SHINE Conference: Scientific and Holistic Investigation of Nutritional Endocrinology Conference with Dr. Ritamarie Loscalzo – 2016 – RAFFLE

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Dr. Tom O'Bryan

Thrive Academy

All At-Event SHINE Conference Attendees Will Receive a FREE Functional Adrenal Stress Profile (#205) from BioHealth Laboratory
(Value $198)

The Functional Adrenal Stress Profile (#205) is a popular clinical tool for assessing chronic stress and adrenal function in all patients. Utilizing the best in salivary hormone testing materials and technology, the #205 assesses: Cortisol x 4, DHEA-S Average, Estradiol, Estriol, Melatonin, Progesterone, and Testosterone.

BioHealth Laboratory is committed to providing health professionals worldwide with functional lab testing that is accurate, proven reliable, and convenient. Nothing stands in the way of ensuring that scientific quality is applied to our procedures. BioHealth not only exceeds the strict regulatory requirements of the State of California, as well as the federal government, we are also independently accredited by COLA, a private lab quality organization. This optional accreditation ensures that our standards surpass regulatory requirements. From our extensive quality control systems and unrivaled thermal shipping for patients, to diverse training opportunities and speed of processing, BioHealth’s service is committed to delivering quality.

All At-Event SHINE Attendees Will Receive a FREE 1-Year Shopping Membership to Thrive Market
(Value $60)

Thrive Market is “Whole Foods meets Costco” online – a membership e-commerce platform on a mission to make the world’s highest quality natural and organic products affordable for every American family. For $60/year, Thrive members get access to their favorite natural snacks, supplements, home, beauty, and baby products at up to 50% of retail, shipped direct to their door for free.

Each paid membership on the site also sponsors a free membership for a low-income family. Since launching in November 2014, Thrive Market has become the largest online seller of exclusively non-GMO food in the country and the fastest growing natural products ecommerce company ever while eliciting support and investment from hundreds of the top health and wellness influencers in the world.

All At-Event SHINE Conference Attendees
Will Receive a FREE copy of The Art of Attracting Clients (Value $25) and one FREE access ticket to
The Client Attraction Summit (Value $997)
from Thrive Academy

The Art of Attracting Clients: Attract all the clients you want using this proven heart-based system. If you’re ready to finally have your gifts make a bigger difference, make more money doing what you love, become known as an expert and open the doors of opportunity, this book will give you the strategies to help you do just that.

The Client Attraction Summit: Many people dream of changing the world, but can’t seem to get enough clients to live the lifestyle they deeply desire. This can be extremely discouraging when you feel like you’re failing to reach the people who truly need your gifts. If you are ready to finally attract the clients (and the money) that you deserve, then it’s important to know that attracting clients is a skill that can be learned. And if you want to stay in business, it’s the most important thing to focus on. The Client Attraction Summit was designed to give you the skills, confidence, and inspiration to attract more clients, make more money, and a have a much greater impact in the world.

Award-Winning Million Dollar Mentors, Jesse Koren and Sharla Jacobs are famous for turning ordinary Coaches and Holistic Practitioners into transformational leaders who make a 6-Figure income.

Sexual CPR Online Program plus 15-minute Phone Consultation from Dr. Anna Cabeca
(Value $497 + $150)

Sexual CPR with Dr. Cabeca is a 7-part educational online program that addresses hormones, oxytocin, orgasm, and the underlying barriers to health sexual function and intimate, loving relationships.

If you’re ready to learn the SECRETS to reigniting your sex drive, experiencing more deep, soul-satisfying sexual pleasure, and reconnecting with your partner — so you can experience true intimacy — then do NOT miss out on this opportunity to learn from one of the most accomplished and knowledgeable women’s sexual health physicians in the country!

You will explore where and when physical and emotional disconnect happens during intimacy and intercourse, and Dr. Cabeca will share with you her personal network of amazing doctors, specialists, and teachers who can help you with your specific issues around sexuality.

Steel Shaker Bottle and Canister of Mighty Maca Greens from Dr. Anna Cabeca
(Value $76.95)

Mighty Maca Greens combines important minerals, vitamins, enzymes, antioxidants, and phytonutrients in a powerful, synergistic, balanced formula. Dr. Cabeca’s formula increases stamina, aids metabolism, improves digestion, decreases inflammation, helps with mood disorders and PMS, and even strengthens libido. (Certified Gluten Free, Dairy Free, Egg Free, Peanut Free, Made in USA, NSF Sport Certified).

Plant Powered Probiotics Program from Steph Jackson
(Value $297)

In this online program, you learn through video and recipe guides how to ferment everything from tiger nuts to purple yams and create your own delicious yogurts, dips, dressings, cakes, ice cream, and more. Customized decadent fermented foods just for you!

Gift Basket from Mountain Rose Herbs
(Value $75)

Supplying herbalists, clinicians, crafters, and foodies with exquisite quality bulk organic herbs, spices, teas, oils, and natural ingredients since 1987, Mountain Rose Herbs is known for an uncompromising commitment to organic agriculture and environmental sustainability with a steadfast focus on the pure aesthetics and freshness of botanical products. OTCO Certified Organic, IMO Fair For Life, Earth Kosher Certified, and Zero Waste.

Balance Gift Set from Annmarie Skin Care
(Value $160.95)

This skin care gift set is great for all skin types and will help keep your skin in perfect balance! Our Aloe-Herb Facial Cleanser, Ayurvedic Facial Scrub, Neroli Toning Mist, Herbal Facial Oil for Normal and Combination Skin, and Purifying Mud Mask work together to leave your skin fresh, moisturized, and glowing.

Comprehensive Wellness Profile “CWP”
from Direct Labs
(Value $548)

The CWP is the #1 ordered test – year after year! Over 50 individual laboratory tests screen for cardiovascular risk, major organ function, anemia, diabetes, infection, blood disease and other indications of illness. DirectLabs® is a valuable resource for all types of medical practices with uninsured patients or high deductible health plans. Our Direct Access services include: blood, urine, saliva, hair and fecal tests, with major clinical lab draw sites conveniently located close by. Services are simple with confidential results available within 24 hours for most tests.

CompletePLUS Hormone and Metabolite Test
from Meridian Valley Lab
(Value $225)

The CompletePLUS is a new test that combines the depth and breadth of 24-hour urine testing with the time-specific advantages previously available only in saliva testing, but without the downsides of saliva testing. Our dried urine hormone testing combines the benefits of these two well-established methods to give you hormone metabolites previously only available in 24-hour urine testing, and offering 4-point (circadian) cortisol and cortisone. The CompletePLUS measures over 30 hormones and metabolites.

Improve Your Sight – Naturally! A 7-week Fundamentals of Natural Vision Program from Toni St. Clair and TrueSelf TotalHealth
(Value $297)

Natural vision training teaches you how to achieve relaxed vision and care for your sight the natural way. In Natural Eyesight classes you re-learn the correct habits of natural seeing…the same ones you had when you had clear vision in the past…the same habits that people with perfect sight are using all day long. Note: This program is NOT about eye exercises. You study DR. BATES’ facts of natural eyesight, based on years of original research. By the end of this training, you will understand how sight can improve and remain clear with nature, relaxed vision habits.

  • You RE-LEARN the correct habits of natural seeing.
  • You learn PALMING, ACUPRESSURE POINTS, and SELF-MASSAGE to release chronic tensions held in the eye, neck, and shoulder muscles.
  • You learn FUNCTIONAL NUTRITION and LIFESTYLE activities to support healthy vision and brain function.

Gift Certificate for Thorne products
from Thorne Research
(Value $200)

Since 1984, Thorne Research has set the standard for exceptional quality manufacturing and formulation of premium nutritional supplements available through licensed health-care practitioners. With more than 400 products, Thorne Research is recognized by health-care practitioners as a global leader in providing nutritional supplements of the highest quality and purity. Through recent acquisitions and joint ventures, Thorne Research now also offers product lines that address the nutritional deficiencies and requirements of those with cancer, neurological disorders, or cardiovascular disease, in addition to a product line for high performance athletes, and related supportive practice management programs.

Gift Basket from Sunwarrior
(Value $200)

You’ll enjoy a selection of fine products, courtesy of Sunwarrior, including:

  • 1 Classic Plus Vanilla 500g
  • 1 Warrior Blend Mocha 500g
  • 1 Ormus Super Greens Natural 8oz
  • 1 Liquid Light 32oz
  • 1 Eco Jute Tote bag
  • 1 Blender Bottle
  • 1 Klean Kanteen Blue
  • 1 Unisex Sky Blue T-shirt Large Size

Sunwarrior is one of the fastest growing health-conscious, superfood companies. We’re committed to making the best plant-based proteins and natural supplements. Our mission to Illuminate Body, Mind, and Planet drives all we do, from fitness challenges in our office to sourcing the finest organic ingredients from around the world. It’s who we are.

Two Complimentary Gluten Testing Arrays from Cyrex Laboratories
(Value $550)

Array 3: Wheat/Gluten Proteome Reactivity and Autoimmunity™ accurately identifies Gluten Reactivity, and measures antibody production against 8 wheat proteins and peptides, 3 essential structure enzymes and the Gliadin-Transglutaminase Complex, a neo-complex which researchers at the 10th International Congress on Autoimmunity in Leipzig Germany (April 2016) presented as the best serological biomarker for intestinal damage and/or Celiac disease.

Array 4: Gluten-Associated Cross-Reactive Foods and Food Sensitivity™ is a food immune reactivity panel specific for the patient who is on a gluten-free diet, but not recovering as well as expected. Array 4 identifies reactivity to foods known to cross-react to gliadin and reactivity to newly-introduced or over-consumed foods on a gluten-free diet. Array 4 helps to uncover reasons why some patients do not get better on the gluten-free diet alone.

Cyrex Laboratories® is a unique clinical immunology laboratory specializing in environmentally-induced autoimmunity. Cyrex delivers next generation assessments for antigenic intestinal and blood-brain barrier permeability – the gateways to autoimmunity; environmental trigger screening including dietary antigens, pathogens, and xenobiotics; and multi-tissue antibody testing for predictive biomarkers of autoimmune reactivity to a variety of key antigens. These clinical tools assist the practitioner in the early detection and monitoring of today’s complex autoimmune conditions.

Through continuous collaboration with leading experts in medical research and clinical practice, Cyrex develops innovative arrays that assess the cross-connections between the body’s immune, gastrointestinal, and neurological systems.

Gift Basket (Value: $100) and Gift Card (Value: $25)
from Austin Natural Grocers

Enjoy a fabulous gift basket of assorted items from the Guadalupe Street location of Austin Natural Grocers and a $25 gift card (redeemable at any Natural Grocers location).

Natural Grocers is a leading new American Revolution toward natural and organic products that are good for you and good for the environment. Our core values have inspired our mission of Building Healthier Communities and Ecosystems for over 60 years.

Body Ecology 101 Online Course plus BE Product Bundle with Donna Gates
(Value: $550)

An at-home study course designed to provide you with step-by-step support, meal plans, recipes, food prep demos, and cutting-edge informative in audio lessons and interviews! Along with your digital course, transform your health by supporting a healthy gut with Body Ecology’s most essential products, including: Vitality SuperGreen, Probiotic Drink Cocobiotic, Fermented Protein Powder, Ancient Earth Minerals, and Stevia Liquid Concentrate.

2 DUTCH Complete Tests from Precision Analytical
(Value: $399 each)

Dried Urine Test for Comprehensive Hormones (DUTCH) Complete: The most advanced hormone test, offering an extensive profile of sex and adrenal hormones, along with their metabolites, to identify symptoms of hormonal imbalances. Easily collected in the comfort of the patient’s own home, tests are sent to our lab to be processed in order to provide a detailed analysis. The DUTCH Complete is the most accurate test, providing a complete assessment of hormonal health.

Precision Analytical exists to make it easier for patients and their healthcare providers to find answers to complex clinical questions that affect their lives every day. Our unique hormone testing and reporting methods create better tools for healthcare providers to explore hormone issues with their patients. We are fully committed to the mission of improving the lives of those who trust us for their laboratory testing needs.

Elaina Love’s Pure Bundle of Joy Recipes:
Pure Joy Kitchen Volumes 1 & 2 – 2 sets available
(Value: $50 each)

You will receive Elaina Love’s debut Elaina’s Pure Joy Kitchen Recipe Book from 2000, as well as her new collection of recipes from all classes taught from 2001 through 2008. Volume 2, which features over 100 recipes, has been updated (August 2010) and features low-glycemic ingredients.

Spring Into Vitality Raffle

Elaina Love’s Amazing Nut Milk Bag – 5 available
(Value: $10 each)

This is the original *AMAZING* NUT MILK BAG designed by Elaina Love. These are the highest quality nut milk bags you will find anywhere…guaranteed!

The Amazing Nut Milk Bag is a large, oval-shaped, draw-string bag made of a very sturdy nylon so you can use it over and over again to make your own nut milk, juice, or sprouts. This works better than cheesecloth because it does not let pulp through and does not stretch out in the same way that organic materials do. It is better than a mesh screen because you can squeeze it…maximizing your yield and minimizing your preparation time. The bag will hold up to 4 cups at one time.

Pure Joy Planet was founded in 1999 by Executive Raw Chef Elaina Love. Today she is an Instructor, Lifestyle and Detox Counselor, and founder of Pure Joy Academy.
Elaina Love has become known worldwide for her extensive raw food demonstrations on and internationally where she teaches a variety of raw gourmet creations.

The Dyslexia Reversal System: Online Training Program to Reverse Dyslexia from Dr. Phyllis Books
(Value: $999)

The Dyslexia Reversal System (DRS) is a revolutionary, cutting-edge and totally natural way of upgrading and rewiring your child’s neurological system to reverse dyslexia. The course walks you, the parent, though a step-by-step process complete with images and videos illustrating exactly what you need to do, how to do it, how to practice, all in the proper order to achieve amazing, dyslexia-reversing results which traditional medicine and education simply don’t offer.

MTHFR, Methylation & Biochemistry
Mastery Course – 2 Available
(Value: $1197 each)

Presented by Michael McEvoy, FDN, CNC, CMTA and Founder of Metabolic Healing, the MTHFR, Methylation & Biochemistry Mastery training is the premier course for clinicians, health care practitioners, and nutritionists who want to stay on the cutting-edge of 21st century nutrition and healthcare by integrating genetic testing into their practice.

Metabolic Healing’s practitioner products are designed to educate health care professionals with unique, practical, scientifically sound, and holistic methods for assessing and providing guidance to their client base. We provide online educational courses, functional blood and nutrigenomics reports, as well as an online database of science-based health articles. We strive to help health care professionals break though the common roadblocks with their client’s health by providing cutting-edge ideas and practices.

1-Hour Skype/Phone Healing with Dr. David Weinthal: Spiritual Healings in The Holy Way – 3 available
(Value: $300 each)

Join Dr. David Weinthal and be gently guided through the layers of the heart, which represent the physical, emotional, soul, and spirit. Identify where you possess perceived blocked or stuck energy. Receive prescribed prayers and divine qualities to lift the darkness to reveal the light and blessings within.

Spring Into Vitality Raffle

1-Hour Skype/Phone Healing with Dr. David Weinthal: Private 1:1 Consultation on Awakening the Intuitive Healer with the Five Elements – 3 available
(Value: $300 each)

Join Dr. David Weinthal and first learn how to access in yourself and others the balance or imbalance of the five elements. Secondly, you’ll then be better able to develop the exercises you or your clients need to harmonize and clear the imbalances. Finally teach your clients to follow this process for themselves.

Using Acupuncture and Chinese Herbal Medicine, NAET, and Spiritual-Medical Healing, Dr. Weinthal provides a unique natural comprehensive treatment to his patients.

Muse Meditation Headband
(Value: $249)

Muse is a brain sensing headband that makes meditation easier. Meditation has been proven to reduce stress and increase focus, but it can be hard to know if you’re doing it right. Muse provides you with real-time audio feedback on what’s happening in your brain when you meditate, letting you know when your mind wanders and teaching you to regain focus. Think of Muse as your personal guide to meditation as you journey toward a calmer and more present self.

Certified Gluten Practitioner (CGP) Program from Dr. Tom O’Bryan
(Value: $2197)

The Certified Gluten Practitioner Program is the most comprehensive practitioner education available for Non-Celiac Gluten Sensitivity (NCGS), Celiac Disease (CD) and Autoimmune Disorders. This course provides research based education, the facts about celiac and non-celiac gluten sensitivity and related autoimmune disorders, as well as clinically proven approaches to help you support your patients. This course is for healthcare practitioners who want a more comprehensive understanding of gluten and its related disorders. Whatever your level of education on the subject, you will find value in this course.

FreshAir Everest Purification System
from EnviroMed Sciences
(Value: $799)

Our unique FreshAir Everest technology goes far beyond simple filtration and dust collection. Active air purification can remove smoke, odors, odor-causing bacteria, airborne contaminants, and contaminants on surfaces that simply can’t be reached by other types of air purification. Treat the air and surfaces in your home or office on a continuous basis with NASA-inspired, FreshAir certified space technology. FreshAir purification systems can bring the power of science and nature to you and your family. FreshAir uses “Hydrogen Peroxide Molecules” to kill 99% virus, bacteria and mold, in air and on surfaces while eliminating odors and airborne allergens!

One-Day LIVE Doorway to Transformation Class: The Principles and Foundations of Transpersonal Energy Healing from the Lionheart Institute – 4 available
(Value $247 each)

The Doorway to Transformation is a 1-day, 8-hour workshop (CE’s for select licensed professionals) to provide a discovery of the energetic thought patterns and belief systems reflected in the subtle nervous system, auric field and chakras. You’ll understand how subconscious patterns influence and limit us yet once in our awareness, free our potential for relaxed and open health and contact in relationships. You’ll learn a full body hands-on Energy Healing technique that makes you feel relaxed, recharged and joyful! This is a one-day live class in Los Angeles.

Extra Raffle Goodies Including:

  • Meditation Book and 2 Companion CD’s set (Value $19.85)
  • Digital e-Book: Taming the Restless Mind: The Best Kept Meditation Secret on the Planet (Value $7.95)
  • Digital Audio: The Inner Workout: Recharging Your Power Plant (Value $5.95)
  • Digital Audio: Ready for a Good Night’s Sleep (Value $5.95)

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I understand that when I enroll as a SHINE VIP, I’ll receive:

  • SHINE Conference 20163 full days of live training sessions with me, Dr. Ritamarie, and my carefully-selected guest speakers specializing in functional assessments in clinical practice
  • Step-by-step assessment protocols
  • Checklists of protocols for quick patient plans
  • Worksheets to help you personalize your journey
  • Comprehensive list of specialty labs all in one place
  • A beautiful binder in which to keep all your worksheets and notes to use as a reference guide once you’ve left the conference
  • Opportunities to practice yoga, meditation, and fitness
  • Food making demos, including instruction on how to incorporate food demos into your assessment and support package
  • Invaluable networking and connection opportunities: Make new friends, build your professional network, and share ideas with like-minded holistic health practitioners.
  • Revitalizing and delicious, whole-food, plant-based meals all weekend long (Foods will be organic as much as possible, including living foods and cooked options available at all meals, and all meals are free from gluten, dairy, sugar and common allergens)
    • Breakfast: All 3 days
    • Lunch: All 3 days
    • Friday and Saturday Night Dinner
  • VIP-Only Private Breakfast Spotlight Coaching and Q&A Session
  • Saturday Evening Reception: A chance to mingle with Dr. Ritamarie and her guest speakers and get your questions answered
  • A pre-conference online Clinical Success Mastery Preparation Workshop with Dr. Ritamarie
  • 2 post-conference online Strategic Implementation Workshops with Dr. Ritamarie and guest experts in lab assessments
  • Keep Your Assessments Organized Kit: A PDF collection of forms Dr. Ritamarie uses in her practice to keep track of client evaluations and progress
  • Assess Your Own Body Chemistry e-book: Provides detailed how-to instructions for the “at-home” tests we share at the event (and more)
  • AND a very special VIP goodie bag

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And I understand that I make my investment at no risk because I’m covered by your 100% Satisfaction Guarantee: that is, if after attending the first day of SHINE, I don’t feel like I’m getting an incredible value, I can ask for a full refund, and you’ll credit my tuition plus $100 toward any of your products. I also understand that I can cancel up to 30 days before the event.

Cancellation Policy: Due to the cost of meal and material arrangements, should I cancel less than 30 days in advance or not show up, I will forfeit the ticket price.