even with the best of the best tools and training, it’s hard to implement new behaviors and create new habits without support. That’s why I built a strong system of support and accountability into the FAST Program, to accelerate your success.

  • VITAL Help2 LIVE Vibrant Living Member (VLM) “Office Hours” / Question & Answer Monthly Group Coaching Calls with direct access to Dr. Ritamarie for questions — includes Mp3 audio downloads of the recording
  • Question & Answer Time on VITAL Group Q&A Calls: Use the monthly VITAL Q&A call to submit any personal questions you have about your FAST progress.
  • 30 Days of Motivational, Stress-Busting Messages: When you begin use of your Transforming Stress System bonus, you’ll receive a daily written and audio message each morning. You can download and save these messages for future use or restart the 30 days at any time.
  • FAST Private Facebook Group: Connect with other self-paced participants of the FAST program.
  • VITAL Interactive Community of Your Peers: You can form groups, team up with a buddy, share your success and challenges, and motivate and inspire each other to success. The VITAL Community is similar to Facebook in that you can make friends, post both private and public messages, and upload photos.

“I am 52 pounds lighter! I have always heard that at my age you cannot release weight easily, but I did as Dr. Ritamarie suggested…”

Beatriz de Bruna - FAST programI am Beatriz de Bruna, an MBSR (meditation) instructor, who happens to have lived for 66 years. At this moment it would be difficult to find a happier person than me. The reason: Dr. Ritamarie L!

I have always heard that at my age you cannot release weight easily, but I did as Dr. Ritamarie suggested. I am finding the guidance of Dr. Ritamarie, and the support and accountability of a community, to be very important in making the lifestyle changes that I need and choose to make. I want those changes to be permanent. Here is where I plan to learn how to do it.

~ Beatriz de Bruna,

My Expertise + Your Personalized Success =
Food Allergy Freedom

I could go on and on with stories like these from people who follow my protocols, but here’s the point: You need to prove to yourself that you can experience your own personal miracle. Imagine, for a moment, that it’s a year from today.Change your health with FAST results!

  • How well is your body doing?
  • Are you experiencing vibrant health or suboptimal function?
  • Are you bursting with energy and joy or dragging through each day without pleasure?
  • Are your relationships fulfilling and passionate or are you unavailable due to chronic low energy and lack of enthusiasm?
  • Are you progressing well in your chosen career, starting a business of your own, and experiencing the exhilaration of success? Or are you struggling to complete projects and barely squeaking by with your assigned projects?

Remember, if you continue to eat and live the same way, you’re going to get the same results.

So take action right now, while it’s fresh in your mind.

Your Food Allergy Spy Training begins when you click below! Your very first assignment, should you decide to accept it, is to begin to observe your reactions to the foods you normally eat and make a list of known and suspected culprits.

Food Allergy Spy Training: Register Now!

You’ll get immediate access to the tools you need to get started.

You owe it to yourself to leave no stones unturned on your journey to vibrant health!

“I’m always amazed that Dr. Ritamarie has answers for 99.9999% of questions asked, with studies and proof to back them up!”

Starlin - FAST programThe best part is that my asthma, skin rashes, and other symptoms did not plague me at all this winter.

What’s really different [about FAST] is that I was introduced to a lot of new foods that I had never eaten before and now use on a regular basis. It has brought me to a lot more variety and made me more conscious of allergy-causing foods.

Getting ALL of my questions answered has been most valuable and educational… I’m always amazed that Dr. Ritamarie has answers for 99.9999% of questions asked, with studies and proof to back them up. Wow, what a memory!

~ Starlin

Still On the Fence About Whether You Should
Investigate Hidden Food Allergies?

food allergy questionsFeeling “shaken, but not stirred”? This all may sound good to you…like it’s exactly what you need…but you’re just not sure. The most common questions that come up are:

  • “Can I afford it?”
  • “Will it really work?”
  • “I’ve tried so many things before, why is this different?” and
  • “What if it doesn’t work for me?”

The thing is, the reason many programs fail is the lack of consistent follow-through. If you continue to do what you’re doing, you’ll continue to get what you’re getting. We’ve addressed all of these questions and more down below, but the truth is, if you really give it your all and it’s not working out for you within the first 7 days, we’ll give you back your money and even recommend a program or mentor that may be better suited to you. We’re that committed to your results.

So, you see, the risk is all on us.

If you’ve already decided to give it a go, scroll down and click the registration button and you’ll get immediate access to our membership site where you can get started on the preparation activities right away. Otherwise read on because…

By Now You May Be Thinking…

“But I can’t afford it.”

I know times may be tight, and you’re watching every penny. But how much time, money, and pain has guessing about your health already cost you?

You’re likely to get your investment back many times over in what you’ll save by identifying what’s been making you sick and doing what it takes to get better. Think about it…

  • How much money have you spent on vitamins, herbs, and superfoods that just don’t work for you?Are your supplements giving you true well-being?
  • How much time and money have you spent on doctor’s visits trying to find answers?
  • How many books, tapes, and courses are sitting on your shelf?
  • How much money have you spent on escapism to find relief, using your “crutches” because you haven’t learned how to heal the underlying causes of your illness or unhappiness?
  • How many promotions at work or opportunities in your business have you lost because of your lack of focus?
  • How much money have you spent on clothes that no longer fit?
  • Money aside, how much pain and suffering has thwarted your enjoyment of your life?

If you act quickly, your investment is surprisingly small, PLUS there’s a no-risk guarantee!

“I have no willpower. I’ve tried elimination diets, juicing, or fasting in the past and I fail miserably because the cravings are so intense.”

What many people don’t realize is that food allergies cause cravings. It’s not your lack of “will power” that’s to blame here. Chemically, eliminating your most dangerous allergens will cause intense cravings — like an addict coming off cocaine. That has nothing to do with YOU. You haven’t failed. You just didn’t know how to adjust your internal chemistry.

I have effective techniques that I will share to cut the cravings and make the elimination phase easier on you. Usually within 7 days or less, participants say, “Bye-bye cravings!”

If you’re ready to finally be focused, energetic, fit and comfortable in your body… If you’re ready to enjoy your life to the fullest, NOW is the time to get started!

It’s Never Going to Get Any Easier Than This.

  • Easy solutions for food allergy detectionHow much longer are you willing to endure the discomfort of not looking, feeling, or performing as you know you could?
  • How much more are you willing to let your confidence, relationships, and success suffer?
  • When is better than NOW to step into your full potential, deliver your message, and live your life with passion and purpose?
  • How many more lives can you enrich when you’re coming from a place of confidence and joy?

Originally this program was offered with my LIVE coaching and involvement for a special price of $297. Because I am offering this program in a self-paced environment, and because I have seen so many miracle transformations when allergy detection and food elimination has been done properly, I am committed making this VERY affordable for just $97!

You retain ALL the benefits of my expertise and guidance AND you get the added benefit of having all the program materials available to you instantly. All the transcripts are prepared and waiting. There’s no pressure to keep up… YOU set the pace and use the education I provide on your own terms. It costs a lot more to work with me privately or in a LIVE program, so you have the advantage of extensive savings while enjoying all the content of the FAST program.

Food Allergy Spy Training: Register Now!

I’ve slashed the price in half to make it very affordable. Since this is the first time I’m offering FAST in a self-paced setting, I am committed to making it accessible to everyone who needs it.  For less than a hundred bucks, which is what many people easily spend on a single carefree night out on the town, you could start a program that could enhance your quality of life for years to come.

Actually, I Am Going to Make it Even Easier
for You to Say YES to FAST!

To make it easy and valuable for you to get started on FAST right away, you can take advantage of our 3-payment plan special and pay just $37 today followed by 2 additional payments of $37 spaced 30 days apart.

Food Allergy Spy Training: Register Now!

If you’re still reading this, it means that something I’ve said resonates with you.


If You’re Not Saying Yes to Food Allergy Freedom,
What’s Holding You Back?

  • If you’re fed up with persistent weight, low energy, lack of motivation, and nagging aches and pains
  • If you’re ready to determine if hidden food allergies are the culprits…
  • If you’re ready to step into feeling fit, focused, and fabulous

Click on the link below and let’s get started!

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100% Satisfaction Guarantee

I’m so confident you’ll be thrilled with the nutritious, scientifically proven, gut-healing strategies of the FAST program that I’m offering this program with my Total Happiness Guarantee: If after trying out the first 7 days of the program you’re not TOTALLY HAPPY that all your food allergy needs, questions, and concerns are not addressed, I’ll happily give you a full refund! Simply write me a letter and explain the difficulties you’re having and I’ll refund your money. But, please agree to give it a fair trial. Satisfaction GuaranteeYou have nothing to lose but your exhaustion, aches and pains, depression, and unexplained symptoms! You have the whole rest of your delicious, fun-filled life to gain. Are you finally ready to get your life back?

No-Risk Reservation Form

Yes Dr. Ritamarie, I’m Ready!

Food Allergy Spy Training programIn fact, I’m more than ready. I’m ready to…

  • find out once and for all if food allergies are keeping me from achieving my health goals.
  • learn to be a food allergy detective and spy on the inner workings of my body.
  • feel good, look good, and live my life with passion and purpose.
  • reset my immune system and live my life in a body that feels good, looks good, and out performs any level of vitality I ever dreamed of.

I want ALL these powerful, empowering tools to heal my hidden food allergies and live my life in a body that feels good, looks good, and out performs any level of vitality I ever dreamed of. I am so, so, sooooo ready to receive my:

  • 2 LIVE Vibrant Living Member (VLM) “Office Hours” / Question & Answer Monthly Group Coaching Calls with direct access to Dr. Ritamarie for questions — includes Mp3 audio downloads of the recording (Value $97)
  • Self-Paced Food Allergy Elimination and Provocation Process that includes 4 modules containing a combination of audios, videos, checklists, and forms through access to an exclusive members website. (Value $297)
  • FAST program materialsSimple Implementation Strategies for Effectively Putting New Habits in Place that include menus, recipes, recipe videos, de-stress strategies, and options that I can customize for MY unique body chemistry. (Value $297)
  • Step-by-Step Support, Guidance, and Accountability that will motivate me to move forward and will bust any excuses or obstacles my internal dialogue or body may throw my way. (Value $497)
  • Success Ensuring Bonuses that include Dr. Ritamarie’s Transforming Stress System and Inspired Health Vision System. (Value $194)
  • SUPER Bonus 2-Month STANDARD Membership in Dr. Ritamarie’s VITAL Community (available for non-VITAL members only) (Value $50)

I understand that I’m investing in Dr. Ritamarie’s Food Allergy Spy Training program with NO RISK, because it comes with Dr. Ritamarie’s personal TOTAL HAPPINESS money back guarantee.

Regular LIVE Price $297
Today: Only $97
(or choose 3 payments of $37!)

Food Allergy Spy Training ProgramMy Lack of Energy, Aches and Pains, and Leaky Gut Are Outta Here, Adios, and GONE FOR GOOD!

It’s time for me to take a stand and realize:

  • It’s not normal to have health symptoms that no one can explain!
  • I’m never going to have to buy baggy shirts and looser belts again!
  • It’s not okay for my body to ache and my mood to be blue.
  • I’m going to LOVE feeling sharp, focused, and clear!
  • I shouldn’t have to drag myself through another day because…

There’s Passion and Purpose Within Me…


I understand there is a 7-day TOTAL HAPPINESS guarantee and if, after having tried the program as directed, I am unhappy for any reason, my purchase price will be refunded 100%.

Regular LIVE Price $297
Today: Only $97
(or choose 3 payments of $37!)

I look forward to welcoming you, getting to know you, and watching your transformation!

Love, Health and Joy,

Dr. Ritamarie

P.S. Don’t pass up this unique opportunity to FINALLY get your energy, weight, and overall health in order by identifying and eliminating hidden food allergies.

Register NOW to Bust Your Hidden Food Allergies and Boost Yourself to the Level of Health You Deserve!