What’s Happened to My Hair?!

What’s Happened to My Hair?!

I get asked this question ALL THE TIME – what’s happening to my hair?  Both women and men become concerned when they start to find clumps of hair coming out.  They find clumps in their comb or brush, clumps in the sink and shower drains, and sometimes even...Read More

Easy Gluten-Free Snacks By Debra Letchworth

Going gluten free has major benefits for your health, especially if you’re suffering with an autoimmune condition, digestive issues, fatigue or any inflammatory disorder.   I recently did a facebook live interview with Debra Letchworth, where we shared strategies for...Read More

Personalizing Nutrition to Individual Needs

I have a pet peeve. I am very much opposed to anyone; myself included (LOL) deciding that there is a single “right diet” for everyone.   I am opposed to defining nutritious foods as universally dangerous because some people can’t process them.  There...Read More
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