SHINE Conference: Scientific and Holistic Investigation of Nutritional Endocrinology Conference with Dr. Ritamarie Loscalzo – The Gut Brain Connection in Clinical Practice – 2015 – RAFFLE – DRAFT

Enjoy SHINE Raffle Prizes and Goodie Bag Delights From Our Fabulous Sponsors!

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All SHINE Conference participants will receive a raffle ticket for prizes collected from our sponsors!

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Raffle Prizes:

  • Genova Diagnostics: The GI Effects Comprehensive Stool Profile – Value $2500
    • The GI Effects Comprehensive Stool Profile is the stool test of choice for optimizing clinical value in managing gut health and has been enhanced to now offer:
      • Further insight into gut flora by identifying 24 Commensal Bacteria targets using PCR technology
      • Identification of parasites using O&P technology
      • Biomarkers indicating levels of digestive and absorptive functions, as well as potential issues with gut inflammation and immunology
  • Dr. Tom O’Bryan:
    • The Gluten SummitAll-Access Package – Value $997

      • Gluten SummitHealthcare professionals, patients, and health enthusiasts can learn from the incredible wealth of information presented at The Gluten Summit by NY Times best-selling authors, world-renowned scientists and doctors, nutritionists and others! View nearly 30 HOURS of multi-media interviews between Dr. O’Bryan and the world’s experts.
      • Includes Lifetime Access to All 29 (Nearly 30 Hours) Video Slideshow Presentations
    • 6 Bottles of NuMedica Glutenza – Value $49.95 each
  • Designs for Health: GI product gift basket – Value $225
  • Protocol for Life Balance: Gift basket of products – Value $142
  • Meridian Valley Lab: 1 Comprehensive ULTIMATE test; includes Oxytocin (the only lab in the world who test for 24-hr urinary Oxytocin) – Value $599
  • Direct Labs: Certificate for CWP – Value $548
  • Sunwarrior: Variety gift pack
  • Cyrex Labs:
    • 1 free Array 2 – Intestinal Antigenic Permeability Screen – Value $195
    • 1 free Array 20 – Blood Brain Barrier Permeability Screen – Value $225
  • Mighty Maca GreensDr. Anna Cabeca (Cabeca Health): 6 canisters of Mighty Maca – Value $59.95 each
  • BioHealth Laboratory: Free ASI #205 for all at-event participants – Value $198 each
  • Kevin George (Brand For Impact):
    • 90-minute branding strategy session
    • 15-minute mini-sessions during conference breaks
  • Chef Karen O: Copy of her new dessert e-book
  • Diane Letchworth: Fairy Catmother T-shirts
  • Arttemis Keszainn: 2 90-minute coaching sessions – Value $250 each
  • Thorne Research: Gift certificate – Value $200
  • Precision Analytical: Dried Urine Test for Comprehensive Hormones (DUTCH) test – Value $399
  • Steph Jackson: Customized yogurt starter – includes consultation with Steph – Value $297

Additional tickets will be available at the event and all the raffle proceeds will be donated to a soon to be determined charity.

SHINE Conference raffle

Let Me Shorten Your Journey to Success in Your Business.
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Yes, Dr. Ritamarie, I’m ready to SHINE!

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S H I N E The Gut-Brain Connection in Clinical Practice

I understand that for my investment, I receive:

  • SHINE Conference 20153 full days of live training sessions with you and world-renowned speakers sharing the most cutting-edge scientific research so I can discover new, deeper ways to help my clients and patients.
  • Access to a list of lab testing resources so I can expand my skill set and increase my confidence in dealing with complex cases related to the gut-brain connection.
  • Invaluable networking and connection opportunities.
  • A class syllabus and notes to help me remember everything I’m learning.
  • All the checklists, charts and resources I need to make my practice shine.

And if I enroll as a VIP, I’ll also receive:

  • SHINE Conference lanyard VIP Great food, all weekend long! Healthy, delicious dinner on Friday and Saturday, and breakfast and lunch each day.
  • Pre- and Post-conference teleseminars with Dr. Ritamarie and subject matter experts so I can continue building my knowledge and skills around managing chronic health challenges that stem from gut-brain illnesses.

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I understand I make this investment at no risk because I’m covered by your 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. I can attend the event for a full day. If I don’t feel like I received a huge value, you’ll credit my tuition plus $100 towards any of your information products, online coaching programs, or digital eBooks. I also understand that I can cancel up to 30 days before the event.