2014: Spring Into Vitality: Last Chance Upgrade to VIP

OneTimeOfferBefore you go, I just want to be extra sure you’ve considered our Spring Into Vitality VIP package. This will be your last chance to upgrade for only $100! The price for upgrading after this point will be $197. Should you UPGRADE as a valued VIP, you’ll enjoy the specially designed meals that Dr. Ritamarie has arranged and extra features including:

  • Breakfast: Fri, Sat, Sun
  • Lunch: Fri, Sat, Sun
  • Supper: Fri, Sat
  • VIP teleseminars: Pre- and post-conference
  • VIP goodie bags and materials

Click to Upgrade NOW for Only $100 and SAVE!

[upsell_link offer_code=”jncmrtKV” name=”SIV-VIP-upgrade” price=”100″ /]

Or… click to decline…

[downsell_link offer_code=”jncmrtKV” /]


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