Spring Into Vitality Video Collection 2014: A Transformational Cleansing and Detoxification Video Workshop Collection from Dr. Ritamarie Loscalzo

Finally! Develop the Knowledge and Skills You Need
to Get to the Root Cause of Your OWN Symptoms and Truly Heal – So You Live with Optimum Energy,
Joy, Overall Health, and Vitality!

You CAN become a health detective – and uncover what’s really wrong –
so you can develop powerful protocols for feeling your best.
Transform your health and your life! I’ll show you how.


From the desk of Dr. Ritamarie

Dr. Ritamarie Loscalzo - B4 Be Gone

Dear Friend in Health, Inspiration, and Motivation,

If you’re anything like I was 30 years ago, you may be experiencing some of the following:

  • You’re exhausted, and you’re tired of feeling this way. It’s difficult to drag yourself out of bed in the morning, and you can’t wait to put your head on your pillow in the evening. It’s all you can do to get through the day, and you find yourself craving caffeine and sugary snacks just to give yourself a boost.
  • Although you consider yourself a dedicated, hard-working person, you feel unmotivated and you have trouble focusing. You have trouble getting on task, and even once you do, you’re so easily distracted! It’s frustrating.
  • You simply aren’t yourself. You’re experiencing vague symptoms like pain, low libido, headaches, anxiety, and mood swings … but you can’t put your finger on precisely what’s wrong.
  • You’ve been spending lots of time visiting the doctor about your new and nagging symptoms, getting vague answers about hormonal or digestive issues … and you’re frustrated that the treatments they prescribe don’t really help because they work at the symptom level instead of the source level.

If these scenarios sound familiar, I have good news. You are in exactly the right place. And you’re not alone.

It’s not your fault these symptoms have taken over your life, making it nearly impossible for you to feel energized, motivated, happy, fulfilled, and vibrant, like you once did, or wish you did.

If you’re like so many of my clients, you experience a multitude of symptoms on a daily basis, from fatigue to weight gain to chronic pain to digestive issues … and you want, more than anything, to feel “normal” again.

If this rings true, chances are you’ve visited doctor after doctor, specialist after specialist, searching for answers to your biggest health questions:

  • Why am I so tired?
  • Why do I still hurt?
  • How can I get more energy?
  • What can I do differently to finally feel better?

Chances are, too, that you haven’t gotten satisfactory answers, even though your doctors and practitioners undoubtedly have your best interests at heart.

So what’s the problem?

The problem is that many conventional medical professionals treat patients by prescribing (or recommending) medications to alleviate symptoms, rather than by correcting the underlying imbalances that cause the symptoms. In this way, they keep the condition in check and alleviate pain … yet the disease process remains.

That’s also one of the reasons nearly one-half of the American population over the age of 40 is currently taking medication for at least one chronic condition.

What if you could address the underlying causes of your health challenges, using a systems-oriented approach?

Now you can.

Once You Take a Holistic, Systematic Approach to Determine the Root Causes of Your Symptoms, You Can Take Specific Actions to Awaken your Inner Healer and Empower Her into Action

The result: you feel better. You feel like YOU again.

You Restore Your Health …
and Your Energy, Motivation, and HAVE FUN AGAIN!

I’m going to explain. But first, let me tell you a bit about who I am and how I can help you! I’m Dr. Ritamarie Loscalzo, MS, DC, CCN, DACBN, founder of the Institute of Nutritional Endocrinology, and I specialize in (and am widely renowned as an authority in) nutrition and women’s health. I’m a bestselling author and speaker on the topic, and I’m a Doctor of Chiropractic with certification in acupuncture and clinical nutrition. I’m also a diplomat of the American Clinical Board of Nutrition, and a certified HeartMath™ instructor.

But it wasn’t always this way. I’ve been through the frustration of not being able to find solutions to my own symptoms, which impacted my career, my relationships, and my joy in life.

In fact, my journey to this incredible place started more than 30 years ago. I was in my 20s, an overachiever dedicated to doing and “having it all.” I worked long hours. I played hard. I drank caffeine and ate snacks to
maintain the crazy energy level my activities required.

Then I got sick. Really sick. I suffered from sinus problems, chronic fatigue, headaches, brain fog,
and digestive issues. None of my activities—from work to relationships to hobbies—held
the same level of fun and excitement they had before.

None of the many doctors I consulted with made the connection between what I was
experiencing and the stressors in my life.

It took me several years and tons of money to get myself back on track.
I became a “health detective”, and I learned how to make daily choices
about how I eat, think, breathe, and feel.

I cringe when I think of all the time I lost and the opportunities I missed.

Now, over 30 years later, I feel much more vibrant and alive than I did
before I became ill.

Taking my life back was the best decision I ever made for myself and for my family.

In fact, it made such a difference, I’ve since made it my mission to teach
busy women just like me—women just like YOU—to become health
detectives, so they can awaken and empower their own healing wisdom,
and “have it all,” too.

I want you to know that the issues you’re experiencing are preventable, identifiable,
and reparable.

With the right tools and strategies, you CAN become a health detective, get to the root of your symptoms, and empower your inner healer to repair your body – and your mind – for optimum health.

I know how overwhelming your symptoms can feel — how difficult it can be to get to their root cause and then overcome them.

It’s time to get inspired … and empowered! NOW is the perfect time for YOU to take back control.

Why now?

Well … Why NOT now?!

Why wait any longer? Why waste any more of your time, any more of your life, not feeling your best? You’ll never get these missed moments and/or opportunities back!

Imagine how much more you’ll enjoy your relationships, your favorite activities, and your favorite people when you feel your best.

Are you ready to experience this kind of energizing renewal for yourself?

I have suffered for a very long time with hormonal issues. I have been through several cleanses, metabolic typing, enzymes with chiropractors, alternative doctors, etc. A piece of the puzzle was missing. Even though I thought I was eating clean, this program took me to the next level. I wish I found this program several years ago. I feel so much better. I feel I’m starting a new journey in my life. Dr. Ritamarie, thank you so much.

~ Leslie Landwehr

Spring Into Vitality 2016: Empower Your Inner Healer

Digital Video Collection

Access our series of digital high definition videos from the 3-day LIVE conference and learn exactly what you need to know to ensure you make the right decisions about your health and your habits, now and in the future.

3 Days of Recorded Strategies to Put You on Track to Empowering your Inner Healer by Becoming a Health Detective … So You Can Begin Healing, Revitalizing, and Enjoying Your Health AND Your Life!

You’ll Learn Exactly How to Assess Your Symptoms AND Their Causes, So You Can Repair Your Health and Optimize Your Life.

Here’s just a taste of what you’ll learn from this amazing 3-day video collection.

Day 1: Awaken

We all have an inner healer, and when we get out of her way, magic happens.

The trouble is, your busy and stressful lifestyle, toxic environment, and less-than- optimal lifestyle choices interfere with your body’s ability to heal itself.

The first step to empower your own inner healer is to awaken her.

You don’t need to run to the doctor every time you experience a new symptom. This is where you learn how to dig deep and get to the root of your symptoms, especially those you’ve dealt with for a long time.

You learn:

  • The 7 pillars of unstoppable health and how they support optimal vitality and well-being (when they’re in balance, of course!).
  • How to identify the key stressed areas in your body.
  • How to identify nutrient imbalances, based on the symptoms you experience.
  • How to evaluate your environment and products for stressors on your health (including mold, toxic chemicals in cleaning products, and others).
  • And more!

Day 2: Discover

During these experiential sessions, you’ll see exactly which tests you can do at home, and which you can ask your doctor to run for you, as you begin investigating your health hypotheses.

You learn:

  • Specific tests you can run at home (see recorded demonstrations).
  • Which lab tests to ask for and how to work with your doctor to get the tests you need.
  • How to order tests on your own when your doctor isn’t willing to run them for you.
  • How to interpret your own blood chemistry and to know when your results are outside the “optimal” ranges.
  • In-depth functional tests and how to determine which ones you need and when to run them (timing is important!)
  • And more!

Day 3: Empower

Here’s where the magic happens! Once you know where your problems come from, it’s time to begin building a strong foundation based on the 7 pillars of health to get rid of them. You’ll begin creating your “Unstoppable Health Roadmap,” which you can take home and continue to build upon in your own environment.

You learn:

  • How to balance specific nutritional deficiencies.
  • Tips for balancing specific hormones and body systems.
  • The role your digestive tract plays in balancing your hormones and energy (and how to ensure it’s running as smoothly as possible).
  • Exactly what to do to get and stay balanced.
  • And more!

In Short, You Learn My Specific, Proven, Systematic Plan for Becoming a Health Detective and Getting to the Root Causes of Your Symptoms. Then, You’ll Empower Your Inner Healer, So You Can Feel Energized, Motivated, Happy, and Healthy!

This video collection combines the best of all worlds: access to all the science-based approaches to investigating your health, cutting-edge testing, and the comfort and ease of learning everything from your home or office on your own 3-day schedule… all working together to ensure your best health and your best life.

Learn From Our Spring Into Vitality
Hormone Balancing Guest Experts

It is my great honor and pleasure to bring you to my panel of Special Guest Experts that I’ve handpicked over many of my amazing colleagues, due to their expertise in distinct areas of hormone balancing.

“Spring Into Your Greatness:
Make Health and Wellness Lifestyle Changes That Stick!”

with Toni St. Clair

Good intentions — you have them, but are they enough to actively achieve your health goals? Join Toni St. Clair and learn to shift and maintain your thoughts and actions from “self-sabotage” to “self-care”.

Toni St. Clair is a functional nutrition coach, plant-based nutrition educator, wellness consultant, and speaker. She is an expert in helping people step into their greatness by making lifestyle changes that stick. She has received multiple but interrelated certifications as a live food chef and instructor, plant-based nutrition educator, hatha yoga teacher, and natural eyesight improvement teacher and is currently a certification candidate at the Institute of Nutritional Endocrinology. Toni is the creator and host of the popular 2015 Your Life In Balance Summit and the companion Your Life In Balance Go-To Guide.

Toni has the skills, training, and tools to help you balance your health and transform your life by meeting you where you are to get you where you want to be. Her approach is to provide her clients with skills and resources to make sustainable changes in a manner and pace that is affordable and practical.

Learn More: www.TrueSelfTotalHealth.com

“Optimize Your Energy Through Your Unique Microbiome”

with Steph Jackson

Join Steph Jackson and get personalized strategies to optimize your energy through you microbiome. Access your digestion and leverage the power of probiotics for your health.

Steph Jackson, ex-yogurt maker now called “The Gut Whisperer” by her clients, is here to give you valuable and unique resources for digestive health. She advocates using probiotic bacteria functionally in consideration of each person’s biochemistry, their environment, and their whole digestive bacterial colonies in order to achieve optimal health. After doing the research to build her non-dairy yogurt company, she could not keep quiet about some of the things she discovered and is now using her Masters degrees in education and curriculum design to put together programs to teach others this valuable information. She always says she is wishing you vibrant health and the freedom to live it, and she means it.

Learn More: www.StephJackson.com

“It Might Be Mold”

with Dr. Ann Shippy, MD

Join Dr. Shippy and learn how to assess yourself and your environment to see if mold toxicity is making you sick and what to do about it.

Ann Shippy, M.D. is on a mission to help create extraordinary wellness throughout the world by using cutting-edge science, testing, and the latest genetic research to find and treat root causes–and not just the symptoms–of illness. As a former IBM engineer, Dr. Shippy became frustrated that traditional medicine couldn’t find answers to her own health ailments, so she left over a decade in engineering to adapt her skill-set to the world of medicine.

She attended the University of Texas Medical School and has a thriving practice in Austin, Texas. She is board certified both in Internal Medicine and Functional Medicine. Creating custom blueprints and real-world health solutions for those suffering from any combination of physical, environmental, genetic, and individualized health concerns she insists on using science and personalized attention to treat the patient in totality–and not just bandage symptoms.

She is on a tireless mission to help create a world of wellness…“because every life matters”.

Learn More: www.ShippyMD.com

“Empower Your Meals with Low-Glycemic,
Raw Vegan Recipes Demonstrated”

with Elaina Love

Seventeen years after a diagnosis of candida and a multitude of food allergies led her to recovery through raw food, Elaina Love enjoys a vibrant life and is continually inspired to create new recipes that incorporate comfort while nourishing the body with the highest nutrient-rich foods available. At Spring Into Vitality, you’ll see first hand her delicious creations including:
– Raw Vegan, Low-Glycemic Chocolate Chip Blondies
– Creamy Sunflower Onion Dip
– Macadamia Whip Dip in Collard Wraps
– Key Lime Parfaits with Crunchy Walnut Crumble

Elaina Love is the premier, low-glycemic, professional Raw Food Chef, Instructor, and Lifestyle Counselor at Pure Joy Culinary Academy. She began teaching and creating healthy foods in 1998. Her unique style of creating low-glycemic, healthy, gourmet cuisine keeps her busy lecturing, catering, teaching culinary courses, and writing books. She is the director of Pure Joy Culinary Academy, which focuses on a low-glycemic, high raw, and plant-based food lifestyle program. Elaina’s outreach includes culinary certification courses, cleansing courses, and healthy lifestyle products.

With a passion for sharing knowledge attained through her years of experience, Elaina has counseled people throughout the world to bring about positive changes in their lives. Her teaching and support empowers people to lose weight and gain energy and health by making positive lifestyle choices and incorporating more plant-based foods into their diet. She is well known for making phenomenal food that leaves people wondering how they can feel so satisfied, yet so energized.

Learn More: www.ElainaLove.com

“Your Heart is a Hologram of Your Body”

with Dr. David Weinthal, DOM, LAc

Learn how to tap into the secret chamber in your heart to awaken the most powerful force in the universe. Dr. David Weinthal has over 20 years of knowledge and wisdom of Medical Qigong, Chinese medicine, and conscious breathing to awaken the healer within. Discover golden keys of the Tree of Life to awaken your heart to patience, kindness, and compassion for yourself and others.

David Weinthal, DOM, LAc, is a Doctor of Oriental Medicine and a Licensed Acupuncturist. Dr. Weinthal is passionate about empowering his patients to achieve optimal health using natural medicine. He has trained extensively both in the United States and China; has over 17 years of experience as an acupuncturist; and is a Master Herbalist, raw food chef, and spiritual teacher. Using an eclectic approach, he combines the best of acupuncture, herbal medicine, food as medicine, and esoteric healing to transform not only your health, but also your spirit. Dr Weinthal is the founder and creator of the online High Vibrational Living Summit, a series of 36 interviews with experts on health, wellness, and spirituality. He also authored an e-book and instructional video, Awakening the Soul, on stress reduction using Qigong and meditation.

Learn More: www.OneEssenceHealing.com

“Unlock Your Body’s Natural Ability to
Maintain Balance Through Food”

with Chef Karen Osborne

Karen Osborne (Karen-O), is a gourmet living foods chef, instructor, and graduate of both The Natural Epicurean and The Living Light Culinary Arts Institute. Karen will be demonstrating easy, delicious ideas to nourish your body and palate.

Karen is a personal chef, a demo chef for Sunwarrior, co-founder of Outrageous Raw, LLC in Austin, TX, and is finishing therapeutic yoga teacher training in May, 2016. Karen uses her knowledge of raw, vegan, macrobiotic and Ayurvedic methods to help people take control of their health deliciously. She is also available for in-home meal preparation, catering, and private instruction in raw food preparation (in home or by Skype). She regularly demonstrates Raw Food Joy in Austin, manages Dr. Ritamarie’s Co-op, and teaches classes.

From delicate to dynamic, her food is music to the palate. You have never experienced culinary delights such as hers, but you will over the three days of the event by simply upgrading to the VIP Package below. It’s so, so EASY for you to Treat Yourself!

Learn More: www.chefkareno.com


“Having a coach is really important…”

~ Ken Jennings,
Entrepreneur, Austin, Texas

Spring Into Vitality - activities to recharge your energy

Now, you may be wondering how we’re going to turn you into a Health Detective and Empower Your Inner Healer in just 3 days.

Great question.

It’s my mission and my life’s purpose to give you the tools you need to regain complete control of your health.

Recently, I spoke to an audience that ranged from young men in their 20’s to older men and women in their 70’s and even an 80 year old. All had one thing in common – the desire to be healthy and energetic and to take control of their own health. They were super excited when we discussed ways they could assess their own health, rather than wait for disease to set in that’s detectable with conventional medical testing.

Did you know…

  • that there are home tests you can do to determine nutrient and hormone status?
  • that the blood test that comes with your annual exam holds gems of wisdom concerning your nutrient status as well as overall hormone and organ balance?
  • and that long before your doctor tells you that something is wrong, you can detect imbalances that can be corrected?

These answers are within this video collection, and I’d love to be your virtual guide on your journey toward optimum health!


“I started to realize I’ve only been treating symptoms of my health…”

~ Arlene Margi,
Austin, Texas


“That was really fun, and I would really want to come here again!”

~ Avalon,
Austin, Texas


“I’ve had my vegetarian meals for the last 3 days and they were awesome!”

~ Vicki Jennings,
Entrepreneur, Austin, Texas

Spring into Vitality

Now, you’re probably wondering how much this is going to cost you.

First of all, I’d love for you to consider this an investment rather than a cost.

Investments pay off, and you can rest assured that you’ll experience a HUGE payoff in terms of health, energy, vitality, and FUN as you get to the root causes of your symptoms and begin restoring balance.

How much is it worth to you to feel 100% confident that you’ve taken control of your own health—now and as you continue to age—and that you won’t have to run to the doctor every time you experience a new symptom?

How much is it worth to you to know that your health doesn’t have to go downhill, that you don’t have to live in confusion, and that you may even be able to avoid taking dangerous medicines or undergoing surgery?

How much is it worth to know that you DO have a choice when it comes to your health?

I believe these things are invaluable.

Would you pay $10,000 to dramatically improve the quality of your life and your health? How about $5,000?

Most health retreats have price tags in the thousands of dollars. Places like the “Tree of Life Rejuvenation Center” sport a $12,000 price tag for a 3-week stay. That’s over $500 a day – and you’re required to commit to 3 weeks. “Hippocrates Health Institute’s Life Transformation Program” is 3 weeks long, and the investment is similar.

Because I know you’re busy, and can’t necessarily manage 3 weeks away and a 5-figure investment, and because it’s so important to me that everyone who needs this transformation has access to it, I’m offering Spring into Vitality in this virtual video collection form for just a fraction of the investment, in terms of both time and money.

Why? Because again, great health is for everyone – and it’s your birthright!

For just $197, you can finally take control of your health, once and for all.

That’s a small price to pay for 3 full days of inspiring and empowering video trainings and – even more importantly – the knowledge and the tools you need to take complete control of your health, now and in the future.

Also, you make this investment at no risk, because you’re covered by my 100% Satisfaction Guarantee:

Spring Into Vitality
Digital Video Collection

30-Day Money Back Guarantee

You make this investment at no risk, because you’re covered by my personal Satisfaction Guarantee.

We are so confident that if you apply the information in this video series, and if you give the strategies an honest effort, you’ll see huge results in your life. Take 30 days to learn and apply the tools we’re sharing. If you decide that the video series is just not for you, simply email helpdesk@DrRitamarie.com and we’ll issue a prompt refund, as long as the request is received within 30 days of the date on your invoice.

So, are you ready to empower yourself with the Spring into Vitality 2016 digital video collection?

Or do you still have a few more questions?

To help you decide if this series is right for you, following are some of the questions I receive most frequently, and my answers.

Q: I’m already extremely busy. How can I justify taking 3 days away from my “real life” to watch online videos?

A: Chances are, if your life continues on the same path you’re on now, you’re going to fast-track it to burnout and other serious health-related issues, even if you’re not outwardly experiencing the negative consequences of your stress. The truth is, you don’t have time NOT to be healthy!

How much time do you waste because you’re not functioning at your best? How many hours do you spend trying to figure out what’s wrong? How often do you miss out on activities you love because you’re too tired?

By taking this time to learn the strategies I have to offer, you will actually gain back all the time you spend being unfocused and unproductive because you’re exhausted and in pain.

Q: Finances are tight. How can I justify this expenditure?

A: Your health is the most important resource you have. If you invest in this series now, you save yourself from having to invest in your body later, in terms of both time and money.

Consider the costs of doctors’ visits, expensive prescriptions, and experimentation with supplements that are not right for you, and then consider the savings when you learn to identify and repair imbalances on your own.

Q: This seems like it might be hard to do. How can I be sure I won’t “fall off the wagon”?

A: Repairing your health can feel like a big undertaking, can’t it? I promise you, it’s easier than you think.

With the information and the support we give you throughout this 3-day video collection, you walk away with new techniques, an implementation PLAN, and a completely different mindset that renders willpower unnecessary.

You will have made the wise choice to change your lifestyle and habits, so you’re able to easily accomplish things that may have felt impossible before. You’ll feel better, get better, and LIVE BETTER!


“I’ve had a radical transformation…”

~ Lynn Mahler,
Yoga Instructor, Austin, Texas

Q: I’m a man, and I understand that you work primarily with women. Would it make any sense for me to watch this series?

A: Absolutely. Everyone, regardless of gender, should learn how to identify the causes of their symptoms and get their health back on track.

If you’re experiencing new or nagging symptoms that take away from your ability to live life the way you want to, then you will undoubtedly benefit from what my experts and I are teaching at Spring into Vitality. This video collection is definitely not “Women Only”; we’d love to share it with you!

Q: I’ve tried lots of things that promised to help me feel better. How can I be sure that what you’re teaching works?

A: Of course, results vary by individual and are a function of your current health levels, your own situation, and how well you implement what you learn. I can tell you, though, that I’ve experienced the same healing techniques I’m sharing here, and so have many of my clients.

Here are a few examples:

  • I reinvented myself from a fatigued, yo-yo dieting 20-something with sinus problems, headaches, and digestive problems to a vibrant, fit, and energetic late-60-year-old healthy-living entrepreneur.
  • Lynn Mahler - BEFORE and AFTER - side view x300I helped an overweight client go from spending her days in a puddle on the couch, suffering from chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia, to being a successful and happy consultant who can now squat over 100 pounds.
  • I helped a client drop 110 pounds and no longer test positive for Hashimoto’s (an auto-immune thyroid condition) after being on thyroid medication for more than 50 years.
  • I helped a client go from taking 3 blood sugar lowering medications and being told he needed insulin, to maintaining normal blood sugar levels completely on his own.
  • I helped an overweight client go from being too exhausted to grocery shop without a nap beforehand, to being employed full-time and doing volunteer work on the side.
  • I helped a client regain her health, finally drop 50 pounds after 16 years of trying, quadruple her income, and create a thriving consulting business … in large part because she got her energy back!
  • I even helped a client who hadn’t had sex with her husband in years to transform her entire life. She recently wrote to tell me she and her husband are practically living a honeymoon life now!

“If you’re on the fence, I really would encourage you to come…”

~ Amorette Kwan,
Health Coach, Houston, Texas

So NOW Are You Ready to Register and Recharge?

Reservation Form

Yes, Dr. Ritamarie, I’m Ready to Spring Into Vitality with the 2016 Video Collection!

The LIVE 3-Day Spring Into Vitality 2016 conference was recorded June 17th – 19th. All of the videos are professionally edited and available for both live streaming and Mp4 download from our membership website. You’ll receive an e-mail with access details to the membership website and all the materials.

I understand that I receive:

  • Spring into Vitality - Transformational 3-Day RetreatDigital access to over 16 hours of professionally edited, high definition videos that you can stream on our protected membership website.
  • Digital downloads in both Mp4 (Video) and Mp3 (Audio) format.
  • Access to all 3 days of PDF handouts including 75 pages of strategies, information, and charts.
  • Access to all the PDF video slides in full and printer-friendly format shared from the LIVE event (over 200 slides).
  • Access to all the guest speaker PDF slides and materials shared from the LIVE event, including recipes from Elaina Love and chef Karen Osborne.
  • A digital PDF copy of the Unstoppable Health Roadmap.
  • A digital PDF copy of all the recommended lab test for the areas of digestion, blood sugar, adrenals, thyroid, sex hormones, and organs.

And I understand I make this investment at no risk because I’m covered by your 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. I can take 30 days to apply the information in this series; If I apply the strategies and decide that the series doesn’t offer techniques that will make a huge difference in my life, I will simply e-mail helpdesk@DrRitamarie.com to request a refund.

SIV 2016: Digital Video Collection
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Every moment, you have a choice.

You can choose to make decisions that lead you closer to the health, body, and mind you want and deserve, or you can choose not to.

You can choose to take control of your own health, by becoming educated and arming yourself with the tools you need, or you can choose to sit back and let life happen to you while your health deteriorates.

What’s it going to be?

If you’re committed to taking charge of your health and creating your best life,
then this is your opportunity.

SpringIntoVitality - ImagineRegister now for the Spring into Vitality 2016: Empower Your Inner Healer Digital Video Collection

I look forward to sharing my strategies with you and being a part of your transformation!

Love, Health, and Joy,

Dr. Ritamarie Loscalzo: Hormone Expert



Dr. Ritamarie

P.S. You can invest months or years of your time and thousands of dollars in trying to figure out what’s wrong … or you can shortcut your learning curve through this video series and walk away with the support, tools, advice, and knowledge you need to take control of your health and transform your ENTIRE life.

Which will you choose?

Access this online series now.

SIV 2016: Digital Video Collection
Conference Ticket Regular Price $1297
Today Only: $197
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P.P.S. Have a question? E-mail us at SIV@drritamarie.com and we’ll get back to you.