From SAD (Standard American Diet) to RAD (Rejuvenating Age-Defying Detox): How to Eat Green, Be Lean, and Feel Eighteen! – Webinar Registration – LIVE Teleseminar

From SAD (Standard American Diet) to RAD (Rejuvenating Age-Defying Detox): How to Eat Green, Be Lean,
and Feel Eighteen!

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From SAD (Standard American Diet) to RAD (Rejuvenating Age-Defying Detox): How to Eat Green, Be Lean, and Feel Eighteen!

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Everyone ages, but did you know that *feeling old* has more to do with your body losing its ability to self-repair than with counting the number of candles on your birthday cake?

If you’re eating a typical western diet, often (and appropriately) called the Standard American Diet (SAD), you’re eating a lot of foods that are high in sugar, carbohydrates, unhealthy fats, and toxic preservatives.  These foods can be aging and breaking down your body at an alarming rate.

Self-repair is a non-stop job for your body, especially for your liver.   When your body starts to get behind on self-repair, that’s when you get aches, pains, and discomfort.  When your body really gets behind, that’s when you end up with inflammation and disease.

The less you give your body the opportunity to “catch up” on self-repair, the more broken down and
burnt out you’ll feel.

If you’re eating SAD-style, then you need to think about cleansing the inside of your body the same way you think about cleansing the outside — as something you do often.  Doing a detox or a cleanse is one way to give your body the break it needs.  A healing cleanse or healthy detox should lighten the load on your digestive system while maximizing the nutrients available to your body for self-repair.

There are endless choices for detoxes and cleanses on the market, so how do you know which cleanses are safe, effective, and – most importantly – which cleanse is right for you?

Do you know which foods will slow the effects of detox and which foods enhance the benefits?  Do you know what to do maximize your body’s ability to heal and cleanse while maintaining your energy?

Do you want to give your liver a cleansing vacation that will restore you with Rejuvenating and Age-Defying
RAD energy and vitality?

liver detox

 Demystify the cleansing process so you can eliminate toxins, ease your digestion, and experience
the energy of a teenager!

Not only will you learn how to detoxify naturally, you’ll also learn how to heal your gut and balance your hormones using many of the same health-promoting strategies used in cleansing.  This is your chance to learn it all in one free presentation!

In this free recording, I’m going to share my secrets for self-repair and cleansing so you can turn back time.

Access My Free Presentation,
From SAD to RAD: How to Eat Green, Be Lean, and Feel Eighteen!”
and Get the Easy Detox Strategies You Need to Restore Youthful Energy and Exuberance Through Self-Healing and Optimal Nutrition.

You’ll get access to detox strategies I’ve learned from helping thousands of clients

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You’ll Learn…

  • What are the best cleansing and detox strategies available and how to choose the detox that’s right for you
  • green smoothie detoxHow to turn your blender into a kitchen “time machine” that unlocks the nutritional power and vitality of fresh, invigorating foods including green smoothies and blended greens
  • How detoxification can help heal your gut and repair your digestion
  • Why cleansing will help you to restore your energy, improve your mood, and help you lose weight fast
  • When to cleanse, what foods to eat, what foods to avoid, and how to minimize the effects of withdrawal
  • How periodic cleansing can help you balance your hormones naturally

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I can’t wait to share this wellness strategy session with you so you can a break that will boost your joy and energy!

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SAD to RAD - cleansing and detox strategiesWhen your body gets a break, YOU get a boost!

Sometimes it just takes a little break — a little time for your liver to catch up with its important work of healing and repair — to wipe away the aches and pains that make you feel older than you are.  And when you know how to detoxify your body while maximizing your nutrition, not only do you get the benefits of gut healing, weight loss, and hormone balance, you also get a BOOST in energy that will give you the energy vitality of a teenager! 

I know from many years of clinical experience just what it takes to nudge you from SAD to RAD so you can enjoy the slim shape you love, the balance you long for, and the energy you need to live your dreams fully!

With Love and Appreciation,

Dr. Ritamarie Loscalzo



Dr. Ritamarie

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From SAD to RAD: How to Eat Green, Be Lean, and Feel Eighteen!
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8 thoughts on “From SAD (Standard American Diet) to RAD (Rejuvenating Age-Defying Detox): How to Eat Green, Be Lean, and Feel Eighteen! – Webinar Registration – LIVE Teleseminar

  1. Judy

    WOW!! I’d go to my high school reunion (34th!!) and do the cheers I used to do!! (Split included-LOL!). I’d also be better equipped to take care of my 93 year old mom.

  2. Mary

    Will this be repeated or can I have a recording of the webinar afterwards as my daughters awards are at the same time.

  3. R Bodanis, D.A.S.

    Thanks for your work spreading the workd on a healthier life style.

    Dr. Pam Popper’s latest book will be out shortly FORKS OVER MEDICINE.
    She is quite an inspiration to me and many others. She gives so much of her
    time to help the world.

    I will only be on the call for a short time as I already have other plans 5/30/13.

    R. Bodanis, D.A.S.

  4. Paula

    I am really interested but already have a commitment for Thursday evening. Will you be doing this at another time?

  5. Cynthia

    Thanks for this Invite, Dr. I do eat to cleanse daily and do smoothies. I will attend to see what new juicy info. gems you might share.

    Like how often do you do your major cleanses.


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