Burn Fat While you Sleep: Growth Hormone Tidbits for Dr. Ritamarie’s Sleep Commitment Blog Day 3

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I am happy to report that after going to bed at almost 2 last night, I did indeed stay there for 8 hours.  I woke up at 8 feeling ready to go, but because I committed to 8 hours, I fell back to sleep until 10.

I am doing much better tonight.

After I finish writing this, I am off to sleep so I can make my adrenal glands happy.  It's 10:56.

One day I will truly follow the healthy habits to balance sleep and hormones that I teach in my B4 Be Gone program for balancing blood sugar and getting rid of belly fat, brain fog and burnout. Skimping on sleep is a sure fire way to give yourself adrenal fatigue.

It's not that I don't believe in the value of sleep, it's just that, like I said on Day 1, I have an addiction and I am working on breaking it.

I am also realistic and aware that it might take a little time and a few falls off the horse.

SO I plan to offer you, my readers, tidbits of important information about sleep and it's value to us as humans, and also that I might be reminded and stick to my commitment.

Growth Hormone and Sleep

Growth Hormone is secreted by your pituitary gland and is the most important hormone to regulate the rate of fat burning and lean muscle building.  It's sometimes called the anti-aging hormone, or the fountain of youth hormone.

Growth hormone levels peak about an hour after you fall asleep.  That means you get maximum lean muscle building and repair of vital body parts in the first couple of hours after you fall asleep.  Assuming an 8 hour sleep cycle, you can have 3-4 growth hormone peaks during the night.  If you go to bed past midnight, you miss the first peak which is the highest.  If you eat before bed, you mis the first growth hormone peak entirely because insulin is in your system.  Avoiding food during the last 3 hours before you fall asleep is one of the primary tenants of my  B4 Be Gone System and can quickly lead to weight loss and waking up more energized in the morning.

Listen in for details about Growth Hormone HERE

My Sleep Commitments for Day 4:

  1. In  bed, lights out by midnight
  2. No food after 8 PM

What Sleep Commitment are you ready to make? 

Write your comments below

Love, Health and Joy,

Dr. Ritamarie Loscalzo

Dr. Ritamarie



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