Insulin Resistance Quiz

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Are You At Risk?

Dr. Ritamarie’s Insulin Resistance Quiz

Do you awaken a few hours after falling asleep?

Do you crave sweets?

Do you ever engage in binge/uncontrolled eating?

Is your appetite ever excessive?

Do you crave coffee or sugar in the afternoon?

Are you ever sleepy in afternoon?

Do you ever experience fatigue that is relieved by eating?

Do you ever experience fatigue after meals?

Do you get a headache or feel shaky/lightheaded if meals are skipped or delayed?

Are you ever irritable before meals?

Do you have any family members with diabetes?

Do you ever experience increased thirst and appetite?

Are you prone to frequent urination?

Are you a slow starter in the morning?

Do you find you still crave sugar even after eating sweets?

Are you a "must have sweets after meals" person?

Is your waist girth equal to or larger than your hip girth?

Do you have difficulty losing weight?

Do you crave sweets during the day?

Do you get irritable if meals are missed?

Do you depend on coffee to keep yourself going or to get started?

If you wake up during the night, do you find it difficult to fall back asleep?

Do you ever feel shaky, jittery, or experience tremors?

Do you get agitated, easily upset, and/or nervous?

Are you forgetful or have a poor memory?

Do you ever experience blurred vision?

Do you have a difficult time losing weight despite exercising regularly?

How often do you eat meals that emphasize bread, pasta, rice, or potatoes?

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