Spring Into Vitality Conference 2015: A Hormone Harmony Retreat with Dr. Ritamarie Loscalzo – Horseshoe Bay Resort – MEGAN’S VERSION – DRAFT 2 – 2015-02-10-ST

Attention: If you’re ready to feel good in your body, feel confident about your appearance, and feel fully present with your loved ones, all while making a real difference in the world, this is for you…

Spring Into Vitality - Hormone Harmony Retreat - 2015 - Dr Ritamarie - energy recharge

Finally! Discover Proven, Powerful Systems that Recharge Your Energy, Refocus Your Mind, and Reshape Your Body So You Can Enjoy Vibrant Health and Endless Energy!

You CAN transform your health — and your entire life — by cleansing and rebalancing your body.
I’ll show you how.


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Dr. Ritamarie Loscalzo - B4 Be Gone

From the desk of Dr. Ritamarie

Dear Friend in Health, Inspiration, and Motivation,

If you’re anything like I was 30 years ago, you may be experiencing some of the following:

  • You’re exhausted. It’s difficult to drag yourself out of bed in the morning, and you can’t wait to put your head on your pillow in the evening. It’s all you can do to get through the day, and you find yourself craving caffeine and sugary snacks just to give yourself a boost.
  • Although you consider yourself a dedicated person, focusing on the tasks you need to complete each day is a struggle. You’re easily distracted, and it’s frustrating!
  • You simply aren’t yourself. You’re experiencing so many vague symptoms like pain, low libido, headaches, anxiety and mood swings… but you can’t put your finger on precisely what’s wrong.
  • You can’t seem to maintain a healthy weight. If you diet, you lose weight, but as soon as you return to your normal habits, you gain it back (and sometimes more!).
  • Your relationships are suffering. You’re too tired and irritable to be present and fully engaged with the people you love, and you find yourself pushing people away rather than building your relationships.
  • You’ve tried everything you can think of to feel better: you’ve changed your diet, you’ve exercised, and you’ve concentrated on decreasing stress, but something is still… off.
  • There’s so much information out there about the various symptoms you’re experiencing that you’re not sure which to trust. So you try a little of everything—or do nothing at all—and hope for the best.

If these scenarios sound familiar, I have good news. You are in exactly the right place. And you’re not alone.

It’s not your fault these symptoms have taken over your life, making it feel nearly impossible for you to feel completely happy, fulfilled, and vibrant like you once did.

If you’re like so many of my clients, you may believe you’re healthy because you “don’t feel too bad.” The reality, though, is much different.

If you’re experiencing any of the symptoms I listed above, chances are you’re slowly falling apart. (Yes, even if you “feel pretty good,” overall.)


Because as you age, your hormones change — it’s inevitable. As you approach menopause, the levels of progesterone and estrogen (pregnancy hormones) drop. This decrease in hormones can cause the symptoms you’re experiencing now, especially when you’ve spent too much time in the fast lane, burning out your adrenals and eating foods that aren’t compatible with your physiology, because your hormones are already out of balance.

And the thing is, hormones that are out of balance can have dramatic, far-reaching effects on so many aspects of your health.

The good news is that it doesn’t have to be this way!

Fortunately, there IS a solution.

You CAN Bring Your Hormones Back into Balance—Easily—and Rediscover Your Vibrant Health, Boundless Energy, and the FUN You’ve Been Missing Out On!

I’m going to explain. But first, let me tell you a bit about who I am and how I can help you!

I’m Dr. Ritamarie Loscalzo, MS, DC, CCN, DACBN, and I specialize in (and am widely renowned as an authority in) nutrition and women’s health. I’m a bestselling author and speaker on the topic, and I’m a Doctor of Chiropractic with certification in acupuncture and clinical nutrition. I’m a diplomat of the American Clinical Board of Nutrition, and a certified HeartMath™ instructor.

But it wasn’t always this way, and I’ve been through exactly what you’re experiencing, now.

In fact, my journey to this incredible place started more than 30 years ago. I was in my 20s, an overachiever dedicated to doing and having “it all.” I worked long hours. I played hard. I drank caffeine and ate snacks to maintain the crazy energy level my activities required.

Then I got sick. Really sick. I suffered from sinus problems, chronic fatigue, headaches, and digestive issues. None of my activities—from work to relationships to hobbies—held the same level of fun and excitement they had before.

It took me several years and tons of money to get myself back on track. I cringe when I think of all the time I lost and opportunities I missed.

Taking my life back was the best decision I ever made for myself and for my family.

In fact, it made such a difference, I’ve since made it my mission to teach women just like me—women just like YOU—how to heal, so they can “have it all,” too.

I want you to know that the issues you’re experiencing are absolutely PREVENTABLE.

With the right tools and strategies, you CAN balance your hormones and enjoy optimal health.

I know how overwhelming these health symptoms can feel, and how difficult it can be to get to their root and then overcome them.

It’s time to get inspired … and empowered! NOW is the perfect time for YOU to take back control.

Why now? (Well first of all, why NOT now?!)

Second, Spring is considered a time of rebirth! In fact, members of ancient cultures participate in annual Spring cleansing rituals to lift the physical, emotional and spiritual heaviness of winter.

Are YOU ready to experience this kind of cleansing for yourself?

“This program has really allowed me to understand how to test my blood sugar and carb sensitivity. This program was very detailed and packed with valuable information that can be used over and over again. Dr Ritamarie has put together a very thorough program — she is very generous with her time and is very passionate about what she teaches. I would recommend this program to anyone without hesitation.”

~ Mary Didiano

“I have suffered for a very long time with hormonal issues. I have been through several cleanses, metabolic typing, enzymes with chiropractors, alternative doctors, etc. A piece of the puzzle was missing. Even though I thought I was eating clean, this program took me to the next level. I wish I found this program several years ago. I feel so much better. I feel I’m starting a new journey in my life. Dr. Ritamarie, thank you so much.”

~ Leslie Landwehr

You are cordially invited to…

Spring Into Vitality 2015: A Hormone Harmony Retreat

April 17 – 19, 2015 at the Horseshoe Bay Resort in Texas

Horseshoe Bay Resort - Spring Into Vitality - YachtClub

3 Days to Put You on Track to Vibrant Health, Healing, and Endless Energy!

You learn, hands-on, how to add simple, powerful elements to your life to cleanse and detoxify your body on a deep and lasting level, so you can live the life you’re MEANT to live – one with thriving vitality!

Here’s just a taste of what you learn during our time together.

What You’ll Experience in 3 Amazing Days:

Day 1: Meet Your Hormones

You may not realize it just yet, but your hormones can dramatically affect your overall health. They control EVERYTHING! So it’s time to get acquainted, because once you do, you can nourish your hormones and therefore your entire body.

You discover:

  • Spring into Vitality - NourishExactly how hormones work, and more importantly, how they affect your energy, sex drive, mood, weight, body image, hair, skin, and, well, pretty much everything else!
  • The truth about the role of chronic stress in your life, including how it relates to hormone imbalances and robs you of your sex drive.
  • How gut microbes negatively affect hormones and your ability to let go of excess weight, (and what to do about it).
  • How the food you eat affects your hormones (and therefore the rest of your life).
  • How toxins from your environment and your personal care products can dramatically affect your hormone balance.
  • And more!

Day 2: Nourish Your Hormones

Now that you understand how your hormones affect your life, and how your life affects your hormones, it’s time to bring them back into balance! You’ll learn how to refresh and revitalize your hormones, so you effectively recharge every aspect of your life.

You discover:

  • Spring into Vitality - InvigorateThe effective, life-changing hormone-balancing strategies that give you back your energy—and control over your life.
  • What to do to regain the focus and clarity you so miss, and how to keep it, long-term.
  • How to choose foods that nourish your hormones and protect you from the dangerous forms produced as your body tries to excrete them.
  • How to make delicious hormone-harmonizing foods and elixirs that recharge and rejuvenate you.
  • Tips for utilizing hormone-balancing essential oils in your foods.
  • How to create simple meals that leave you feeling balanced, energetic and sexy
  • And more!

Day 3: Create a Lasting Friendship with Your Hormones

It all begins during our 3 days together, but I want you to know how to carry on with the essential, positive shifts you make when you return home – and long into the future – so you can live your absolute best life!

You discover:

  • Spring into Vitality - step into a new youHow to keep your momentum going in the weeks and months ahead, so your new strategies become a full-on, permanent lifestyle change.
  • Proven techniques and strategies for breaking down multiple layers of resistance that have kept you from living your healthiest, most vibrant life.
  • Specific self-care strategies that help you maintain hormonal balance and take only minutes per day.
  • Daily movement exercises that energize and nourish your hormones.
  • And more!

In short, you learn my specific, PROVEN, step-by-step game plan for increasing your energy, reshaping your body and enjoying a clear-headed and joyful disposition.

This event combines the best of all worlds: proven holistic lifestyle choices, cutting-edge scientific data and testing, and a community of supportive, like-minded health enthusiasts and mentors – all to ensure your greatest transformation.

“How I take care of my health has completely changed since following this program. I lost a whole clothing size in a matter of weeks and I am still losing. I have just begun to try other foods again and have discovered the low-glycemic lifestyle seems to work best for me and since stabilizing my blood sugars I don’t have any food cravings.”

~ Charlotte Branca

DonnaKasuska-before-after“I have struggled with health issues and weight issues for 16 years, and in just a few months I have been able to make a total transformation thanks to Dr. Ritamarie and her expert guidance and support. All I had to do was complete some questionnaires and get a few simple tests. Dr. Ritamarie then knew exactly what to do. I followed her instructions exactly and the results have been amazing.”

Click Below to Hear More About Donna’s Story:

~ Donna Kasuska ChemConscious, Inc.


Now you may be wondering how we’re going to create such a huge lifestyle shift in just 3 days.

Great question.

First of all, remember it is my mission, my life’s purpose, to help you heal.

Consider me your mentor, your partner, and your guide on this new section of your journey toward optimum health!

When you join me for Spring into Vitality 2015, you receive:

  • 3 full days of live training sessions with Yours Truly and my carefully-selected guest speakers specializing in hormone balancing, health and fitness.
  • Breakout sessions you select based on your personal needs, desires and situation.
  • Opportunities to practice yoga, meditation, fitness and self-expression through creative pursuits like art.
  • An opportunity for spotlight coaching with my functional nutrition team.
  • Food-making demos, including elixirs for energy and hormone balance.
  • A beautiful binder in which to keep all your worksheets and notes, to use as a reference guide once you’ve left the retreat.
  • Worksheets to help you personalize your journey.
  • A special “goodie bag” with samples and surprises.
  • A community of support to ensure your greatest transformation.

The power of group support is immeasurable and invaluable! When you come together with a group of like-minded individuals, all there to learn, to grow, and to play a role in supporting YOU, you make huge strides.

And together, we experience all of this in a beautiful, refreshing, rejuvenating setting: The Horseshoe Bay Resort in Horseshoe Bay, Texas.

Accommodations: Horseshoe Bay Resort in Horseshoe Bay, Texas

Special Room Rate: Only $179 for Double or King Room

Last day to make a reservation at this special rate: March 31st, 2015

Important: You’ll receive details for resort reservations on the purchase thank you page.





Become a Spring Into Vitality VIP!

Become a VIP and Let Us Nourish and Nurture You with Gourmet Meals All Weekend Long!

[black_tick_list width=”100%”]

  • Spring into Vitality VIPEnjoy revitalizing and delicious, whole-food, plant-based meals all weekend long (foods will be organic as much as possible, high raw with cooked, plant-based options available at all meals)
  • Pre-Conference Webinar to help you get the most out of your experience
  • Post-Conference “Make Every Day a Retreat Day” Webinar
  • A surprise resource kit so you can create your own retreat experience at home
  • VIP “Goodie Bag”[/black_tick_list]

We’ve arranged with the spa to prepare Dr. Ritamarie approved recipes so you’re guaranteed to enjoy energizing nourishment consistent with what you’re learning.

Have you ever been to a health conference, only to find that the only meals offered don’t live up to your standards? Not here! Your meals will nourish and support as well as excite you about just how delicious whole fresh foods can be.

All VIP Meals are gluten-free, dairy-free, sugar-free, plant-based and loaded with green goodness!

You’ll be served breakfast and lunch all 3 days and dinner on Friday and Saturday evening.

Our exact menu is still to be finalized; in the meantime, here’s a sample:

[features_box_paper_white width=”75%” + border=”2px”]

Spring Into Vitality
VIP Tentative Menu Plan

Breakfast Options

  • green smoothie will get you jumping out of bedgreen smoothies
  • chia porridge with an assortment of toppings
  • cashew yogurt
  • fresh fruit
  • steamed vegetables

Lunch and Supper Buffet Options

  • vegetable rollsfresh, raw salad bar
  • a variety of salads and dressings
  • fresh vegetables with a variety of dips
  • gourmet raw dishes like stuffed mushrooms, nori rolls, collard roll-ups (to be determined)
  • Zucchini Spaghettizucchini hummus
  • fresh guacamole and salsa
  • steamed and/or stir-fry vegetables
  • dishes made with non-gluten grains like quinoa

Dessert Options

  • Chocolate Coconutan assortment of delicious low-glycemic, anti-oxidant rich desserts




Spring into Vitality - VIP

Now, you’re probably wondering how much this is going to cost you.

First of all, I’d love for you to consider this an investment rather than a cost.

Investments pay off, and you can rest assured that you’ll experience a HUGE payoff in terms of health, energy, vitality and FUN as you restore balance to your hormones.

How much is it worth to you to feel 100% confident that you’ve taken control of your own health, and are doing the best, healthiest things for your body, mind and spirit?

How much is it worth to you to STOP worrying about what to do or how to do it and START implementing an actual plan, based on a proven strategy, so you can rest assured better health is on the horizon?

How much is it worth to you to feel like the BEST version of yourself, for the rest of your life?

(I believe these things are invaluable!)

Would you pay $10,000 to dramatically improve the quality of your health and your life? How about $5,000?

I’m asking for just a fraction of that.

For just $397 $297 (when you register by DATE), you can finally have the energy to enjoy your life as you were meant to live it!

And to sweeten the experience (and make it completely irresistible to you!), I want to invite you to take advantage of the incredible VIP option for the Spring Into Vitality Retreat. For only an additional $100, you receive revitalizing and delicious whole-food, plant-based meals all weekend long, as well as pre- and post-conference webinars to help you prepare and follow up, and 2 months access to my monthly office hours calls to ensure you have everything you need to implement what you learn! (Yes! You really get ALL of this for just $100 more!)

Plus, you make this investment at no risk because you’re covered by my 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

[Note to Dr. R. Is there a Guarantee? Add details – end of first day and they can get a refund?]

To Register for Spring Into Vitality
Simply Choose Your Option Below:

Spring Into Vitality - LIVE Event

Spring Into Vitality – Features

Conference Only Conference plus VIP Package
Create your “Irresistible Personal Vision”
Extensive health evaluation and testing
Goodie bag containing valuable products and coupons
Invaluable binder filled with hormone balancing and vitality boosting resources and recipes
Hormone balancing elixirs
De-stress and emotional detox techniques
Blood sugar balancing education
Adrenal recharge strategies
Game plan for strategic next steps
VIP goodie bag
Cleansing energy-boosting breakfast – all 3 days
Cleansing plant-based, whole foods lunch – all 3 days
Cleansing buffet dinner – Friday and Saturday
Pre-conference webinar
Post-conference “Make Every Day a Retreat Day” webinar

Regular price conference only is $997

Conference-Only Ticket

Spring Into Vitality - Conference$597

VIP + Conference

Spring into Vitality - Conference + VIP$697

I understand that I will be billed to hold my spot.
Should I cancel less than 30 days in advance or not show up, I will forfeit my ticket price.

So, are you ready to join me in Texas for Spring into Vitality 2015?

Or do you still have a few more questions?

To help you decide if this event is right for you, following are some of the questions I receive most frequently, and my answers.

Q: I’m already extremely busy and overwhelmed. I’m not sure how much more I can put on my plate. How can I justify taking 3 days away from my “real life” for a retreat like this?

A: The truth is, you don’t have time NOT to be healthy! If you’re already busy and overwhelmed, chances are you’re on the fast track to burnout. Even if you don’t believe you’re experiencing the negative consequences of your stress, I can almost guarantee you’re on the road to dangerous health effects. If you’re stressed, overwhelmed, and busy, then you MUST take this precious time out for living, breathing, and learning how to take care of YOU.

Q: I’m tight on finances. How can I justify this expenditure?

A: Your health is the most important resource you have. If you invest in this event now, you save yourself from having to invest in your body later, in terms of both time and money. You do NOT want to get caught up in the cycle of treating the symptoms, instead of the causes. Plus, when it comes to the way your health affects your relationships with the people you love, how can you NOT justify the investment? Plus, when you register to join me, you’ll immediately receive information about our special room rate at the Horseshoe Bay Resort, available to you when you make your reservation by March 31, 2015 – to save you even more.

Q: How can I be sure I won’t “fall off the wagon” when I get home?

A: With the mindset shifts we cover and the support we give you during our 3 days together, you walk away with a PLAN and supercharged willpower. You’ll be able to easily accomplish things that may have felt impossible before.  And with our VIP option, you WILL get my personal support following the retreat. You get 2 months access to my monthly office hours calls, where you can ask me anything you want.

Q: This seems SO hard. Is everything you teach easy to implement?

A: Repairing your health can feel like a big undertaking, can’t it? It can feel very overwhelming. But I promise you, it’s easier than you think. That’s why this event covers mindset as well as techniques—so you have the mental tools to commit to the lifestyle changes you’re learning. By the end of our time together, you won’t even need willpower anymore because you will have made the choice to feel better, get better, and LIVE BETTER!

Q: I’ve tried so many other avenues to feel better. How can I be sure that what you’re teaching works?

A: Of course, results vary by individual and are a function of your current health levels, your own situation, and how well you implement what you learn. I can tell you, though, that I’ve experienced the same healing techniques I’m sharing here, and so have many of my clients. Here are a few examples.

  • I reinvented myself from a fatigued, yo-yo dieting 20-something with sinus problems, headaches, and digestive problems to a vibrant, fit and energetic late 50s healthy-living entrepreneur.
  • I helped an overweight client go from spending her days in a puddle on the couch, suffering from chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia to being a successful and happy consultant who can now squat over 100 pounds.
  • I helped a client drop 110 pounds and no longer test positive for Hashimoto’s (an auto-immune thyroid condition) after being on thyroid medication for more than 50 years.
  • I helped a client go from taking 3 blood sugar lowering medications and being told he needed insulin, to maintaining normal blood sugar levels completely on his own.
  • I helped an overweight client go from being too exhausted to grocery shop without a nap beforehand, to being employed full-time and doing volunteer work on the side.
  • I helped a client regain her health, finally drop 50 pounds after 16 years of trying, quadruple her income and create a thriving consulting business … because she got her energy back!
  • I even helped a client who hadn’t had sex with her husband in years to transform her entire life. She recently wrote to tell me she and her husband are practically living a honeymoon life now!

So NOW Are You Ready to Register and Recharge?

Reservation Form

Yes Dr. Ritamarie, I’m Ready to Spring Into Vitality!

I understand that for my investment of $397 $297 (when I register by DATE) I receive:

  • 3 full days of live training sessions with you and your carefully-selected guest speakers specializing in hormone balancing, health and fitness.
  • Breakout sessions based on my personal needs, desires and situation.
  • Opportunities to practice yoga, meditation, fitness and self-expression through creative pursuits like art.
  • An opportunity for spotlight coaching with your functional nutrition team.
  • Food-making demos, including elixirs for energy and hormone balance.
  • A beautiful binder in which to keep all my worksheets and notes, to use as a reference guide once you’ve left the retreat.
  • Worksheets to help me personalize my journey.
  • A goodie bag with special samples and surprises.

And if I upgrade to VIP Status for an additional $100, I ALSO receive:

  • A VIP Goodie Bag
  • 3 energy-boosting breakfasts
  • 3 whole-foods, plant-based lunches
  • Cleansing buffet dinners Friday and Saturday
  • Pre-Conference Webinar & Post-Conference Webinar
  • Access to Your Monthly Office Hours Calls for 2 months

And I understand I make this investment at no risk because I’m covered by your 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. [Insert same details as above where guarantee is first mentioned.]

Conference and VIP Ticket
Regular Price $997
Today Only: $697
(Cancellations must be received
30 days in advance.)
Add to Cart

Conference Only – $597

I understand that I will be billed to hold my spot.
Should I cancel less than 30 days in advance or not show up, I will forfeit my ticket price.

It’s time to become completely engaged in living your life full-on, regaining your passion and purpose and feeling the thrill of having endless energy!

If your heart and soul have been calling out for the right guidance, and if you’re ready to live at full throttle and experience the energy that makes life FUN, then it’s time to Spring into YOUR Vitality, and rebuild your health!

Join me at Spring into Vitality 2015: A Hormone Harmony Retreat!

I look forward to welcoming you, getting to know you, and being a part of your transformation!

Spring into VitalityLove, Health and Joy,

Dr. Ritamarie Loscalzo: Hormone Expert




Dr. Ritamarie

P.S. You can invest months or years of your time and thousands of dollars in trying to figure out what’s wrong … or you can shortcut and accelerate your learning curve during one in-depth weekend, and walk away with the support, tools, advice, knowledge and strategies you need to transform your ENTIRE life.

Which will you choose?

Join me. Reserve your spot now.

Conference and VIP Ticket
Regular Price $997
Today Only: $697
(Cancellations must be received
30 days in advance.)
Add to Cart

Conference Only – $597

I understand that I will be billed to hold my spot.
Should I cancel less than 30 days in advance or not show up, I will forfeit my ticket price.

(Limited seating available)